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Sweet Science

Written by: Laurence Frank
Directed by: William Gereghty
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Karim Prince (Jamie Williams), Nicole Prescott (Sharita Bailey), James Leard (Rock Oldmam), Roy Jones Jr. (Sweet Roy Williams), Jason Anthony Griffith (Billy Atlas), William Samples (Jeffrey Collins), Brent J.D. Sheppard (Agent O'Hara), Rif Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Dan Shea (Fight Announcer).

Summary: After a sweeping victory in the ring, boxing champion "Sweet" Roy Williams (played by real-life heavyweight boxer Roy Jones, Jr.) is mysteriously found shot to death. The only suspect with a viable motive is Roy's brother, Jamie, who was terribly jealous of his famous sibling and angry with him for allegedly having an affair with his girlfriend. But a detailed investigation by Ellison and Sandburg lead the Cascade Police to the real killer, a counterfeiter worried that Roy would bust his lucrative operation. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on February 25, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Boxing match. Night. Jim and Blair in crowd watching. People cheering. One of the boxers goes down, winded. Referee goes over and counts.~

Referee: Three, four, five, six, seven, eight...

Boxer stands back up.

Referee: You able to continue?

Boxer: Yeah.

Referee: Break.

Boxing continues. Bell rings as round is over.

Man in crowd: It's good, it's good, it's good.

Boxers go to corners. A man goes up to one of the boxers (not the one who needed to catch his breath)

Man: You got him just where you want him. Let's bring in the left hook now, right?

Blair: I'm telling you, I think he's holding back his left hook.

Jim: You know what, I never thought you'd know a left hook from a leftover.

Blair: Come on. I'm a huge pugilist fan. Roy and I go way back.

Man: Let's ring him, let's ring him.

Boxing match starts up again. Boxer with left hook knocks out the other boxer who goes down, unconscious on the mat. Referee counts him out.

~Cut to winning boxer's dressing room. Boxer (Roy) is getting his hands untaped by his manager (Rock).~

Rock: You really took it to him, man. You were beautiful.

Roy: Yeah, Rock, but it was kind of quick. I just hope the fans got what they wanted.

Rock: The fans come to see "Sweet" Roy and you always deliver.

There's a knock on the door.

Rock: Yeah?

Security opens the door to let Jim and Blair in. Lots of fans and reporters outside all yelling for attention. Blair and Roy hug.

Roy: Blair! What's up, man? How you doing?

Blair: Good to see you. How you been?

Roy: How you been?

Blair: I've been great. Thanks a lot for the seats, man. That was incredible. It was great.

Roy: No problem at all. Just me doing my thing.

Blair: Well, your thing won me 20 bucks off this fool. "Sweet" Roy Williams, Jim Ellison.

Roy: How you doing, Jim? Nice to meet you, man.

Jim: Nice to meet you, too, Roy. Good fight.

Roy: I could've told you. Never bet against me.

Jim: Well, you know, I figured you'd take him. I just couldn't see it in the early rounds like that. It was a terrific fight. How did you guys hook up?

Roy: Uh, a street fight.

Jim: A street fight. (looks at Blair who ducks his head, smiling)

Roy: I was in Lindhurst to buy a car. And you know how Lindhurst is. Gang of white guys came up on me, figured I was out of place so they'd whup up on me a little bit. They were doing that until this guy showed up.

Blair: Well, it wasn't really like that. I just kinda went over there; I was just trying to talk everybody down, you know.

Roy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. When that failed he took a brick, threw it through the furniture store window, and it was on from there.

Blair: To create a diversion -- set the alarm off -- get the cops there. And if I remember correctly, both of us ended up getting our asses kicked waiting for them.

Jim: You guys had a busy day. Get hauled in?

Blair: Actually, no. The store owner was pretty cool. We talked to him and he didn't press charges. But he still charged me 400 bucks for the window.

Roy: Which reminds me. (goes over to a locker)

Jim: A brick through the window.

Blair: The only thing I could think of.

Jim: That's pretty creative, Chief.

Roy: (gives Blair some money) Here you are, brother.

Blair: What's this, man?

Roy: My half of the store window. I really appreciate you being there when I needed you, man.

Rock: (from other side of room) Hey, Roy, get a move on. We got a party to get to.

Roy: Okay, okay, okay. (to Jim and Blair) Hey, look, we got a party going on tonight at the club. Why don't you stop by? I'll leave your name at the door. Just tell them who you are and they'll let you in.

Jim: Great.

Blair: We'll be there. Good seeing you, man.

Blair and Roy hug again.

Roy: Good to meet you, too, Jim.

Jim: Thanks, Roy. Good fight.

Roy: From now on, don't forget.

Jim: (chuckling) All right, man. Very good.

Jim and Blair leave, going through the throng of reporters outside the door.

~Cut to club. Still night. Roy, Rock, Roy's brother (Jamie), and Jamie's girlfriend (Sharita) are standing together talking. A woman goes by with a tray of drinks.~

Roy: Excuse me, ma'am. Could we get...? (gets drinks) Thank you, thank you. (passes out glasses) Here you go, little brother. Here you go, sweetie. Here's to that big left hook.

Rock: We are on our way. Nothing can stop us now. This is what we sweat for, man. (clinks glasses with Jamie) Come on. Drink up. (walks off)

Man: (putting arm over Roy's shoulders) Champ, come on. (walks off with Roy)

Jamie looks at Sharita.

Sharita: What? What's wrong?

~Pan to entrance of club where Jim and Blair walk in. Roy comes over to greet them.~

Roy: Blair... What's up, man?

Roy: Glad you guys could make it.

Blair: Wouldn't miss it.

Roy: There's the bar, buffet in the back, a lot of gorgeous women... Enjoy yourselves, man.

Blair: I will.

Roy: If I don't get back with you tonight, don't let it be two damn years before I see you again.

Blair: It won't. I promise.

Roy: All right. Take it easy. (walks off)

Blair: I promise.

Jim: Thanks, man.

Jim: Good guy, man.

Blair: He's a great guy.

Jim: Who'd figure you with him?

Blair: I know. What do you say?

Jim and Blair: (looking at each other) Buffet.

Blair: Good. I'll meet you there.

They split up, walking into the room.

~Pan to Roy talking with a man.~

Roy: Look. Let me say hi to my promoter. (walks over to another man) Mr. Collins, how are you?

Collins: Roy, you were spectacular.

Roy: Thank you.

Collins: My dear fellow, I've seen every one of your fights and I had no idea your left was so, uh...impressive.

Roy: Yeah. It can be quite dangerous at times.

Collins: You could be the greatest ever.

Roy: Well, I think that was Muhammad Ali, but thanks for the compliment anyway. And thanks for setting this place up tonight for this party.

Collins: My dear chap, the pleasure is mine.

Roy: Take care of yourself. It was nice meeting you all. (walks off)

~Pan to Jamie and Sharita at bar.~

Jamie: Is it true? I want to know.

Sharita: No, it isn't.

Jamie: Yeah? Well, I don't believe you.

Sharita: Jamie.

Blair comes up to join them.

Blair: Jamie. Jamie, hello. It's Blair Sandburg, remember me?

Jamie: Hi. I'm Sharita Bailey.

Blair: Hi, Sharita.

Sharita: Nice to meet you. Blair. (pause) Um...

Blair: I'm sorry. Did I interrupt something?

Sharita: No, um... Jamie, we'll talk later, okay? Nice meeting you. (walks off)

Blair: Nice meeting you, too. Take care.

Blair: Hey, man, what's up? How you been?

Jamie: Yeah. I remember you, man. You're that rich white dude that came around, slumming with my brother back in the day, right?

Blair: Well, you got the white part right, yeah. (pause) You're serious. What's up with the attitude?

Jamie: Enjoy the party. (walks off)

~Pan to Jim at the buffet with a plate of goodies (carrots, cheese, and strawberries). He looks across room to see Sharita looking upset. A bit aways from her is Roy, motioning for her to come with him. She shakes her head. He motions again; she again refuses, then walks away. Jamie joins up with Sharita.~

Jamie: Come on. Let's go. (leaves with Sharita)

Jim looks back at Roy who shakes his head and goes off in another direction.

~Pan to entrance of club. The manager (Atlas) of the other boxer comes in the room with a woman on each arm. Roy greets him.~

Atlas: Look, look, lookee here. Hey! Ooh, "Sweet" Roy Williams! Boy, you sure whupped up on my fighter tonight.

Roy: Yeah. Tell Ruelas it was nothing personal. I hope everything's all right.

Atlas: I will. You and I ought to have us a little talk.

Roy: I already have a handler, Mr. Atlas.

Atlas: Mr. Atlas knows people that Rock doesn't.

Roy: Well, but two years ago, when I signed with Rock instead of you, you put word out I was a nothing punk and fixed it where I couldn't get fights.

Atlas: I was wrong. I was wrong, Roy. Give me a shot. I can make you millions, Roy.

Roy: I'd rather starve. (starts to turn away)

People listening to conversation now.

Atlas: (gesturing with his ivory-headed cane) Sweet, I'd be careful what bridges I burn. I mean, you don't want to mess with that bright future.

Roy: That supposed to be a threat? (walks up to Atlas) You think I'm some kind of chump that you can just throw your weight around on?

Security guys come between them, holding Roy back.

Atlas: Roy, Roy, Roy, we talking here. We...we talking. I was...just talking. (chuckling) Yeah, yeah.

Roy walks off.

~Cut to next day. Major Crimes. Jim is just sitting down at his desk when Blair walks in the door next to his desk, doing some shadow boxing.~

Jim: Whoa. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's up, Tiger?

Blair: I don't know, man. That fight last night must have touched something primal in me. I had this dream last night that I was a boxer.

Jim: You? Involved in the sweet science? I have a hard time picturing that. I mean, the flowing silk robes and goofy shorts I can see, but I thought you were a lover, not a fighter.

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. It was fun for a little while though, you know. Although, the Maoris staged hand-to-hand fights to purify themselves for sexual encounters.

Jim's desk phone rings.

Jim: Got a particular female in mind?

Blair: No, not at all, but it's always good to be prepared, you know.

Jim: (answers phone) Yeah. Ellison. Uh-huh. Where? All right. Be down in ten minutes. (hangs up) Let's go, Chief. Watch out for that left hook here. (referring to coat rack by door)

~Cut to outside near a culvert. Jim and Blair follow Rafe down the hill to culvert.~

Rafe: This homeless guy found the body in the culvert this morning. We haven't ID'd him yet.

Jim looks inside and turns over the body -- it's Roy.

Jim: Oh, no. Oh, Chief...I'm sorry. (walks by Blair on his way back up the hill) Can we get a gurney down here?

Blair: (looking in culvert) Ooh.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Williams house. Still day. Jim and Blair talking to Jamie.~

Blair: We're going to find out who did this, Jamie. I promise.

Jim: I'm sorry to have to ask you questions at a time like this, but we're going to need your help if we're going to find your brother's killer. Now, is there anyone you can think of that your brother squared off with outside of the ring lately?

Jamie: They all wanted a piece of him, man -- damn bloodsuckers -- every last one of them.

Jim: Anybody in particular?

Jamie: Yeah. Billy Atlas.

Blair: Hey, um, if there's anything you need, you know...

Jamie: Look, the only thing I need is my brother, man, and he ain't ever coming back.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Jim knocks on Simon's door.~

Simon: Come on.

Jim and Blair go inside, shutting the door behind them.

Jim: Captain?

Simon: Yeah. Blair, I heard about your friend. I'm sorry. If there's anything I can do to help...

Blair: Thanks. Uh, let's just go get the killer.

Simon: Right. What do we have so far, James?

Jim: We've established Williams was killed somewhere and placed in that culvert where we found him. He died from a single blunt-force trauma to the head. Skull tissue scrapings reveal a fragment of ivory.

Simon: Which means?

Blair: Which means Billy Atlas. I mean, everybody knows that this clown has an ivory-handled cane.

Jim: It's somewhat circumstantial, Captain. Atlas and Roy got into it at the party. Atlas wanted to get his hooks into Roy...

Blair: Roy said, "over my dead body..." And guess what?

Simon: Slow down, Sandburg.

Blair: What do you mean "Slow down"? Why don't we pick this guy up?

Simon: Because that's not the way it's done, okay? Now I seem to remember Roy had some run-in with the law.

Jim: That's correct, sir, mostly juvenile offenses -- street fights -- that sort of thing.

Blair: That's a long time ago.

Simon: Perhaps his past is catching up.

Blair: Or perhaps you both are blaming the victim here.

Jim: We're just trying to cover all the angles here, Chief.

Blair: Well, those angles suck, Jim.

Simon: Sandburg, would you wait outside, please? Please.

Blair leaves.

Simon: What's wrong with the kid? I've never seen him so cranked up.

Jim: I'm sorry, Captain. I'll talk to him, uh, keep him in line.

Simon: If you can't, I may pull his credentials on this one.

Jim: Yes, sir. Understood. (leaves)

~Cut to bullpen. Next day. Jim at his desk talking to Atlas. Blair there as well.~

Jim: I appreciate you coming down here, Mr. Atlas, and taking the time.

Atlas: So let's not waste any more of it, all right? Things got a little testy between me and Sweet, but I had no reason to kill him. I wanted to make money off the boy -- I mean, a lot of money. Besides, I have an alibi for Tuesday night and I do mean all night. (chuckles)

Jim: You sure it's Tuesday night you need an alibi for?

Atlas: Hell, no, but I figure if a star athlete gets beat to death and thrown in the aqueduct, it's not going to happen in the light of day now, now is it? Why don't you just give my girlfriend a call? Kamiko Watanabe. She's in the phone book, and she can vouch for me.

Jim: I noticed you're not using your cane.

Atlas: I lost it at the party.

Blair: That's a strange coincidence, huh?

Jim: Well, when you find it, you mind submitting it for tests?

Atlas: With absolute assuredness, my brother, but I think you ought to be looking at someone a little closer to home.

Jim: Such as...?

Atlas: Such as brother Jamie.

Blair: Oh, my ass! What are you talking about?! I mean, after their parents died, Roy practically raised him, gave him a job, gave him a life, gave him shelter!

Atlas: And Jamie resented the hell out of him, man. He was tired of living in his older brother's shadow. And then, of course, there's the lovely Sharita.

Jim: Meaning what?

Atlas: Meaning...the way I hear it, the Williams brothers shared a lot more than their name -- know what I mean?

Blair: Oh, come on. (walks off)

Jim: Excuse me. (goes after Blair)

Atlas: Yeah, sure, man. Yo, take your time. Yo, I got all day!

Jim: Chief...

Blair backs toward the elevator which opens as he approaches it.

Blair: No, there is no way anything was going on between Roy and Sharita.

Jim: I don't know. I caught a little eyeplay between them at the party the other night.

They go into elevator.

Blair: No! He would never do that to his brother, ever!

The elevator doors close and Jim turns a switch to hold the car and lock the doors.

Jim: I know how you feel about Roy, but you got to remain objective here.

Blair: I'm trying to, Jim; I'm trying. It's just that I'm so... (hits elevator wall) I'm just so damn mad, you know?! I mean, all that time we're growing up he's got in all these fights and nobody's believing in him and things happen for him and then this.

Jim: I hear what you're saying but keep your emotions in check. You let your anger run away with you, you got no business being on the case. Do you hear what I'm saying?

Blair raises his hands in the air, nodding stiffly. Jim unlocks the elevator doors and they leave.

~Cut to workout gym. Still day. Lots of people there. Rock is working out a fighter, watching outside the ring as two boxers spar in ring.~

Rock: Follow it in. Follow it in. Don't go flat on that. Just stay up. Stay up on your toes, now. He's going to get you. Stay on your toes. Come on, jab! Jab! Come on, Tiger! Get it right. Come on. Get off of there; get off of there.

Whistle blown and boxers stop.

Rock: Come over here. Take five.

Jim and Blair come in and go up to Rock.

Jim: Hey, Rock. I'm Detective Ellison. This is Blair Sandburg. We were at Roy's last fight.

Rock: Yeah. I remember you guys. I'd like to help Roy's killer, but I already gave a statement.

Jim: Is Jamie Williams around?

Rock: Yeah. (points him out in a ring, then walks off)

Jim: Jamie. Can I have a word with you? Is there someplace we can talk?

Jamie: Right here is cool, but make it quick 'cause I told Rock I'd help him work out this guy.

Blair: Uh... Jamie, I don't really know how to go about this, so, here it goes. How close were Roy and Sharita?

Jamie: Roy was the man, all right and whatever he wanted, he got...including my woman and there was nothing me or nobody else could do about it.

Jim: You saying they were involved?

Jamie: You want me to draw you a picture?

Blair: You know that for a fact?

Jamie: I saw the way they acted around each other -- the looks, the whispers... I'm not stupid. You guys done?

Jim: Just one more thing. Could I look at your car?

Jamie: Do I have a choice?

~Cut to Jim and Blair looking in Jamie's car. Jim checks out the front first.~

Blair: I don't get it, Jim. What are we looking for?

Jim: Well, think about it. Roy's body was moved after he was killed, right?

Blair: They were brothers.

Jim: Cain and Abel ring a bell? (heads around to back) Jamie's brother was taking care of business with his girlfriend. I'd say that's motive enough.

Blair: I don't care what Jamie says. I don't buy it.

Jim: Maybe you don't, but I think Jamie did.

Jim opens trunk and looks inside; sees something with sight. He reaches inside with his knife and picks up a red flake.

Blair: What do you got?

Jim: Looks like blood.

Blair makes a face, then shuts the trunk.

~Cut to loft. Night. Blair is meditating in front of a half circle of candles. Tibetan music is playing on sound system. Jim enters the loft.~

Jim: Hey, man.

Blair shuts off music.

Blair: Hey.

Jim hangs up his coat, then comes over to sit on the couch, just next to and above Blair, who is on the floor

Jim: I've been trying to get ahold of you all afternoon.

Blair: Yeah, well...I turned my phone off. I needed to clear my head, you know?

Jim: There's something I think you should know. We got the preliminary tests back from the blood we found in the back of Jamie's car.

Blair: Uh-huh.

Jim: It was Roy's.

Blair: Oh, damn it. I got to get out of here. (stands up)

Jim: Hey, why don't we grab a bite to eat, huh? My treat.

Blair: (heads to door) I appreciate that, Jim, but, uh...I got to be alone, you know? Will you get the candles for me? (leaves)

~Cut to much later at the loft. TV is on, but only fuzz is showing. Camera pans to show Jim asleep on the couch. His cellphone rings, waking him up. He sits up and answers it.~

Jim: Yeah?

Blair: Hey, Jim. It's me, Blair.

Jim: Chief, it's 2:00 in the morning. What's going on?

Blair: (in a room somewhere else) Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, but, uh...I hate to do this; you mind coming to pick me up?

Jim: Where are you?

Blair: Well, actually I'm being detained at the federal building.

Jim: What the hell happened?

Blair: They said something about counterfeit bills.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Simon's office. Next morning. Jim, Blair, Simon, and fed (O'Hara).~

O'Hara: We didn't realize he was one of yours.

Simon: Didn't think you boys'd go to such trouble over a $100 bill. Is there some new policy I'm not aware of?

O'Hara: Yeah. When it come to one of these. (hands bill to Jim)

Jim: (looking at bill) Well, it's a fair printing job. A pro might be able to spot the imperfections, but your average John Public wouldn't.

Blair: So what's so special about this one?

O'Hara: Most counterfeit currency's made on rice paper, but that one's made on 100% cotton rag.

Jim: I thought only the US government could get that.

O'Hara: Yeah, well, so did we. What we're looking at here are average counterfeit bills printed on real paper.

Blair: Where does this cotton rag come from?

O'Hara: Only one place in the world -- Strand Paper Corporation in Michigan.

Simon: Perhaps we should give Strand a call, see if we can get an employee list.

O'Hara: The counterfeiting is a federal problem, Captain.

Simon: Is that how you want to play this, O'Hara? I thought this would be more of a joint investigation.

O'Hara: I'm sorry, but we prefer to work alone. Now, Mr. Sandburg, can you remember where you got this bill?

Blair: Uh...yeah. Uh...might have been down in Chinatown. I eat a lot of dim sum. Or it could have been that new mall in the marina. I was shopping the other day.

O'Hara: If you think of anything else, would you give us a call? (hands Blair a card)

Blair: Absolutely.

O'Hara: Good day, gentlemen. (leaves)

Jim: All righty. (walks over to look out door) Nice bit of footwork, there, Chief.

Simon: Footwork? Am I missing something here?

Jim: Yeah, Sandburg got that bill from Sweet Roy.

~Cut to boxing workout gym. Jim and Blair talking to Jamie.~

Jamie: What?

Blair: One of the bills that Roy gave me in the locker room after the fight was counterfeit.

Jamie: So what you telling me for?

Jim: Well, since the blood we found in your trunk is a perfect match for your brother's, the DA's close to pinning a murder rap on you.

Jamie: Hold on. Man. What about Atlas? I mean, everybody knows he had it in for my brother.

Jim: Atlas has an alibi -- something which you're lacking at this point.

Blair: Counterfeiting brings up a new line of investigation which Jim used to buy you a little time with the DA. So why don't you return the favor and just tell us what you know?

Jamie: I don't know nothing.

Jim: Jamie, can you think of any reason why Roy might have gotten involved in counterfeiting? Was he unhappy with the way his career was progressing? Did he need extra cash or anything?

Jamie: No, he worked too hard to get where he was. No way he'd mess around with fake money.

Jim: You sure about that?

Jamie: I'm not sure about anything anymore. (walks off)

Jim: Let's just have a word with Rock and Mr. Collins.

~Pan to Rock's office. Rock and Collins are talking to a boxer.~

Rock: Come on, tiger. What are you sweating the fine print for? It's just a standard contract. You get to keep half of everything you earn after expenses, for life. You in or you out?

Jim and Blair come to door.

Rock: Go grab a coke. Think about it.

Boxer leaves.

Jim: Do you mind if we talk alone?

Rock: Me and Collins got no secrets. We're partners.

Jim: All right. Before Roy died, he passed a counterfeit $100 bill. We think it might be connected to his murder.

Rock: Give me a break. Roy was straight as an arrow.

Jim: Well, maybe you could keep your eyes open. We think the bill might have passed through here.

Blair: It won't be very hard to spot. They're not very good.

Rock: Okay, if one turns up, I'll let you know. Now, if you'll excuse me, I got a fighter to sign. Hey, Tiger, get in here!

Jim: Thank you.

Jim and Blair leave. Rock and Collins look at each other.

~Cut to Jim and Blair on the street. Still day. They are getting hot dogs from a vendor.~

Blair: I don't get it, man. Jamie used to be such a great guy. What do you make of it?

Jim: Well, when I mentioned the funny money, I heard his pulse rate do a tap dance.

Blair: He was just working out.

Jim: Or lying.

Blair: You know what I don't get? The blood in Jamie's car. They used to be sparring partners, Jamie and Roy. I mean, couldn't the blood have been on a towel or some of the boxing clothes?

Jim: It's possible.

Blair: I thought part of being a cop was keeping an open mind.

Jim: My mind is open, Chief. I just hope yours is.

Blair: To what?

Jim: To the possibility that Jamie is the killer.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Ellison.

Simon: (in his office) Yeah, Jim, it's Simon. I just got a report of an explosion behind the alley at Rock's gym. It could be nothing, but you ought to check it out.

Jim: All right, we're heading over there. (hangs up) Let's go.

They head back to truck, still carrying their hot dogs.

~Cut to alley behind Rock's gym. Firefighters are finishing putting out fire in a building in back. Jim and Blair pull up, get out of truck, and head toward burnt-out building. Jim is carrying his hot dog. He holds out his ID to a firefighter guarding the scene.~

Jim: He's with me.

Firefighter: Okay.

In the background, Rock, Jamie, and another boxer watch. Jim and Blair walk to building and stop at entrance. Jim looks back at Rock. Rock leaves, heading back inside gym. Jim and Blair go inside building.

Jim: (coughing) Oh, man. (looking around to see something on a burnt shelf) What have we here?

Jim walks over to shelf and feels the residue.

Jim: (coughing) It's paper. This feels like money.

~Cut to Rock entering his gym office. He goes in to his desk. Jamie comes out of the shadows.

Rock: What the hell are you doing here?

Jamie: Cops say I'm going down for Roy's murder.

Rock: They're just messing with your head, man.

Jamie: Who killed him, Rock? Was it you? (walks closer)

Rock: Don't be stupid.

Jamie: 'Cause he found out what was going on? (grabs Rock by the collar)

Rock: Get your hands off me.

Jamie: (shakes Rock) So you killed him, right? Huh? You better tell me.

Rock pulls a gun and holds it at Jamie. Jamie backs away slowly.

Rock: Now, look, kid. You've got to keep it together. Go up to my place in the mountains. (gives him a set of keys) Take your girl. Get off, get drunk. It's been a tough week. What do you say, huh?

Jamie: Not till I find out the truth. (leaves)

~Cut to Major Crimes. Break room. Night. Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Jim: Forensics confirmed the ash was 100% cotton rag. It's my guess that someone was trying to burn counterfeit money.

Simon: Why would anybody burn counterfeit money?

They leave breakroom and head across hall into bullpen.

Blair: Well, bad counterfeit, sir. That's the information we had just given Rock Oldman before the fire started.

Simon: And how did we connect up with Oldman?

Jim: We traced ownership of the burned building to a shelter company he owned. The building was thought to be abandoned after sale, but, in actuality, it was fortified for extra security.

Simon: So why does a successful sports promoter suddenly turn to dealing with counterfeit money?

Jim: We did a little checking. Come over here for a second.

They go over to Jim's desk.

Jim: It turns out that Oldman owes the IRS half a million dollars in taxes.

Blair: So he's probably financing tax payments in counterfeit money.

Jim: There's another thing, sir. I found these five-gallon cans in the burned building that contained this highly flammable chemical called oxalic acid. It's used in printing -- as in money.

Simon: Bring the bozo in.

~Cut to next day. Rock's gym (Main St. Boxing). Jim and Blair park on street, then head toward the entrance.~

Blair: Roy was just about to hit it big. I mean, Rock would be killing him would be like killing the golden goose.

Jim: Unless he felt Roy was going to leave him.

Blair: You said when Atlas tried to get him to jump ship he wasn't interested.

Jim: In signing with Atlas, but maybe there was somebody else.

They go inside and head down the stairs to the main floor.

Blair: Well...I don't know about that. I mean, loyalty was really important to Roy and Rock was with him through the thin years.

They enter main room -- it's empty.

Blair: Where is everybody...

Jim: (holds up a hand) Shh-shh-shh.

Jim listens and can hear a heartbeat and ragged breathing. Rock's office door opens and Jamie comes out. He sees them, then runs.

Jim: Jamie!

Jim and Blair take off after Jamie. Jamie exits out a back door, then puts something underneath the knob on the other side. Jim tries to push open door to no avail.

Jim: He's got something wedged on the other end of it.

Blair: Well...why is he running from us?

Jim: Hold on a minute. I smell blood. Back here.

They head back into the main area and into Rock's office. Rock is dead.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon's office. Night. Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Jim: He was killed by .38 from about five feet away. Jamie Williams owns a .38 Smith & Wesson he bought two years ago.

Blair: So? What does that mean? Even I know that a .38 caliber handgun is the most common handgun in the world.

Simon: What do we have for motive?

Jim: Revenge...for killing Roy.

Blair: Oh, revenge, huh? First you got Jamie killing Roy in a crime of passion, right?

Jim: It's a theory.

Blair: Now, you got Jamie killing Rock for killing Roy. Well, guess what, man? You don't get to have it both ways.

Jim: Chief, this kid barely gives you the time of day. Why are you so determined to defend him?

Blair: He's got an attitude, yes. But since when does an attitude make someone a killer?

Simon: Look at the evidence, Blair. In both cases, Jamie Williams had motive and opportunity. Plus, in the case of Roy, we have the blood evidence. Jim, I want this kid off the street before any more bodies show up.

Jim: We got a surveillance team at his house. We're also checking out friends and known hangouts.

Blair: Jamie Williams didn't kill anybody! I mean, uh, what about this Billy Atlas? I mean, where's the hell's his cane.

Simon: Let me know when you get a line on Williams.

Jim: Yes, sir.

Blair: And why the hell doesn't anybody listen to me?!

Jim and Simon look at each other. Jim gets up to leave office. Blair starts to follow him.

Simon: Sandburg! You stay.

Jim leaves.

Simon: Shut the door.

Blair shuts the door and comes back over to stand in front of Simon's desk.

Simon: What the hell is going on with you? I understand that Roy was your friend, but you've been around long enough to know that police work is objective, not personal.

Blair: Simon, I work my ass off for you and I think I have helped you put together a pretty good string of heavy convictions here. And if you ask me, I think I've conducted myself the same, if not better, than any rookie out there.

Simon: Is that what's going on here? Nobody denies your contribution.

Blair: How come the only thing I hear is "Hey, Sandburg, get out of the way. Hey, Sandburg, you're not a cop."

Simon: Because you aren't a cop, but that doesn't take away from your contribution.

Blair: Then why the hell don't you ever say it?

Simon: Because I run a police department here, not some damn encounter group.

Blair: Good answer.

Blair walks back toward door.

Simon: Sandburg. Look, I don't know what demons you have dancing in your head, but let's clear up my end. (stands up and walks around to Blair) If for any reason I have given you the impression that I do not appreciate and value the contribution that you give to this department...I apologize.

Blair: You mean that?

Simon: Yeah, Blair, I do.

Blair: Well, thank you. Uh...that means a lot to me.

Simon: We okay?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, we're good.

Simon: All right. Go on. Get out of here. He needs you.

Blair leaves, walking over to join Jim at his desk. Jim is on the phone.

Jim: Uh, which way is she heading? All right. Stay with her. I'll be in touch. (hangs up) That was Rafe. Sharita was on her way to a bank teller about ten minutes ago where she got 300 bucks out of an ATM machine. Now she's headed towards the marina.

They head out down hallway.

Blair: You figure she's going to meet Jamie?

Jim: Well, let's find out.

~Cut to Sharita pulling up outside an apartment building, the going inside. She goes up a flight of stairs and calls out.~

Sharita: Jamie. Jamie?

Jamie appears out of shadows.

Jamie: I'm right here.

Sharita hugs him.

Jamie: You got the money?

Sharita: Yeah. Um, yeah. I got it...I got it right here. Here. (gives him money) I hope that's enough.

Jamie: It's going to have to be.

Sharita: So where are you going to go?

Jamie: Well, Rock gave me the keys to his place in the mountains but other than that, I don't know.

Sharita: Look, if you run, it's like saying that you did it. Why don't you just turn yourself in?

Jamie: Look, don't you understand? The cops found Roy's blood in the back of my car. They think I did it. I'll go straight to jail.

Sharita: Well, what about Roy's friend? That Sandburg? Why don't you at least call him?

Jamie: Oh, please, he don't give a damn about me. He with them cops. Nobody gives a damn about me.

Sharita: What? I do.

Jamie: Oh, yeah? That's why you did me the way you did, huh?

Sharita: Oh, no, Jamie. Not that again.

Jamie: Going behind my back. With Roy? My own damn brother? What's wrong with you?

Sharita: That's crazy.

Jamie: I heard you two on the phone, okay? I saw y'all two sneaking off together. What was up with that?

Sharita: Damn it, Jamie, Roy wanted to buy you a house for your birthday. He wanted to surprise you, and he asked me to help. Now he's not even going to see it. (starting to cry)

Jamie: You lying. You better tell me you lying.

Sharita: I'm not. Roy loved you. I love you. Why would you think we would even do anything to hurt you?

Jamie: I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry, I...I just didn't know, that's all. I just didn't know, okay? (hugs Sharita)

Jim and Blair appear in hallway.

Jim: Jamie. We'd like you to come to the precinct and answer some questions.

Jamie: (pulling out a gun) I ain't going nowhere with you, man.

Sharita: Jamie, no!

Jim: (standing in front Blair) Just put the gun down, please.

Jamie: No way. I'm not going to jail. You understand?

Sharita: Jamie. Forget this. Stop!

Jim: Nobody's taking you to jail. Now just put the gun down.

Blair: We can't help you if you don't let us.

Jamie: Just keep away from me. Just keep away.

Jim: Put the gun down. This place is surrounded by cops. There's no way for you to get out of here.

Jamie: Look, I'm warning you. If either of you come near me, I swear to God I'm going to waste you.

Blair: (moving in front of Jim and heading toward Jamie) Listen to me. Trust us, man. If you're innocent, we can help you, all right? But if you try to go out with that gun, they're going to shoot you, Jamie.

Jamie: I don't believe you, man.

Blair: You got to trust me, all right? I'll go out with you. If I go out with you, they'll have to shoot me, too, all right?

Jim: Sandburg, get back!

Jamie: Just get away, man! Get back!

Jim: Settle down.

Blair: All right.

Blair moves back next to Jim. Jim pulls him further back.

Jamie: Get back!

Sharita: Jamie, please! Stop it!

Jamie: Back away!

Jim: Take it easy. Settle down.

Jamie runs down the stairs, heading for the front door.

Blair: Uh, Jamie, no! Come on.

Sharita: Jamie!

Jim holds them back from following. Gunshots are heard outside just moments after Jamie leaves. They all run down the stairs.

Sharita: Jamie!

Outside the door, they find Jamie on the front steps, wounded. Rafe is there, having taken Jamie's gun.

Sharita: (kneels next to Jamie) Oh, my god. Jamie! (pulls Jamie up to her) Oh, god.

Jim: Let's get an ambulance here. Come on. Move it, somebody!

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hospital room. Day. Jamie is in bed, awake. Sharita is feeding him. Jim and Blair come in. Sharita heads to door.~

Blair: (to Sharita) Hi.

Sharita leaves and door is closed. Jim and Blair walk over to Jamie's bedside.

Blair: How you feeling?

Jamie doesn't answer, just looks away.

Blair: Jamie, look, you better start talking, man. Otherwise, you're going to get charged with something you didn't do and then we're not gonna be able to help.

Jamie: I don't need your help, man.

Jim: You got two people here who are willing to give it. Sandburg was ready to put his life on the line for you. You want to get charged with your brother's death and maybe Rock's, that's fine. Who are you trying to protect here?

Jamie: Look, Rock was using me as his bagman to help deliver the fake money. You know, at first, I didn't know what it was. I figured all those bundles was, you know, payoffs...but one day, I took a real good look inside and I knew what it was.

Jim: You say something to Rock?

Jamie: Yeah. I told him it wasn't right using me.

Jim: But you went along with it and he cut you in.

Jamie: Look, man, I needed the money, all right? I was so tired of Roy always having to give it to me. I knew it was wrong, though. It just kept eating me up inside. So later on, at the party, I told Roy what was going on.

Blair: So Roy didn't know about it?

Jamie: No.

Jim: Where did Roy get the bills that he gave to Sandburg?

Jamie: My brother loved to have cash on him, man. He always made Rock give him straight cash... When I told Roy that night, he got right up in his face. He was real upset. Next thing you know, he was dead.

Jim: Why didn't you go to the police?

Jamie: Look, Rock said he'd make sure I'd go to jail for helping him pass that money. Then he said he'd go after Sharita. It was Rock who killed him, man. I know it was.

Jim: Well, then, who killed Rock?

Jamie: I don't know. I was looking through his office for money. But I swear to you, man, it wasn't me.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Breakroom. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Simon. Simon is looking at some papers.~

Simon: Marshall County marriage registry going back... Why am I looking at this?

Jim: Well, I followed a hunch, sir, and I found out in the '70s, Rock Oldman's partner, Jeffrey Collins, made his fortune in the lumber industry. Now, he parlayed those contacts he made there into a high-profile marriage. Just... read on.

Simon: Elizabeth Fowler... Fowler? Why does that name sound familiar?

Blair: Bill Fowler, the pulp mill billionaire.

Jim: Right. Old man Fowler was chairman and DEO of Strand Paper in Michigan.

Simon: The same company which manufactures 100% rag paper for the US government.

Jim: Exactly. It's my guess Collins is our counterfeiter and this is where he's getting his paper from.

Simon: Wait a minute, didn't you say Collins made a fortune?

Blair: Yeah, he did, but he lost it all in the '80s on junk bonds.

Simon: Any idea where he might be printing the stuff?

Jim: Well, we checked around some of his business, uh, interests and one of them caught my eye. (flips through papers) It's this, uh, greeting card company in the Westlake district. There it is, sir.

Simon: So your theory is Collins had Roy killed to keep him from blowing the whistle on the counterfeiting ring?

Blair: Well, more likely, he ordered it done.

Jim: Right. Collins was probably afraid Oldman would roll over, so he had him killed.

Simon: We'd better catch Collins before he destroys the rest of the evidence and skips on us. Go get him, tiger.

Jim: All right, sir.

Jim and Blair leave.

~Cut to Jim and Blair driving in truck. Still day. Rainy outside.~

Blair: Are we going to his card company in Westlake?

Jim: Yeah. We got a unit standing by at his house.

Rafe: (on radio) Delta 4, do you read?

Jim: Ellison, go ahead.

Rafe: (in another car) Yeah, Jim, it's Rafe. Suspects were leaving the premises when we arrived. We're tailing them west on Capilano.

Jim: Must be heading for Highway 6. They make you?

Rafe: Not yet.

Jim: All right. Stay with them. Order a roadblock at the junction of I-6 and Welsh. We'll close in from this end. Over.

~Cut to Rafe and another officer tailing Collins' car. Two thugs with him in vehicle. Collins' car stops when they come up to roadblock made by two police cars.~

Collins: Damn. (looks behind to see Rafe's car) Turn right. Up there.

They turn right and head down that road just a little bit and stop when more police cars block their path. Rafe's car follows them. They pause for a moment. Officers are getting out of car and pointing weapons at them.

Collins: Drive! Drive!

They drive through barricade of police cars. One thug puts a gun out the window and fires at police. A little bit away, a trucker outside of his rig sees this happening and runs. Gunfire is exchanged between police and Collins' men. Their car stops next to the truck. They run to it, using it for cover.

Collins: Get in.

One thug gets into cab. Collins turns to the other one.

Collins: We need speed. Lose the trailer.

Other thug unhooks trailer, then gets in cab. They take off. Gunfire follows them.

Rafe: (on radio) Jim! Jim, it's Rafe. Do you read?

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck nearing the spot where the shoot-out occured.~

Jim: Go ahead.

Rafe: Suspects penetrated the roadblock. They headed north on I-6 in a blue diesel tractor.

They see the semi-truck cab heading down the road in the opposite direction.

Jim: All right. I got them. Get all available units to block off the exits of I-6.

Rafe: Yeah. Copy that.

Jim does an evil u-turn to get on other side of road.

Blair: Whoa!

They head after the truck cab, getting up right behind them. Thug looks behind them.

Thug: It's that cop.

Collins: Shoot him.

Thug hangs out of door and fires at the truck, shooting up the grill as Jim swerves a bit to try to avoid gunfire.

Jim: Look out!

Jim returns fire with his handgun. He uses up all his bullets.

Jim: Ah, damn it. I'm out. (tosses gun aside)

Thug tries to fire, but his gun is jammed. He leans back inside.

Thug: Shotgun!

Thug gets shotgun.

Blair: Oh, what is that?!

Thug starts firing at them. Jim again swerves and pushes Blair down.

Jim: Get down! Look out! Son of a bitch. What's next, a bazooka?

Jim pulls up to the driver's side of the cab and starts banging against the side of the cab.

Blair: What are you doing this on my side for?

Jim: You get a better look.

They crunch a few times, then end up behind the semi-truck cab again.

Jim: You all right?

Blair: I'm fine, I'm fine.

They follow cab onto country road area. Thug fires at them again, blowing off the hood of the truck.

Blair: Whoa!

Jim drives off the road into a shallow water on the side of the road.

Blair: Get back on the road!

Jim: Good god! Hang on!

They drive up next to the passenger side of the truck cab. Radiator is blowing.

Blair: Be careful.

Collins: Get them.

They crunch a few times, then split off on different roads. Semi-truck cab goes straight. Jim and Blair in truck go up an inclined road. They pull to a stop on the edge of a cliff. Truck stalls out.

Blair: My door's jammed.

Jim: Yeah. Mine, too.

Engine sputters as Jim tries to restart truck.

Jim: Come on.

They see the semi-truck cab coming up the road toward them.

Blair: Where's he going?

Jim: I don't know.

Truck still refusing to start.

Semi-truck cab stops several yards away.

Collins: Splendid. Right, boys. Waste him.

Cab starts toward them.

Blair: What are they doing?

Jim: They're going to make a run at us. (to truck) Come on, sweetheart. This is no time for this.

Blair: Look, Jim, anytime we get out of here, that'll be all right with me.

Jim: I'm trying, Chief. Come on, sweetheart.

Blair: Come on, Jim. Get out of here!

Jim: Here we go.

Truck starts up and they pull out of the way. Truck cab goes off the cliff; all occupants screaming. They lands and crash below.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon's office. Day. Jim knocks on Simon's office door.~

Simon: Enter.

Jim comes in.

Jim: We found out who the inside man at Strand Paper was. Turned out to be a night foreman.

Simon: Something's still bothering me, though -- those ivory fragments found in Roy's skull.

Jim: They came from Atlas' cane, which turned up at Collins' place. He had his men kill Roy with it, then intended to frame Atlas, which never happened...never got that far. Any word on Jamie?

Simon: Well, I put in a personal plea with the feds -- must've worked. They're willing to live with probation for his role in the counterfeit ring.

Jim: Thank you kindly, sir. Sandburg will appreciate that. It's a good break for the kid. I hope he uses it. Catch up with you later. (leaves office and goes over to join Blair at his desk) Things will be all right for Jamie. Simon bargained for probation.

Blair: See, you guys should have listened to me. I was right.

They head out of bullpen toward hallway.

Jim: That's not entirely true, Chief.

Blair: What are you talking about? He wasn't guilty.

Jim: What about the counterfeiting?

Blair: All right. Fine. So, we were both wrong.

They go into hallway.

Jim: So, where does that leave us?

Blair: That leaves us with you buying me dinner.

Jim: Oh, really. How do you figure?

They go into elevator.

Blair: What do you mean, how do I figure? You said you'd buy me dinner.

Jim: No, I didn't.

Blair: What's the matter with your memory? Yeah. You did.

Jim: No, I didn't.

Blair: This one's for Roy. (throws a fake punch at Jim as the door close)

~ The End ~