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Love Kills

Teleplay by: Lydia Look
Story by: J. Rae Fox
Directed by: William Gereghty
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Musetta Vander (Lila), Yuji Okumoto (Lo), Paul McGillion (Boz Tate), Oliver Svensson-Tan (Detective Choi), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Daniel Chen (Monk #3), Vince Crestejo (Senior Monk), Raugi Yu (Monk #2), Stephen Thorne (Desk Clerk).

Summary: While investigating the murder of a monk in Chinatown, Ellison runs into an old flame and his feelings for her are instantly rekindled, making it hard for him to believe that she is a professional killer whose next target is him. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on March 18, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Chinatown. Day. Very busy market day. A big blue car drives along road. A window is open and a man looks out, scanning those along the sidewalks. He sees a man standing on the sidewalk and says something in Chinese to the driver. Car pulls off to the side. The driver gets out -- he is a Buddhist monk. Another monk, younger, gets out of the other side and joins the first one. They start to walk into crowd. The man they saw on the sidewalk watches them come towards him. The two monks look back to see the third monk nodding at them. They look forward to the man waiting for them, then back again to see a big white van crossing by the car. It pauses a moment, then pulls away. The man in the back seat has slumped down, his head resting against the open windows. The two monks run back to the car and open the door. The monk is very dead. Two patrol officers across the street see this and run over to see what's going on. The two monks run. One officer goes after them. The other stays with the body and calls it in. The man who was waiting for them turns and disappears into crowd.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair leaving a restaurant -- The Golden Pavilion. Same time. They are reading their fortune cookie fortunes.~

Blair: Huh. "You will love and be loved by many." Well, mine's right. What's yours say?

Jim: "Your partner puts the 'dim' in dim sum."

Blair: (laughing) Did you think of that all on your own? I had this friend. Every time he had to make a major decision in his life, he'd go to the same Chinese restaurant and get a fortune cookie. So one day, he gets this offered this big job in New York and he goes to the restaurant and the place is closed. You'll never guess what he did.

Jim bumps into a woman (Lila) on the sidewalk as they walk.

Jim: Oh, my god. Sorry. (pause as Jim looks at woman) Lila!

Lila: I'm sorry. I think you've got me confused with someone else. (walks off) Excuse me. Taxi! Yo, taxi!

Blair: You know her?

Jim: I thought I did.

Lila gets into a taxi. Jim focuses in on the license plate on the back of the cab before it pulls away. They hear sirens. A squad car goes by them.

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: I don't know. Let's find out.

Jim and Blair run down the street and end up at the murder scene with the monk. Jim starts to examine the body. From a distance, another man (a different one) watches from his car. He starts up his car and pulls away.

~Cut to a bit later. Still at crime scene. Simon joining them.~

Simon: Break it down for me, Jim.

Jim: Asian male, 40s... No ID, sir.

Blair: He was a Buddhist monk.

Jim: If you look below the left ear, there's a triangular puncture wound. I don't think that's what killed him, though.

Simon: Take a look at his color. Looks like he was asphyxiated. I don't see any bruises around the neck, though.

Jim: It's my guess that there was some sort of poison on the instrument that killed him, something that would cause a temporary muscular paralysis to constrict breathing. I detected a faint odor of curare from the wound. Also, there were two monks spotted fleeing from the scene.

Blair: This doesn't make sense to me. I mean, the whole core of the Buddhist belief system is nonviolence.

Simon: Then why did they run?

Blair: I don't know

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Jim is at his desk on the phone. Blair is sitting next to desk.~

Jim: That's right. She was picked up this afternoon by one of your taxis, license plate 0-7-8-F-G-E. Uh, about 1pm, in front of the Rice King Dim Sum House. Yeah. I'll hold. (covers mouthpiece of phone) What do you need, Chief?

Blair: Nothing. I'm not saying anything.

Jim: You don't need to say anything.

Blair: I'm good.

Jim: Her name is Lila Hobson. I met her when I was in Bali seven years ago right after they pulled me out of Peru. I was on R&R. We stayed at he same hotel, got involved, end of story.

Blair: How involved? Not end of story.

Jim: We had one week together. One morning she just left. I tried to track her down, but I couldn't. (into phone) Yeah? Yeah, I know the Summit. Thanks. (hangs up) Got to go.

Blair: You need some moral support?

Jim just looks at him, then leaves.

Blair: I guess that's a no.

~Cut to Summit, Lila's hotel. She is walking down corridor and turns a corner. Jim appears behind her, talking. She stops.~

Jim: Lila?

Lila: (turns around) Hello, Jim.

~Cut to a bit later in hotel restaurant. Jim and Lila.~

Jim: So, why did you act like you didn't know me?

Lila: Well, I just wasn't prepared to see you. So, how you been?

Jim: Good.

Lila: You still in the military?

Jim: No. No. I'm a cop here in Cascade.

Lila: Well, it seems to fit you well.

Jim: Yeah, most of the time. How about you? You still living in Amsterdam?

Lila: Yes. I sell textiles for a design firm. I'm here on business. Jim, I'm sorry I disappeared like that in Bali...without saying good-bye.

Jim: Yeah, I always thought it was something I did.

Lila: Hmm-mm. (shakes head) It wasn't you.

Jim gets a sudden sensory spike -- a flash of light off Lila's face.

Lila: You okay?

Jim: Yeah. How long you here for?

Lila: Till Friday.

Jim: Maybe I could show you around a little bit...take you to some of the sights that tourists don't get to see.

Lila: Well, actually, Jim, there is another reason I'm in Cascade. I'm here to meet my fiancé. He's down in San Francisco on business and he'll be up here the day after tomorrow.

Jim: Congratulations. When's the big day?

Lila: Well, I haven't actually set a date yet. We were thinking maybe the end of summer.

Jim gets another sensory spike. Flash of light followed by sounds getting very loud. He squints and rubs his temple.

Lila: Jim? What's wrong? Are you ok?

Jim: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Sometimes I get migraines.

Lila: Is there anything I can do?

Jim: No. No. It'll be all right. I'm sorry. I'll see you later. (stands up and leaves)

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering bullpen. Still day.~

Jim: It's like my senses went into overdrive. It lasted for about five minutes.

Blair: And then everything went back to normal?

Jim: Yeah, pretty much.

They stop at Jim's desk. Jim sits down and talks to Brown in a desk across from them.

Jim: Brown, you got the number of your florist?

Brown: Oh, I'm sorry, man. Did somebody die?

Jim: No, nobody died.

Brown: (laughing) Well, you mean he has a date?

Jim: It's an apology thing. The way I stumbled out of that place, the girl must've thought I was nuts.

Brown: Here you go. (hands Jim the number)

Jim: Thanks very much. You've been very kind.

Blair: Now, you sure that's all?

Jim: You ever have one of those times where with a woman, you know, if things had turned out differently she could've been the one?

Blair: Not really, but it sounds special.

Jim: Why did I even bother asking you?

Jim picks up the phone to call, but Simon comes over and he hangs up.

Simon: Ellison, a couple of patrol guys spotted those monks we're looking for down in Chinatown. They took off before we got a chance to question them. Why don't you two head down there, see if you can track this guy down.

Jim: Very good, sir.

Jim and Blair leave.

~Cut to Jim and Blair driving through Chinatown. Jim is talking into radio.~

Jim: We just cruised Chelsea all the way to 98th. No sign of our suspect. We're going to be heading west on Mitchell. Over.

Blair: You know, that sensory spike...something had to cause it, right? Maybe it was something in the food. Maybe something in the air.

Jim: Well, it could be an allergic reaction. I've had them before.

Blair: I hope for your sake that it is only onetime thing. For me, I'd like to study it. I wouldn't mind it happening again.

Jim: All for the sake of science.

Jim stops the truck as he sees a monk on a park bench in a park. He's slumped over.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What do we have here? (zooms in to get a better look) There he is.

They get out of truck and jog up to the monk. Jim puts glove on one hand and checks monk out.

Jim: Same triangular puncture mark as the other ones. Yeah, this guy's gone. (sees something in man's hand) What is this? (pulls item out -- it's a key) "1714."

Blair: Locker number?

Jim: Or a hotel room. (puts on a second glove)

Blair: What's that? (points to a beaded necklace on ground)

Jim picks up necklace to look at.

Blair: It's sandalwood beads. This guy's a Tibetan lama.

Jim sees a black bead on the necklace. He feels it.

Jim: What is this? (sniffs at fingers) Chief, you know what this is? (starts to waver on his feet)

Blair: Jim, are you all right?

Jim: Yeah, that's, um... (falls over and onto the ground unconscious)

Blair: Jim... oh, my god. Jim...Jim! Geez. Oh, my god. (pulls out cellphone and dials) Hello. I need an ambulance at Chiang Kai-shek Park, please. Yes. Ah, god!

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cut to hospital room. Day. Blair is reading a book next to the bed as Jim, groaning, wakes up.~

Jim: Oh, man...

Blair: Hey...welcome back to the land of living.

Jim: What the hell happened?

Blair: Well, you collapsed from opium poisoning. That stuff we found in the prayer beads turned out to be raw opium paste.

Jim: It feels like my head was place-kicked.

Blair: My guess is that the sensory spikes you've been having put your senses into a heightened state, so sniffing that stuff was like mainlining.

Simon comes in.

Jim: What was a Buddhist monk doing with opium paste?

Simon: According to the Hong Kong police, they both worked for an Asian drug cartel -- the Shang Syndicate. The Buddhist bit was just to cover the smuggling routine.

Jim: Opium paste? That gets processed into heroin, right? That's just what the city needs is another pipeline.

Blair: I don't know too much about heroin, but there couldn't have been that much opium in those beads.

Simon: I'm assuming it was just a sample, which means they're here in Cascade to find another distributor.

Jim: We got to find that other monk. Where are my clothes? (starts to get up, then falls back)

Simon: The doctor wants you off your feet for 24 hours. I'm ordering you to go home. Rafe and Brown are checking out that key. They find anything, we'll give you a call.

~Cut to Summit hotel. Lila passes by the front desk.~

Desk worker: Oh, excuse me, Ms. Hobson. (hands her a long flower box) These came for you.

Lila: Thank you.

Lisa reads the card -- "Sorry I left so suddenly. Can we have dinner? Jim. 555-4167"

~Cut to Lila getting into elevator. She's alone. Doors almost close, but then a hand stops them. A man (Lo) gets in the car with her. It's the man who had been watching the investigation of the first monk's death and pulled away in his car. ~

Lo: Flowers.

Lila: They're from an old friend.

Lo: You don't have time for friends. Remember why you're here.

Lila: I don't need you to remind me.

Lo: You didn't need me in Tokyo either...and I'm here to make sure it doesn't happen twice.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in their building. They leave elevator and walk down hallway to loft door.~

Blair: Hope you don't mind if I cut out on you tonight. I told Sam that I'd take her to the Fellini retrospective over at the university.

Jim: No, not at all. No, you guys have fun.

They stop at door -- flower box is there. Jim picks it up.

Blair: What's that?

Jim: These are the flowers I sent Lila.

Pause, then Jim hands box to Blair and starts to unlock door.

Blair: Well, hey, uh...what do you say Sam and I, we just rent a movie. We come back over here, we hang out, maybe cook some popcorn...

Jim: You guys go have fun. Why don't you give the flowers to Samantha?

Jim goes inside the loft and shuts the door, leaving Blair in the hallway.

~Cut to much later. Jim is asleep in bed. Night outside. There's a knock on the door downstairs, waking him up. He gets his robe and goes downstairs to open the door -- it's Lila.~

Lila: May I come in?

Jim: Yeah. Sure, come on in.

Lila comes in and Jim closes the door.

Lila: The orchids you sent me were beautiful.

Jim: Is that why you sent them back?

Lila: No. Why did you come to see me at my hotel?

Jim: (goes over to join her) Why did you come here tonight?

Lila: I shouldn't be here. I just... (goes back over to door and opens it)

Jim: No, no. You're just going to keep running, huh? Just like in Bali.

Lila: (closes door) What do you want from me? Hmm? What do you want? I'm engaged, okay? I'm engaged.

Jim: You're here. (pause) What went on between us before -- maybe I'm idealizing, I don't know, but I can't get it out of my head.

Lila: That was a long time ago, Jim. The truth is, we...we barely know each other.

Jim: So?

Lila: (walks further into room) So what if you don't like what you find?

Jim: (goes over to stand behind her) I'll take that chance. (takes off her coat)

Lila: (walks over to look out balcony windows) My parents died when I was ten. They had no money. Nothing. So I lived on the streets.

Jim goes over to stand behind her.

Lila: I stole to stay alive. As I got older, I...I did some things -- things I'm not proud of.

Jim: Lila... (turns her to face him) I don't care who or what you were. I'm interested in who you are.

Jim leans in to kiss her and gets another sensory spike light flash off her face. He squints and backs away.

Lila: Jim?

Jim: Sorry. My head.

Lila: Come sit down.

~Cut to a bit later. Jim is sitting on the couch. Lila is right in front of him.~

Lila: How are you feeling? Any better?

Jim: Hmm...

Lila: Maybe you should see a doctor.

Jim: No, no. I've seen a doctor. It's just...job stress.

Lila: Well, maybe you just...need to relax a little more.

Jim: Hmm...

They kiss.

Jim: What about your engagement?

They kiss again.

Lila: What about it?

More kissing. Which then leads upstairs to Jim's bed...

~Cut to next morning. Jim and Lila are in bed. They wake up. Lila looks at the time.

Lila: Oh, my god, I'd better go.

~Cut to a bit later. Lila is heading down the stairs, dressed and ready to go. Jim follows her down, still putting on his pants.~

Jim: Let me drive you. The truck's right downstairs.

Lila: No, that's okay. Thanks, Jim. I'll just take a cab.

Jim: You'll do nothing of the kind. I'll get the truck warmed up and...

Blair comes in. Jim still isn't quite dressed.

Jim: Hey, Chief.

Blair: Hey. Morning.

Jim: (finally with pants on) Uh, Blair Sandburg, this is Lila Hobson.

Lila: Hi. (putting on coat)

Blair: Hi.

Lila: Uh, Jim, I really have to go.

Jim: Oh. All right. Here. I could call you a, uh...a jet or something.

Lila: No. (kisses him briefly)

Blair: (opens door) Let me get that. Nice meeting you.

Lila leaves and Blair closes the door, then turns to Jim.

Blair: (chuckling) So I guess the orchids worked.

Jim: For you? (putting on his robe)

Blair: Oh, yeah. How you doing?

Jim: Aw, I'm all right. I had one of those sensory spikes again last night. My head's still kind of funny.

Blair: Really?

They go into kitchen.

Blair: You know, I've been thinking. Both times you've had these sensory episodes, you've been with Lila. What are the possibilities of you being in love?

Jim: You come up with that all by yourself, did you?

Blair: No. I'm serious here. What's the old adage -- when you're in love, the sky seems bluer. Maybe in your case, that's the truth.

Jim: Let me off the couch, Dr. Ruth, and help me find some aspirin.

Blair: All right. So, uh, Jim...last night...after you had the sensory episode, were you senses still heightened when you were, uh... you know? (off Jim's look) No. I'm serious. Give me some details and be specific. It's for my book.

Jim: You want photos?

Blair: You took pictures?

~Cut to Simon's office. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Simon looking through two suitcases.~

Jim: The key we found in that monk's hand came from the Hotel Devonshire. We tossed the room pretty good, but all we were found were these two suitcases.

Simon: I guess that would be the "monk-key." Right?

Jim: Yeah.

Simon: Ho, ho. What's this? (picks up a wrapped condom from the suitcase) Didn't someone tell these guys that monks are supposed to be celibate?

Jim: Maybe they're looking for a religious experience.

Jim: What is this? (picks up a CD)

Blair: Oh, that's a computer trivia game. I've played it. It's actually pretty cool.

Jim: The hotel manager said the victims didn't speak English. I don't see a laptop computer here.

Simon: Then what are they doing with that?

Jim: It's a good question. It says it's from Melonhead Software, Cascade, Washington.

Blair: Yeah, Melonhead Software, started by a guy named Boz Tate. He's one of those 20-something-year-old computer genius, started in his basement, but now he's actually got an industrial building down on the Marina.

Simon: You know this guy?

Blair: I just heard of him, you know.

~Cut to a bit later. Major Crimes. Still day. Jim, Blair, and another man (Tate) enter bullpen next to Jim's desk. Tate is the man that the monks saw waiting for them in the first scene. Jim sits down at his desk. Tate sits in the chair next to the desk. Blair sits on the desk behind Tate.~

Simon: Thanks for coming down to talk to us, Mr. Tate.

Tate: Please. I'm happy to cooperate although I'm not exactly sure...what you want to ask me.

Jim: Have you ever seen these two men before? (shows him pictures of dead monks)

Tate: No. Why?

Jim: They were both murdered within the last 24 hours.

Tate: Really? Well, they're total strangers to me.

Jim: Their passports identify them as being from Hong Kong. According to the State Department, you've been to Hong Kong four times in the last year.

Tate: I've also been to Tokyo and Singapore. I go there to recruit talent. There's a shortage of qualified American programmers. Look, I'm really sorry, but I have to get back to work. We're releasing more "Useless Information" next week. So you can well imagine, we're racing to meet the deadlines. Good luck with your investigation.

Blair: Take care.

Tate: Hey. Later. (leaves)

Blair: He seem a little nervous to you?

Jim: Either he just got finished running a marathon or he's lying through his teeth. His heart was about to kick a hole in his chest.

Blair: Do you think that was because he was talking to a cop?

Jim: That doesn't explain that odor.

Blair: What odor?

Jim: Chemical odor. The kind they use in processing opium.

~Cut to Summit hotel. Jim goes up main stairs to meet Lila as she comes down them.~

Lila: Jim.

Jim: Hi. I was just in the neighborhood. I thought we could have some lunch.

Lila: Oh, well, this really isn't a good time, Jim. I'll have to call you later, okay?

Lila heads off. Jim follows her. Lo sees Jim and follows him. Jim rounds corner to see Lila at the top of another set of stairs.

Jim: Well...Lila...

Lila: (turning) Jim...

Jim starts having another sensory spike.

Lila: Oh, Jim I just can't... (pauses when she realizes Jim is hurting) Are you all right?

Lo comes around the corner and attacks Jim, hitting him from behind. Jim tries to fight back, getting in a few punches, but is at a disadvantage because of the spike. Lo swings a foot around, getting him in the head. Jim goes down. Lo starts to strike again. Lila speaks sharply in Chinese, stopping him. They exchange a few words in Chinese. The they both leave.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Simon's office. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Simon. Jim has a big red mark on one side of his face.~

Jim: They were killed with a weapon with a triangular blade, dipped in a toxin similar to curare.

Blair: But it's from a plant in Southeast Asia, which would suggest our killer is from the same geographical area as our victims.

Simon: Where does that leave us with Boz Tate? Washington isn't the far east.

Jim: We've got him under surveillance, Captain, but it looks as though monk number three has gone to ground.

Simon: We got to find him before the killer does.

Jim: We're going to do our best, sir.

Simon: Jim? What happened to your face?

Jim: Just a little misunderstanding, Simon. I'll catch you later. Let's go, Chief. (leaves office)

Simon: Sandburg, hang on a second. Shut the door.

Blair pauses and shuts door.

Simon: What's going on with Jim?

Blair: Uh...nothing.

Simon: Blair, you're an awful liar.

Blair: Um, well, there is something going on with his senses. I mean, all of sudden, they're just going haywire and he's seeing this new woman and I think they're somehow connected.

Simon: Connected how?

Blair: I don't know yet.

Simon: All right, keep me informed.

Blair: All right, I will. (leaves office)

~Cut to Jim at his desk. Same time. His phone rings and he answers it.~

Jim: Ellison.

Lila: Jim. it's Lila. Can we meet and talk? Please.

Jim: Where?

Lila: There's a Chinese garden by the Art Museum. Meet me there in half an hour.

Jim: All right. (hangs up) Chief, do me a favor? (hands Blair his bagged jacket) Run this over to forensics, see what prints they can pull off the lapel.

Blair: Isn't this your jacket?

Jim: And put a rush on it. (leaves)

~Cut to Chinese garden. Lila is waiting for Jim in a gazebo. Jim joins her.~

Jim: Would you mind telling me what's going on here?

Lila: Oh, my god, Jim. (touches his face) I'm so sorry.

Jim: Just talk to me.

Lila: My fiance is very wealthy. You see, the fear of kidnapping is very real to us. That man who attacked you is his bodyguard. He thought you were assaulting me. He was just trying to protect me.

Jim: I just wanted to talk to you. I should throw him in jail for assaulting a cop.

Lila: He didn't know you were a policeman, Jim.

Jim: So he just goes around and whacks people who come close to you, huh? This is nuts. I must be out of my head. I don't know what I think about sometimes. You've got a fiance and...

Lila puts her fingers on his lips. He moves her hand away.

Jim: Maybe we should just leave it the way it was. Take care of yourself. (leaves)

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering the observation room on the interrogation room. Simon is already inside. The third monk (the youngest one) is inside interrogation room. Another officer (Choi) is inside with him, both speaking Chinese.~

Simon: Now, this is what I call fine police work. An hour ago, monk number three walks in off the street, turns himself in.

Jim: Just like that. Why?

Simon: What? Are you kidding me? He's scared, afraid he's going to end up like his buddies, wants us to keep him alive.

Blair: What's his deal?

Simon: Well, he and the man we found in the park were brothers. The first victim was their partner. Now, he didn't see who the killer was, but he's certain that they were sent by the Shang Syndicate.

Jim: Why are they killing their own people?

Simon: Well, these yo-yos decided they were going to go into business for themselves. They set up a private deal with one of the syndicate's distributors here in Cascade but, of course -- surprise, surprise -- the syndicate found out about it and sent in a hit man to take them all out.

Jim: Hmm.

Simon: Shall we?

Jim: Hmm.

~Cut to Jim and Simon going into interrogation room. Jim puts down the Tate CD on the table and talks to Choi.~

Jim: You ask him if this is his distributor?

Choi asks the question in Chinese to monk. Monk gets excited and is obviously saying "yes."

Simon: I'll call Judge Perlman for a search warrant.

Jim: Thanks, Choi.

~Cut to Simon's office. Night. Simon is on the phone.~

Simon: Believe me, Commissioner, we're doing everything we can. Our search of Melonhead Software turned up a chemical lab that's used to process heroin No, sir. No. Tate was not there. He must have gotten wind of our bust and took off. We believe he's trying to leave the country.

There's a knock on the door.

Simon: Hang on a second, sir. (puts hand over mouthpiece) Yeah, come on.

Jim sticks his head in.

Jim: Excuse me, Captain. I got word from a forger who owes me a favor. Tate is picking up a fake ID and passport tonight in an alley behind the Red Dragon Club in Chinatown. I'm on my way there, sir. (leaves)

Simon: Great. (into phone) Good news, Commissioner. Tate should be in custody within a few hours.

~Cut to alley behind club. Still night. Jim and Blair are dressed as bums. Jim has a walkie.~

Jim: (into walkie) This is Ellison. All units are to remain in position until I notify you.

Blair: These clothes are nasty. Where'd they come from away?

Jim: You don't want to know.

Blair: (scratching and wiggling) Ooh. Oh, man. I think there's something moving in here.

Jim: It'll help you get into character.

Blair: I'll tell you something -- my character dresses better.

A car comes into the alley -- it's Tate.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa. (into walkie) Our man is here.

Tate gets out of his car and walks around.

Jim: (into walkie) All units, be prepared to move in.

Another car comes from opposite direction.

Jim: (to Blair) Stay put.

Second car drives down to park next to Tate.

Jim: (into walkie) Our delivery boy is here with the documents.

Jim looks up onto fire escape above Tate and sees a black-clothed figure. He gets a sensory flash off something figure is holding. He winces and lowers his head.

Blair: What's wrong?

Jim: My head.

Tate gets new ID and passport, then second leaves. Figure comes down fire escape ladder and goes over to Tate.

Jim: Tate, look out!

Figure stabs Tate in neck with blade, then runs. Jim heads toward Tate. Tate is gasping and holding his neck, slowly suffocating.

Jim: (into walkie) All units move into position! Assailant is heading south on Fourth, armed and dangerous. (to Blair still further down the alley) Sandburg, call an ambulance! (takes off)

Blair runs up to where Tate is, talking on his cellphone as he does.

Blair: Hello? Yeah. I need an ambulance on Fourth and Main in the alley.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Day. Jim is at his desk. Blair comes up and holds out a big bottle of aspirin.~

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy. Don't shake it. It sounds like a freight train.

Brown comes up, all happy.

Brown: Hey, Jimmy. How you feeling, man?

Jim: I'd feel better if you were a little quieter.

Brown: (sits down in chair next to desk with a file) So, how'd that flower thing go?

Jim: Like a charm. What do you got?

Brown: I've got some great news for you.

Jim holds out his hand and Brown slaps it. Blair tries not to laugh.

Brown: Sam just sent some stuff up from forensics.

Jim: All right.

Jim holds out his hand again and Brown slaps it again. Blair, smiling, looks away.

Brown: Are you ready for this? They got fingerprints off your leather jacket.

Jim holds out his hands again and Brown slaps it again. Blair bites his lip, trying not to laugh. Jim grabs the file away from Brown.

Jim: Would you just give me the damn thing, man?

Brown: Some cat whose name is Lo Minh.

Jim: Lo Minh? This guy's wanted by the Hong Kong police. Several charges, including murder, assault with a deadly weapon, drug smuggling. "Affiliated with the Shang Syndicate."

Blair: Who is this guy?

Jim: I don't know. Let's go find out.

~Cut to Summit hotel. Jim and Blair at main desk talking to man.~

Desk worker: I'm sorry, Detective. Miss Hobson checked out last night.

Jim: Do you know this man? (shows him picture of Lo Minh)

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim, Blair, and Simon entering breakroom.~

Jim: He was staying at the same hotel under the name Tyler Chin. The desk clerk saw he and Lila Hobson together several times.

Simon: It certainly fits the profile of our killer. What I want to know is how she fits into all this. What is she, just some high-priced mistress?

Jim sighs. Blair looks up at Simon, then rubs his eyes. Jim goes on.

Jim: Whatever the connection, sir, they're definitely together.

Simon: Sorry, Jim, but we got to find these guys before they leave the country. I'll notify immigration.

Blair: Uh, but their job's not done yet, sir. The third monk is still alive.

Jim: Oh, the kid's got a point, Captain. The triad probably has to kill this guy to set an example for the other members.

Simon: Well, it's gonna be pretty hard to kill this monk inside our city lock-up.

Jim: So, let's make it easier.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, Choi, and third monk going down road in a car. Day. Jim in backseat with monk. Choi is driving. Simon is talking to Jim on a walkie.~

Simon: (in his office) All the local TV stations are carrying our story about moving the suspect to lock-up. If our hit man is paying attention, he'll know about it. What route are you taking?

Jim: West on Chelsea, then heading south on Waverly, right through the heart of Chinatown, sir.

Lo Minh is listening in on his walkie.

Simon: All right everybody stay alert.

Monk speaks in Chinese.

Choi: He says Chinatown's too dangerous. This is where his friend was killed.

Jim: Tell him he's safe with us.

Choi speaks Chinese to monk.

They pull to a stop where a truck is blocking the road. Simon can still hear them talking.

Jim: Seems as though we've hit a roadblock, Captain. This could be a set-up. Uh, you guys just stay put, keep your eyes open, and calm down. I'm going to go out and check it out.

Jim gets out of car and looks into truck. No one. In car, monk panics. He hits Choi over the back of the head, then gets out of car, taking off. His hands are cuffed in front of him.

Blair: Hey, what are you doing? Where you going? Get back here. Jim!

Monk takes off, running down sidewalks, knocking people aside. Jim chases after him. Down a street or two, a motorcycle appears. The rider is dressed in total black with a black helmut and opaque visor. Jim gets sensory flashes off the lights of the bike. He runs after monk as monk runs toward bike. Someone sets off fire crackers, startling the monk into turning around and seeing Jim. The cyclist slides to a stop and gets off bike, raising the triangular knife at the monk. Jim grabs monk and whirls him away, standing in the biker's way. The biker pauses. Jim gets flashes from the helmut. Biker gets back on bike and speeds away. Jim watches.

~Cut to biker going into a garage down an alley. Door closes. Biker gets off bike and removes helmut -- it's Lila. Lo grabs her and holds her to the wall by her throat. She chokes.~

Lo: Why didn't you kill him?! He was right in front of you! You hesitated because of your cop friend, your lover. If I tell the syndicate about this, they'll order me to kill you. I could, you know, with just my hands. You have one chance. One! Kill him. Prove your loyalty to the syndicate once and for all...or I kill you.

Lo releases her and she gasps and pants.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Still day. Jim and Simon in main room.~

Simon: If it was Lo, why didn't he kill you?

Jim: I don't know, Simon. It doesn't make sense to me.

Blair comes out of his room. He's on his cellphone.

Blair: Thanks, Sheila. Thanks for all your help. (hangs up) Hey, guys. I had a friend at the university do some research on daggers. And it turns out that a triangular-shaped dagger that's dipped in poison is a favorite weapon of the Chinese Triad. They use it for assassinations. She faxed me over a picture. (shows them picture)

Jim gets a spike.

Jim: Oh. Sorry, guys. Phew. Mmm. (sits down at table)

Simon: Jim, what's wrong?

Jim: Uh... my, my head. Uh...

Blair: Why don't you take a look at this picture again?

Blair shows him picture. Jim looks at it, then pushes it away.

Blair: This picture's causing the spike. Jim, have you ever seen a dagger like this before?

Jim: No, no. I don't know. Uh...

Blair: This could be the key. I want you to take a look at this again and then free-associate, all right? Just, just...see where it takes you.

Jim: How could a picture cause anything?

Blair: Come on, we've done this before. Just relax and do your breathing. Look at it. See where it takes you.

Jim looks at picture, then takes a deep breath. He starts to have a memory flash.

~Cut to seven years ago in Bali. Jim and Lila in bed. They're kissing, then sitting up.~

Lila: Mmm! Mmm. We better get ready for dinner. Mmm.

Jim: Do you think?

Lila: Mmm. (turns and hands something back to Jim) Would you tie this for me, please?

Jim: Mmm.

~Cut to present in loft. Simon sits down.~

Blair: Anything?

Jim: Yeah. Lila and me in Bali.

Blair: What were you doing?

Jim: We were in the hotel room...right before dinner.

Blair: All right, well, take a look at this again, all right, 'cause it's obviously triggering something.

Jim looks at picture again. More memories come back.

~Cut to past. Jim is fastening something around Lila's neck.~

Lila: (chuckling) Jim! You take too long. (gets up from bed)

Jim: It's a two-man operation. (stands up)

Lila: (goes into bathroom) Uh-huh.

Jim: Anything else I can do?

Lila: Would you get me my lipstick, please? It's on the nightstand.

Jim: I can do that.

Jim goes over to get lipstick from her purse. He finds a triangular dagger inside and pulls it out to look at it. lila comes out.

Lila: It's for self-defense. To protect me from men like you. (takes dagger and puts it away)

Jim holds up the lipstick.

Lila: Thank you.

~Cut to present in loft.~

Jim: But how could I forget that?

Blair: It was seven years ago -- it was right after you got out of Peru. You were probably still suffering from post-combat stress syndrome.

Simon: I don't understand this bit about the dagger. I thought she was causing his sensory spikes. What does the dagger have to do with it?

Jim: It's probably my senses warning me, Simon.

Blair: Right. Like an alarm. She and the dagger have always been connected, so when he looks at the dagger, it would set off the same spike.

The phone rings and Jim answers it.

Jim: Ellison.

Lila: Jim?

Jim: Lila.

Simon gets out his cellphone.

Lila: The police were at my hotel looking for me.

Jim: We know all about you and the Shang Syndicate. The best you can do is to turn yourself in.

Simon: This is Captain Banks. I need a trace put on Detective Ellison's home phone.

Lila: Jim, you don't understand.

Jim: Then explain it to me and then turn yourself in.

Lila: If I do, they'll kill me, Jim.

Jim: We're gonna protect you.

Lila: They can reach anyone anywhere.

Jim: I'm gonna be with you. Nothing's happen to you. You'll be safe.

Lila: All right. But I'll only turn myself in to you. Meet me at the McNeil Athletic Field at 3:00. Jim...please come alone. (hangs up)

Simon: Thanks. (hangs up) She was on some sort of tricked-out cell phone. They couldn't get an exact fix.

Jim: She wants to meet me at the McNeil Athletic Field at 3:00. Alone.

Simon: Absolutely not, cowboy. We'll send somebody else.

Jim: If we send the posse, she's going to smell a rat.

Simon: What about these spikes? You'll be completely helpless.

Blair: Not necessarily.

Simon: What?

Blair: We're talking about your senses here. They're to protect you and the tribe, all right, and you can dial them back. And I can help you.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck Blair is driving. They pull up next to the athletic field. Some distance from the field, Simon, Brown, and Choi watch the field as backup.~

Simon: Jim?

Jim: Simon. All right, when she shows up, I need five minutes before you move in.

Simon: You got it.

Blair: You all right?

Jim: Yeah. (gets out of truck)

Blair: (into walkie) Radio check. Radio...

Jim: (winces) Turn it down.

Blair: (does so) I'm sorry.

Blair drives off in truck. Jim walks further into filed. Simon watches through binoculars.

~Pan to above the field where Lo Minh is at with a rifle and a scope. He watches.~

~Pan back to below. Jim, still walking, sees the motorbike heading his way. Biker gets off and takes off helmut -- it's Lila.~

Simon: All right, she's here. Five minutes, everyone.

Lila walks up to Jim.

Jim: You wanted to talk.

Lila: Please don't hate me.

Jim: You're a murderer.

Lila: I told you, you might not like the truth.

Jim: Did I ever hear any of the truth?

Lila: Most of it. I grew up in Hong Kong. My father was a British expatriate, but his investments failed and when he died, there was nothing left.

Jim: How tragic.

Lila: I was ten years old, Jim! Living on the streets. Do you have any idea what that's like? The syndicate took me in. They fed me. They protected me.

Jim: They also taught you how to kill.

Lila: They were the only family I had.

Blair joins Simon above where they're watching.

Blair: Hey.

Simon hands Blair his binoculars.

Jim: Who is this man, Lo?

Lila: He's my overseer. Last month in Tokyo, I missed a target, so this time, the syndicate sent Lo to keep an eye on me. See, I thought I missed because I was tired, but it was more than that. But then when I saw you again, I realized what I wanted.

Jim starts to have a sensory spike.

Lila: I want to get out, Jim. I want to start over.

Jim starts holding his head.

Lila: Jim, what's wrong?

Blair: Oh, he's in trouble.

Lila pulls the triangular knife from the front waistband of her pants. She looks around. From above, Lo watches her.

Blair: Oh, she's got a knife! (into walkie to Jim) Come on, Jim, dial it back. You can control this. Dial it back.

Jim gets control and sees knife.

Jim: So, you want to kill me now, huh?

Lila: I can't. (tosses knife into the street)

Blair: No. He's okay.

Jim: (starts cuffing her) You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney.

Lila: I lied to you about who I am, Jim...not about how I feel.

Above, Lo aims his gun at them. He cocks the gun. Jim hears it, then looks up toward Lo's direction. He pulls himself and Lila out of the way and behind cover.

Jim: Look out!

Simon: We have sniper fire! Somebody give me a location!

More gunshots.

Simon: There! Sniper's in the parkade!

Jim tries to fire, but when he peeks out, Lo fires again.

Jim: I can't get off a shot.

Lila moves around in front of him. She kisses him, then runs out into the open.

Jim: Lila!

Lo fires at Lila, hitting her. A moment later, Jim hits Lo. Lo falls off the building. Jim runs over to where Lila is laying.

Simon: Sniper's down! All units move in now!

Jim picks Lila up and holds her.

Jim: Hang in there. You're be all right.

Lila looks at him, then her head falls to the side -- she's dead.

Jim: Lila...

Jim rests her head on hers as police cars pull in around him. Behind him, Simon and Blair get out of one of the cars.

~ The End ~