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Written by: Joseph Johnson & Tom Fudge
Directed by: Tim Van Patten
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Dean Wray (Aaron Foster), Ryan de Boer (Young Jim), Perry King (William Ellison), Ben Baxter (Young Steven), Graham Wardle (Young Aaron), Fred Keating (Karl "Bud" Heydash), Ben Cardinal (Dan Wolf), Alannah Ong (Sally Wong), Bill Nikolai (Mick Foster, age 40), John Moore (Mick Foster, age 65), Ted Cole (Detective Bryce), Mark Schooley (Detecive Waters).

Uncredited: Michael Weaver (Photographer).

Summary: When a professor who is doing research on serial killers turns up dead, and a picture of Ellison as a boy is found at the crime scene, Ellison is pit against his childhood friend, (sic) who may be the serial killer. Ellison learns that he had sentinel abilities as a child, but had suppressed these abilities after he witnessed the murder of his childhood mentor. This revelation opens doors to his past and his future as the sentinel. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

Extra Resource Page: Mrs. Fish's TS site (includes scans of Remembrance photo album)

This episode was originally broadcast on March 11, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Scenes of forested area during the day. Someone panting as they run, then as they come up to a really tall tree. They look up. Camera flashes onto a young boy's eyes.~

~Cut to a crime scene. A body of an older man. Night. Jim and Blair enter crime scene, evading reporters. Simon already there.~

Jim: Not now. Thank you.

Blair: I'm sick and tired of this happening here. This shouldn't happen at a school.

Jim: It shouldn't happen anywhere, Chief. (stops and looks around)

Blair: What is it?

Jim: I just thought I smelled something.

They keep going, joining Simon by the body. Wolfe is there as well.

Jim: Sir? Who is it?

Simon: Technically a John Doe. Wallet was found on the body empty, except for a snapshot. There was no ID, but the students who found him say he was a teacher here, name of McCain.

Blair: His first name's Robert. He was a psych professor.

Simon: Did you know him well?

Blair: No, not all that well. We were in different departments, but, uh...I think he had a wife.

Jim: Any witnesses?

Simon: Nobody saw or heard anything. Whoever did this knew what they were doing.

Wolfe: The victim was strangled with something like piano wire, then stabbed in the chest. This could be a ritual killing. The stab wound is postmortem.

Jim: What are we missing here?

Blair: What do you mean?

Jim: They took the time to empty the wallet. Why not just take the whole thing?

Blair: Maybe it's part of the ritual.

Simon: Maybe the photograph meant something. You know if McCain had a son?

Blair shakes his head. Jim takes bagged photo of boy and looks at it. He looks at Simon, then back at photo.

Jim: This isn't McCain's son, sir. This is me.

~Cut to dreamlike shots of a boy in a football uniform (number 12) running through forest. He trips over something and falls to the ground.~

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon's office. Day. Jim and Simon.~

Simon: You sure you have no idea why this guy would have a picture of you in his wallet?

Jim: None whatsoever. Never even heard the guy's name before last night.

There's a knock on Simon's door. Blair comes in with some folders.

Simon: Yeah.

Blair: Hey, guys. I just came from the university where I ran into a grad student who was assisting McCain. He said McCain was doing research on serial killers. Said he'd focused in on one in particular called the "Country Club Strangler." (looking at Jim)

Simon: Yeah, I remember that cat. He had a three-year spree in the early '70s.

Blair: Yeah, that's right. He had seven victims -- all of them were middle-aged, wealthy businessmen. They were all strangled, then stabbed in the chest after they we dead and then their empty wallets were placed on the wound.

Simon: Freak show even had a weird name.

Jim: Wayne Hollow. Claimed he was innocent. Never changed his story, but after he was arrested there were no more murders.

Simon: Didn't he kill himself?

Blair: Before it went to trial. Everybody figured they had their man, case closed.

Jim looking off into the distance.

Simon: All right, so what am I missing here?

Blair looks at Jim. Jim looks at Blair briefly.

Jim: Go ahead. Tell him the rest.

Blair: Well, right before the police arrested Hollow, Jim found his last victim -- a guy name Karl Heydash.

Simon: You know, this is just the type of information that a captain would like his detective to tell him.

Jim: I didn't remember it, sir, until Sandburg mentioned it.

Simon: How can you forget something like that?

Jim: I was ten years old. It was a long time ago.

Simon: So, now we have a copycat.

Jim: I don't think so. At the murder scene there was this scent. It was very faint, but...distinct. I've smelled it before. It was on the body I found, Captain. It could be our killer.

Blair: You know that smell is closely linked to memory, Simon. (to Jim) You know what this means? If what you smelled last night was beyond what a normal human being could smell, this means you had your sentinel abilities as a kid.

Simon: With all due respect, Sandburg, that was in the past. I'm more concerned with the present. Right now we have a real-life killer running around -- someone who could have left that photo in the wallet -- and if that's the case they're trying to send you a message.

~Cut to ME's office. Wolfe is talking into a recorder for autopsy results.~

Wolfe: Gunshot wound number one to left anterior wall is 1.3 centimeters diameter. Absence of tattooing indicates weapon was fired from at least...

Jim comes in.

Jim: If this is a bad time...

Wolfe: He's not going anywhere. What's up?

Jim: Did you finish McCain's autopsy?

Wolfe: A couple of hours ago. You should get the paperwork before the end of the day.

Jim: I'm interested in the wound to the chest.

Wolfe: It's what I thought: postmortem, straight to the heart. Angle of the wound was left to right.

Jim: You sure?

Wolfe: The killer was probably left-handed.

Jim: You still have McCain's clothing?

Wolfe: I was about to send them up to forensics. (gets a wrapped package and opens it) There was, uh, blood residue, skin fragments -- all from the victim.

Jim gets a flashback of running through the forest as a boy and tripping, then getting up and crawling over to retrieve football. Boy sits up and gets a horrified look on face. Then he looks to the side. Jim is snapped back to present by Wolfe's voice.

Wolfe: You want me to hang on to the clothes?

Jim: Uh, no. Um, go ahead. Send them up to forensics. Thanks. (leaves)

~Cut to loft. Night. Raining outside. Fire going in fireplace. Jim is holding a football and staring out the balcony windows. Blair comes in.~

Blair: Nice. Want me to go long? (chuckling)

Jim turns away and Blair shuts the door.

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: Nothing's going on. Why?

Blair: I just, uh, sort of feel like I'm interrupting a romantic interlude here between you and your football. (chuckles)

Jim: Come on, Shecky, you're killing me.

Blair: You okay?

Jim: Yeah, I'm fine. Why?

Blair: Oh, I don't know. Uh... things might be bothering you. I don't know. Maybe this "Country Club Strangler" thing... It's got to be bringing some stuff up, huh?

Jim: Yeah, it's bringing up some stuff,'s nothing I can't handle. (sits down on couch)

Blair: Yeah, right, of course. I'm sorry. You can handle it. (chuckling) So, you want me to leave you two alone?

Jim: Come on, man.

Blair: Jim, I'm a friend. All right? Friends help each other. That's what we do. (sits down on coffee table in front of Jim)

Jim: I've been trying to help myself, man. I've been trying to figure this out. It's like some cruel joke and I'm the punch line. I'm a cop, I was working on a case that involves me and I can't remember a thing from my past.

Blair: Quit beating yourself up. You were a kid. You had something terrible happen, and I'm sure the trauma of that experience has shut everything off -- your senses, your memory -- everything. Sorta like what happened when you came out of Peru.

Jim: So, how do I get unstuck?

Blair: First of all, you relax.

Jim: I just keep going around in circles, Chief.

Blair: What I'm talking about is sense memory. All right? The sense of smell. Focus in on that smell and then see where that leads you.

~Cut to flashback of Jimmy tossing a football back and forth with a man (Bud) in a park during the day.~

Bud: Right here. Yeah. See? Putting some action on it.

Jimmy: Hope I can throw this well on Sunday.

Bud: Remind your dad to save me a spot in the bleachers.

Jimmy: I don't think he's going to be there.

Bud: It's the championship. He's got to be there.

Jimmy: He's got an important business meeting he has to go to.

Bud: Those things happen, Jimmy. I'm sure it couldn't be helped.

Jimmy: Bud, do you ever think about what it would have been like if you played pro? You know, if you hadn't wrecked your knee?

Bud: I used to think about it quite a lot. Not so much anymore. Anyway, no guarantee I would have made the pros. I was good. Not that good.

Jimmy: Think I could ever be that good?

Bud: (walks toward Jimmy) You know, I think you could be anything you want to be, Jimmy, but, uh...

Jimmy: But what?

Bud: Sometimes you hold back. It's as though you're afraid to trust yourself.

Jimmy starts to hear something. Bud watches him.

~Cut to another little boy (Stevie) leaving a big house.~

Stevie: I'm going to get Jimmy.

Sally: (from inside) Okay. Be careful, Stevie.

~Cut back to Jimmy and Bud.~

Jimmy: Stevie's coming.

Bud: How'd you know?

Jimmy: I just do.

Bud: Right here. I suppose you know what you're having for dinner tonight, too.

Jimmy: (sniffs the air) Smells like roast beef.

Bud: (chuckling) You'd better run along, then. Wouldn't want it to overcook. Jimmy? Remember what I told you. Trust your instincts.

Jimmy: I will, Bud. See you on Sunday.

Bud: All right, Chief. I'll be there.

~Cut to back to Jim and Blair in loft.~

Jim: That's it. I'm pretty tapped out. (stands up and walks to windows)

Blair: Who's Bud? You kept mentioning a man named Bud.

Jim: Bud was a man who lived down the street. A businessman like my father. He was a friend, you know? Kind of like my mentor.

Blair: You got a picture of him?

Jim: No. I wouldn't have anything like that around here.

Blair: What about at your old man's place?

Jim: I don't want to deal with my old man.

Blair: Come on, you don't want to hear this, but your father may know some things that could help you.

Jim: You know, you're right. I don't want to hear this. (throws football at Blair)

~Cut to Jim in his bedroom later. He sits on the bed in his robe. Still raining outside. Some lightning flashes as well. He is remembering.~

~Cut to Jimmy and Stevie same day after practice with Bud. They meet up in front of house.~

Jimmy: Hey, Stevie... Is Dad eating with us?

Stevie: I don't know. He's talking to mom.

Jimmy looks into the house and zooms in with his vision to see his dad (William) at his desk on the phone. He can hear conversation.

William: Grace, that's not my problem!

Stevie: What are you looking at?

William: Grace, I can't pay you alimony if I don't work. This conference is not optional and I gotta attend it. And I need you to take care of the boys for two weeks.

Jimmy: Hey, who do you think would win in a fight -- Spiderman or the Hulk?

Stevie: No contest. Spiderman would kick his butt.

Jimmy: Bet he couldn't.

Stevie: Bet he could!

They run toward house, laughing.

~Cut to Jim back on his bed.~

~Cut to next morning. Jim and Simon in Simon's office. Jim is looking at a newspaper (The Cascade Tribune) with the title "Strangler's Back." It has a picture of Jim as a boy and as a man. He drops paper on table in front of Simon.~

Simon: Yeah. Now we're running an open case. So much for buying time.

Jim: Yeah, but who leaked it?

Simon: Damned if I know.

Simon's phone rings and he answers it.

Simon: Banks. Yeah, he's right here. (to Jim) Jim.

Jim: Thank you, sir. (into phone) Ellison.

Man on phone: I saw you in the paper, Jimmy.

Jim: Who is this?

Man on phone: Oh, I think you know. Take a trip to the Cascade Dump and don't forget to check the pockets. (hangs up)

~Cut to Cascade Dump. Jim, Blair, and Simon are standing around another body.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Wolfe with them now.~

Wolfe: Rain destroyed most of the evidence, but it's the strangler's MO.

Jim: This time he left an ID -- Brian Smith. Says here he's a banker born in 1941. So that would make him...57 years old? (pulls a newspaper clipping from man's pockets)

Simon: What's that?

Jim hands him clipping.

Simon: "Strangler's Back"? Wasn't this in this morning's paper?

Blair: I thought you said he was killed last night?

Wolfe nods.

Jim: The killer came back after he aw the paper.

Simon: Wait a minute, Jim, that doesn't make any sense. Why would the killer risk capture just to leave a note?

Jim: This guy's trying to make it personal, Simon. This has to do with that body I found as a kid. This guy's trying to mess with my head. Excuse me.

Jim and Blair walk off. Lots of reporters now there.

Blair: What about the scent?

Jim: Scent? Chief, this is a dump. (inhales deeply) It's here, though.

Blair: Does it bring back any memories?

Jim: Nothing that connects. Just bits and pieces.

Blair: We got to go back to where this started. We got to go back to your house.

Jim: No, no, no...

Blair: Look, this isn't just about the case anymore. It's about you and whatever baggage you're dragging around. Now, you got to get rid of it.

Jim: I'm warm and tingly with the tenderness here, Chief.

Blair: Oh, yeah, that's good.

Jim: I'll deal with it, all right? I will deal with it.

Blair: Uh-huh.

They start to go through crowd of reporters, heading for the truck.

Reporter: Detective Ellison, is this the work of the Country Club Strangler?

Jim: I have no comment now.

Reporter: You were the one who found the Stranger's last victim 25 years ago. If anyone would know, it's you.

Jim: I said no comment.

Reporter: Your testimony was sealed because you were a minor. What'd you tell the police? Did Wayne Hollow go to jail and die because of you?

Jim: (shoves reporter away) Will you get the hell out of my face!

Blair: Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey

Simon appears, getting all the reporters' attention.

Simon: I'm Captain Banks. If you have any questions, address them to me.

Jim and Blair walk to truck.

Blair: What the hell's the matter with you?

Jim: Don't give me that right now, all right? Why don't you take a ride with Simon. (walks over to driver's door of truck)

Blair: That's good, that's good, Jim. Keep running. Sooner or later this is going to catch up to you.

Jim: Chief, I'm going to go see my father right now. Are you satisfied?

Blair: Yes.

Jim gets in truck and drives away.

~Cut to Jim pulling up outside Ellison house. He gets out of truck and walks onto walkway in front of house. Then he has another memory flashback.~

~Cut to morning of big game. Jimmy, Stevie, and William are at table eating. Sally (housekeeper) comes out with coffee pot.~

Sally: It's a perfect day for the game.

William: Just make sure you come home with a trophy, huh?

Jimmy: I'm going to try

Sally: Just remember...winning isn't everything.

Jimmy and Stevie: It's how you play the game.

William: Correction. Winning isn't's the only thing. You got that?

~Cut to back to present. Jim goes up to door and knocks. William answers the door.~

William: Jimmy.

Jim: Dad.

William: It's been a while.

Jim: Yeah. Can I come in?

William: Yeah.

Jim goes inside.

William: You look good.

Jim: Thanks. You do, too. Huh. Place hasn't changed much.

William: No.

Jim: How's Sally?

William: (chuckles) She's older. She'll be sorry she missed you. She, uh...she had to go shopping.

Jim: Oh, yeah. Well...tell her "hello" when you see her.

William: Yeah.

Jim: I'm working on a case, Dad...

William: Yeah, the strangler. I read about it in the paper.

Jim: Oh, I thought you only read the business section.


William: You really think it's the same person?

Jim: We're not sure. Um...I could use your help. Um...

William: What can I do?

Jim: Uh, I need any old pictures or items, uh, clippings, anything you got from, you know, the time that we found the body.

William: Oh. Sure, yeah. Everything we got is all packed away upstairs. Come on.

~Cut to upstairs. Jim's old room. Jim and William are looking through boxes of stuff.~

William: Sally's got a lot more of this stuff around somewhere. When she gets back from shopping, I'll ask her where she keeps it. What are you looking for?

Jim: Oh, so many things in this case happened a long time ago. I figured I'd try to come up here and go through some of the old stuff to jog my memory.

William: (chuckles) Look at this. (picks up a model plane) Look, huh? Steven and his air force. You remember that? He'd spend all day building one of these things and then you boys'd take it outside and blow it up. We had some good times, didn't we?

Jim: Did we? Seems to me that Steven and I don't remember it that way.

William: Aw, come on. Come on, Jimmy. I...I admit I was a little preoccupied with work. I had a job to do. I did the best I could.

Jim is looking at a photo from 1973 from the day of the big game. Both teams are in the photo. He has another memory flashback.

~Cut to day of game. Jimmy is riding on his bicycle. Another boy (Aaron) from the opposite side comes up to him and stops him.~

Aaron: Watch where you're going rich boy -- you don't own the park.

Stevie comes up on one side of Jimmy.

Stevie: Jimmy's gonna kick your butt today.

Aaron: You can't buy this trophy, punk. You've got to earn it.

Photographer: Boys...get over here.

Everyone gathers for picture.

Photographer: All right, let's get in there. This is the big game. All right, let's get the proud fathers in there. Come on, everybody, stand next to your sons. All right Let's have a smile. Come on, everybody, smile.

Jim's father is conspicuously absent as picture is taken.

~Cut to present. Jim hands William the picture.~

Jim: What's wrong with this picture? (leaves)

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Simon, Jim, and Blair walking down hallway.~

Simon: Look, I've tried to diffuse as much as I can, but this has gotten out of hand. You can't go around shoving members of the press without provocation.

Blair: It wasn't much of a shove.

Simon: It was enough! We could be looking at a lawsuit here.

Jim: I'll practice more self-restraint, sir. (tries to walk away)

Simon: Dut-dut-dut-dut-dut. (grabs his arm)

They all go into bullpen.

Simon: Now... it looks like I may have to pull you off this case.

Jim: Whatever, Simon. Whatever.

Simon: Jim, hear me out now. I understand how you feel -- really, I do -- but with your past involvement in the case, this whole thing has turned into a media circus. It's gotten way too personal.

They go into Simon's office and close door.

Blair: Well, it's personal for the killer, too, Simon. He's the one that keeps contacting Jim. Serial killers, you know they never do anything impulsively. Everything they do has a purpose.

Simon: Sandburg, I don't have time for this right now.

Jim: Even if he's right? I mean, like it or not, sir, whether I'm on the case or off of it, I'm a part of it.

Simon: How can I go wrong with logic like that? Look... I got a call from this guy who owns a video place. Evidently he was dubbing some tapes for McCain. Why don't you check it out?

Simon: Jim...try not to make this too personal.

Jim: Okay, sir.

Jim and Blair leave office.

~Cut to Jim and Blair pulling up in truck outside the video place. Still day. They get out of truck and go over to front door.

Blair: Closed? Do you think he's out to lunch?

Door is unlocked.

Jim: Stay behind me.

Jim gets out his gun and goes in, Blair following him inside. They go over to desk in the cluttered office. They find unrolled video tape. Blair picks up a tape case labeled "McCain", then throws it down.

Blair: Here it is.

Jim pulls something from the desk.

Blair: What is that?

Jim: Tape degausser. It's an electric magnet. Erases everything.

Jim looks around, inhaling.

Blair: What?

Jim: That scent. Come on. Uh, call for backup. Stay alert!

Jim leaves. Blair picks up a desk phone to call for backup. Jim follows the scent and sees someone running into the train yards. He chases after him, gun out. He stops next to a stationary train car and starts looking. As he does, he gets a memory flashback.

~Cut to Jimmy running through woods and tripping. He crawls over and picks up ball. As he straightens, his eyes fall onto a dead body next to a tree -- it's Bud.~

~Cut back to present. Jim tries to shake off the memory. A train horn blasts and it gets his attention. Then the man he was chasing clubs him over the head from behind. Man has a ski mask on. Man pulls Jim up and holds a knife to his throat. Train is approaching them.

Man: You're making it too easy for me. The score needs to be settled. It's payback time.

Jim breaks the man's grip, shaking the knife out of his hand. Man knees Jim several times. Train gets closer and closer. Finally man shoves Jim one way, while going the opposite direction out the way of the train as it connects with the other train car. Jim gets up and looks around. Sees man running off, goes after him.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Night. Jim at the table. Blair gets a bag of frozen peas from the freezer and brings it over to Jim.~

Blair: Here. This should help.

Jim: Thanks. (puts bag on shoulder)

Blair: You're lucky that guy didn't kill you.

Jim: He didn't want to kill me. He just wants to play out this game...whatever the hell that is.

Blair: Any word from forensics on the knife?

Jim: Yeah. They determined the scent on the handle. It's made from this bark from this small tree only found in Spain.

Blair: No wonder the only other time you smelled it was at the crime scene when you found Bud.

Jim: Yeah. You know, when you said the victim that I found was Karl Heydash...I should have known that's who it was -- Bud.

Blair: I think you're being a little hard on yourself, Jim. This guy was like a father figure to you and the shock of finding him? No wonder you repressed it.

Jim: (stands and goes to fridge) Yeah. I'm wondering what the hell else I'm repressing. (gets a can from the fridge) You know...that guy at the railroad track said something about having a score to settle with me. You know, we knew each other.

~Cut to past. Day of big game. Both teams in a huddle.~

Jimmy's team: One, two, three, Vikings!

Both teams go the scrimmage line. Jimmy and Aaron are across from each other.

Aaron: It ain't over yet, rich boy.

Quarterback: Down! Set! Hike!

Aaron gets ball. Everyone is missing catching him. Jim chases him down and tackles him before he gets a touchdown. Jimmy's team wins the game.

Jimmy: All right! Yeah! Yeah!

Jimmy's team crowds around him, all cheering.

~Cut to a bit later on the day of the big game. Jimmy and Stevie are leaving the field. Stevie has the football.~

Stevie: Can I sign the game ball too, Jimmy?

Jimmy: I guess so. I wonder where Bud went.

Aaron stops them and takes the ball from Stevie.

Jimmy: Give it back, Aaron.

Aaron: Make me. You want it? Go get it. (kicks ball far into trees)

Stevie: Kick his butt, Jimmy.

Aaron and all his friends walk off, laughing to themselves. Jimmy watches them go.

~Cut to present. Major Crimes elevator. Jim, Simon, and Blair.~

Simon: We got one little fingerprint from that knife. We ran it through every database we could find. Finally got a match from the military. Turns out it belongs to a Scott Jeffries.

Elevator opens and they walk down hallway.

Simon: Jeffries went AWOL from the army about 30 years ago while he was stationed in Spain.

They stop in hallway.

Blair: Spain? Wait a minute, the bark from the tree. That's where the knife's from.

Simon: Oh, well, evidently there were three unsolved murders while Jeffries was in Madrid.

Jim: The same MO as the Country Club killer?

Simon: Carbon copies. Jeffries was a prime suspect, but before they could arrest him, he disappeared along with his five-year-old son.

They head into bullpen.

Simon: According to the army report, Jeffries grew up on a farm in Montana with his father. When he was 12 years old, the bank repossessed the farm. The old man was so upset, he ended up hanging himself.

They all go into Simon's office.

Blair: No wonder he goes after businessmen. I mean, they represent the people responsible for his father's death.

Simon: That's what the army shrinks figured too. The killings didn't even start until after Jeffries got turned down for a government loan.

Jim: Any record of him living here?

Simon: Nothing. 'Course he could have changed his identity.

Blair: So, he moves here, he settles in, something triggers off another killing spree. Why does he stop?

Simon: Why did Jack the Ripper stop? Or the Zodiac killer? It happens.

Jim: I think it was Hollow. When he took the fall, it was the ultimate triumph for Jeffries. He got away clean.

There's a knock on the door.

Simon: Come in.

Another officer (Perdue) comes in.

Perdue: Captain, the army finally faxed over that picture you were waiting on.

Simon: Thanks, Perdue. Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Scott Jeffries.

Perdue leaves. Simon hands Jim the picture. Jim has a memory flashback.

~Cut to Jimmy in the forest. He trips and falls, then picks up the football. He looks up and sees Bud's body. Then he sees a man running several yards away. He zooms in and sees a large reddish birthmark on the man's neck. Man has a knife.~

~Cut back to present.~

Jim: I remember this guy.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Ellison house. Still day. Jim and William sitting on a couch looking through old photo albums and yearbooks.~

Jim: This one here. See, it's the same guy. Now, I think his first name was Aaron. I need a last name.

William: Aaron. God, Jimmy, I wouldn't know, you know. I mean, I didn't get involved with any of these parents. I didn't go to that many games.

Jim: I know, I know, Dad. Just-just think. Anything you can come up with from that time...correspondence from the league, interaction with the parents, anything.

William: Oh, god. It was 25 years ago, Jim. (stands up)

Jim: I know. Uh...anything. Think.

William: Let's see. seems...well, there was this phone call.

Jim: Phone call? (stands up)

William: Yeah. This, uh...what was I doing...? I was late for a business meeting. I remember, um...Sally. Sally took the call, and she gave me the phone 'cause she said this guy said it was very important. He had to talk to me and turned out that, uh...that he was the father of one of the boys. You know, it's...I don't know. One of the other teams...something to do with dissatisfaction with the league. He wanted to start another league and he wanted support. I didn't have time for that. I told him that, and I remember it 'cause he got very, very angry. He made a big deal. He said, "Ellison, my time is as valuable as your time even though I haven't got your money."

Jim: You remember the guy's name?

William: Um...uh...Foster. Yeah, Mick Foster. I remember that because he was so adamant about that. He said it with such conviction.

Jim: You sure about that?

William: Yeah.

Jim: All right. Thanks, Dad. I got to go.

William: Jim, Jim...

Jim: Yeah?

William: That picture with, uh, the boys with their fathers...I'm...I'm sorry that I wasn't there.

Jim: Yeah, me, too.

William: No, I...see, I was a single parent before anybody else was. I thought it was my responsibility to go out and make a living. That's what a man did.

Jim: Yeah. Yeah, some men did that, Dad. Some men did more.

William: Yeah, like Bud, huh?

Jim: Yeah...

William: I'm sorry about that, too.

Jim: Dad, it's water under the bridge.

William: Jim, I'm trying to get past this. I'm not the...the man that I was.

Jim has another memory flashback.

~Cut to murder scene where Bud's body was found. Police are there. Two officers are talking to Jimmy. William stands behind Jimmy, hands on his shoulders.~

Jimmy: When I looked over there, I saw a man with a knife.

Officer #1: The one with the mark on his neck? And you say he was over there by the edge of the woods?

Jimmy: Yes, sir.

Officer #2: Well, it's 75 yards away.

William: If you guys don't mind, I think I'd like to take him home, okay? Thanks.

Jimmy: I'm not lying. You believe me, don't you, Dad?

They walk over to car.

William: Jimmy, just calm down. Stand here for a minute and...I'm going to talk to the detectives. (goes back to detectives) Guys, I'm sorry. I want to apologize for my son's imagination.

Officer #2: Well, that's all right, Mr. Ellison. We understand. A thing like this is pretty tough on a kid. He wants to help, so he imagines that he saw the killer when it's obvious he couldn't.

William: Yeah.

Officer #2: The best thing to do is to reassure him that he didn't do anything wrong...and maybe get him some counseling.

William: Yeah. Thanks.

~Cut to later with William and Jimmy going up the stairs at the house.~

William: I warned you about your fantasies, didn't I?

Jimmy: I did see him. Sometimes I can see and hear things.

William: No, you can't. Nobody can. Jimmy, this is not a game. You hear me?

They stop in front of the door to Jimmy's room.

William: This is serious. A man is dead. You understand what I'm trying to tell you? A man is dead. And your nonsense could keep them from finding out who did it. Is that getting through to you?!

Jimmy: But, Dad...

William: No "buts." Now you got to stop pretending or people are going to think you're a freak! You understand? Huh? Is that what you want? For people to think there's something wrong with you?

Jimmy: No.

William: All right. Then wise up. (walks off)

~Cut to present with Jim and William. Jim shakes off the flashback.~

Jim: No, I was...I was telling the truth.

William: What?

Jim: I was...I was telling the truth. See, that's what, that's what Bud was talking about.

William: What do you mean?

Jim: That I held back...that I didn't follow my instincts. But all I ever got from you was that there was something wrong with me. I stuffed who I was...who I am...down inside of me. See, I have a gift, Dad. Now, it can be a burden sometimes, but it's a gift. It's just who I am.

William: (sits down) Uh...I know it.

Jim: Dad, I...I was telling the truth.

William: I know you were, Jim.

Jim: What do you mean?

William: I know you were. I know it.

Jim: You don't know that. You don't know that.

William: I know it. I was trying to protect you. You understand? I didn't think people would understand you. They would think you were different and that would hurt you. (stands up) I didn't want anything to hurt you. You're my son, Jimmy.

Jim: Well, knew?

William: Yeah. I wish I could go back and change it all. (pause) I...I...I...I got to get a glass of water or something. Do you want anything? Huh?

Jim: No.

William walks off. Jim goes back to the couch and picks up a scrapbook. He looks through, finding pictures of him as a child, newspaper and magazine articles about him as a man, other clippings. He sets scrapbook aside and rubs his face. Then he stands and pulls out his phone, dialing.

Woman: Cascade Police Department.

Jim: Yeah, um...yeah, Simon Banks.

Simon: Captain Banks here.

Jim: Uh, yeah, it's Jim. I, uh, found Scott Jeffries. He changed his name to, uh...Mick Foster.

Simon: Hang on.

William comes back out to see Jim on the phone.

Jim: Right. Also, um, run a check in his son Aaron...Aaron Foster.

Simon: Aaron Foster, right.

Jim: I'm leaving now.

Simon: I'll let you know.

Jim: All right. (hangs up) I got to go, Dad. (walks past William)

William: Work?

Jim: Yep. Work.

William: It's ironic, don't you think? Now you're the one with the business to take care of.

Jim: Yeah.

Long pause.

Jim: Take care of yourself, Dad.

William: It's good to see you, Jimmy.

Jim: You, too. (leaves)

~Cut to police storming Aaron Foster's place. Jim leading the charge.~

Jim: Cascade PD! Cascade police! Cascade police! Go.

Lots of SWAT members come in. Jim directs them around. Jim smells something.

Jim: We got a body.

Simon find the body.

Simon: Jim! In here!

Jim joins Simon in the room with the body. Both are coughing because of the smell.

Simon: Mick Foster.

Jim nods, having a brief flashback of the man in the woods.

Jim: I remembered that weird spot. It's a birthmark.

Simon: Doesn't look like natural causes.

Jim: No.

They look at wall of pictures. One is a picture of old man and a younger man -- the reporter who was pushing Jim around at the Cascade Dump crime scene.

Simon: Hey, Jim...isn't this a picture of the photographer?

Jim: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Simon: What's his relationship to the victim?

Jim: Mick Foster's son. Aaron. It's the killer.

~Cut to a bit later. Coroner is removing body. Blair is reading a file in front room. Jim and Simon are there.~

Blair: According to this, Aaron was a regular down at social services, in and out of the system as an abused child, diagnosed as a violent schizopenic. This is textbook. (hands file to Jim) Behavior is a combination of genetics and environment. His grandfather hangs himself. His father's a serial killer. He didn't have a chance.

Simon: All this time he spent taking care his father...what set him off?

Jim: I'd say the trigger was probably McCain. The investigation opened up some old wounds. Aaron snapped.

Blair: Why kill your own father?

Jim: Well, you think about it. This report says that he had serious victim obsessions. Who do you think had the most power over him?

Blair: His father.

Simon: I don't know. You had power over him, too. I mean, remember, as kids you were the one who found the body and now you're a cop tracking down the killer. Makes sense.

A house phone rings.

Jim: That's him. (answers phone) Hello, Aaron.

Aaron: How did you know it was me?

Jim: Just followed the road signs you left for us all the time. We were supposed to be here. You were supposed to call. It wasn't difficult to figure out. What's next?

Aaron: You'll have to wait and see.

Jim: Why don't we meet somewhere, so we can talk about this?

Aaron: Talk about it?

Camera shows shots of the scrapbook with pictures and clippings in it.

Aaron: Talk about what, Jimmy? Your army medals? How about your wedding? Lovely bride. Too bad it didn't work out. And a commendation from the mayor. You've just had it all, haven't you?

Jim pulls out his cellphone with his other hand and dials on it.

Jim: You like the pictures?

The phone Aaron holds beeps for an incoming call

Aaron: Hold on. I have another call. (switches lines) Hello. Is that you, Jimmy?

Jim: You hurt my father, I swear to god, I'll kill you.

Aaron: Hey, don't threaten me! You're in no position. I'm in charge now. It's time for you to suffer.

Camera pans down where Aaron is to show William sitting in the corner in the background. And it shows that Aaron has a knife.

Jim: I know you're in charge. Just leave my dad out of this.

Aaron: You know where to find me.

Jim: Uh, I'm on my way. (hangs up) The son of a bitch is at my house.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Blair driving in the truck down the road to the Ellison house. Jim is driving fast. Blair bangs his head on the side of the truck. They squeal around the corner. Simon's car and a patrol car follow. They pull up and stop in front of the house. Jim gets out, pulling out his gun, and heads for the house. Simon does the same. Blair gets out as well.

Blair: He could be aiming a gun at you right now.

Jim: You just stay right here. (heads up to house)

Blair stays at hedges at front of walkway. Simon pauses a moment to talk to officers.

Simon: We're going to take the point. You guys stay here. Don't let anybody past us.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Jim and Simon go into house and start searching around. Simon goes upstairs. Jim does the bottom floor. He goes into kitchen and starts to hear someone in the pantry. He yanks open the door.

Sally: Please don't hurt me!

Jim: Oh, my god. Sally, it's me -- Jim. It's me -- Jimmy. (brings Sally out and holds her)

Sally: (crying) Oh, Jimmy. My god...

Jim: Simon! (to Sally) Are you hurt?

Sally: No. He didn't see me.

Jim: Okay. All right.

Sally: I heard a loud crash and he was fighting with your father so I tried to use the phone. But he was on it so I hid.

Jim: You did the right thing. (hands Sally off to Simon) This gentleman's going to help you out. Let's get her some assistance. It's okay, Sally.

Simon: Upstairs is clear.

Jim: I'll check the rest of the house, all right?

Sally: Okay.

~Cut to Jim walking into a room in the house. Pictures are spread on a table in a pattern. Simon comes in.~

Jim: So that's what this is about.

Simon: What is it, Jim? (reads pattern of pictures) "Too... late"? "14, 13"?

Jim: It's the score of the football game.

Simon: Football game?

Jim: Yeah, A game we played at Manleo Field. I got to head over there.

Simon: What is this all about?

Jim: I'll fill you in later. Just give me some time before you send in the troops.

Simon: Look, Jim, if this is about Aaron, I'm not sending you, there without backup.

Jim: Captain, this guy is a spent shell. He wants me. We send in half the department, he's gonna kill my old man. Now give me some time.

Simon: All right, I'll give you a few minutes, not much more.

Jim leaves just as Blair comes in to room.

Blair: What's going on? Wait up! (takes off after Jim)

~Cut to Jim and Blair leaving house.~

Jim, wait up. I'm coming.

Jim: All right. Stay close.

~Cut to Jim and Blair at Manleo Field. They run across field.~

Blair: Maybe you were wrong.

Jim: No I'm not wrong. This is where he wants me.

Blair: Where is he?

Jim has memory flashback of seeing Aaron kicking football into trees.

Young Aaron: (in memory) Go get it. (laughing)

Jim: Stay here, wait for the police.

Jim runs into the trees. Views flash back and forth from present to past as he runs through trees to the same tree where he found Bud. In the present, he finds his father upside down at the bottom of the tree. He carefully turns him over.

Jim: Dad? Dad!

William is alive.

Jim: Oh, god. Oh, dad. Thank god.

William: Jimmy. He's crazy, Jimmy. He just wants to kill you.

Jim turns to see Aaron behind him.

Aaron: You had everything. I had nothing. Even the game. My old man beat me up because we lost.

Jim: Aaron, that's a long time ago. It's over. Aaron, come on. Give me the knife.

Aaron rushes him. Jim hits him several times. Aaron falls, then gets up and runs away.

William: Jimmy, let him go! The others will take care of him.

Jim: No. I got to end it now, Dad.

Jim starts to leave. Blair arrives.

Blair: Jim! Jim!

Jim: You stay with my father. (takes off)

Blair: (to William) You okay?

Jim chases Aaron out of the trees and onto the field. Views flash between past and present as Jim chasing Aaron and tackles him to the ground. Sirens approach them. Jim cuffs Aaron as Simon runs onto field.

Jim: The game is over, Aaron. You should he let it end years ago.

Simon: You okay, Jim?

Jim: Yeah. Where's my father?

Simon points to Blair and William coming out of the trees. Jim walks over to them.

Simon: (to officers) Get this guy out of here.

Officer: Come on. You have the right to remain silent...

Jim meets up with Blair and William. Blair leaves them alone after tagging Jim on the arm.

Officer: Got him? Keep walking. Let's go.

Jim and William look at each other a moment, then laugh and hug.

Jim: Oh, god, I'm glad you're all right. Come on. Let's get you cleaned up.

Jim leaves his arm around William's shoulder as they start to walk back to cars.

Blair and Simon are somewhat behind them, following. Blair puts his arm up around Simon's shoulders.

Blair: Isn't that beautiful?

Simon: What do you think you're doing? Get off me. (shrugs Blair's arm off)

Blair: Come on, a little brotherly love.

Simon: Do I look like your brother?

Blair: From a different mother.

Simon: Don't you start with me, Sandburg. I'm telling you right now...

Blair puts his arm up around Simon's shoulders again.

Blair: Come on.

Simon: Go! (pushes him away again)

~ The End ~