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Foreign Exchange

Teleplay by: Gail Morgan Hickman & David H. Balkan
Story by: Harold Apter & Laurence Frank
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Anna Galvin (Megan Connor), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Peter Wingfield (Scott Bruenell), Scott McNeil (Lane Cassidy), Michael Tiernan (Jeremy Kellerman), Rick Dobran (Ben Ramos), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Jeremy Van der Driesen (Bartender), James Ralph (Federal Mint Guard), Steve Oatway (Power Plant Guard).

Summary: When Australian police detective Megan Connor arrives in Cascade as part of an international officer exchange program, her commanding attitude clashes with Ellison and Captain Banks. But she soon gains their respect when they learn she's manipulated the officer swap just to track down a criminal from Sydney who fled the country to escape prosecution. Now, the felon is in Cascade with an elaborate plan to rob the Federal Mint, and it's up to Ellison and Sandburg, with the help of their new partner, to thwart him. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on April 29, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cascade Airport. Day. Jim and Simon are standing at the curb next to Simon's new silver car.

Jim: Nothing like the smell of a new car, huh? Check out this paint job. (leans over to look at hood of car) Nice. Very nice, except for this ding right here.

Simon joins Jim in examining the hood of the car.

Simon: What ding? Where? Where?

Jim starts to laugh. Simon realizes he's being teased.

Simon: You're very funny. Did I tell you you're a funny man? (smacks Jim) Get your hands off the paint job!

They straighten and turn as Blair comes up behind them.

Blair: Her plane's in, but she's not at the gate. She's not at the baggage carousel, so I guess she's probably stuck in custom or something.

Simon: You use the courtesy telephone, page her?

Blair: I told them to tell her that there were three handsome guys are waiting by a silver car. (grins)

Simon: Huh. I see two. (laughs)

Jim: (laughs) Yeah. That's my count. Why doesn't she just take a cab?

Simon: Well, she's a visiting officer, Jim. It's not proper protocol.

Jim: So when can we expect the marching band?

Simon: The officer exchange program is vital to the department for upgrading its training.

Jim: I got the memo, Captain.

Behind them, Megan Conner (with a coat with a pink fur top hem) appears at the doors leading onto the curbside waiting area.

Jim: The last thing I need are tips from some female Crocodile Dundee out to bust beer-soaked kangaroos.

Blair looks behind Jim as Megan stops behind him.

Megan: The only crocs I've seen are at the Sydney Zoo and the roos I know prefer vodka.

Blair just watches. Jim is lost for words and looks away.

Megan: (to Simon) Inspector Megan Conner, New South Wales Police Services.

Simon: Inspector Conner, I'm Captain Simon Banks, Major Crimes Cascade Police Department.

Megan: Pleasure.

Blair: Hi. I'm Blair Sandburg.

Megan: You must work narcotics.

Blair: Actually, I'm a consultant to the department.

Megan: On what?

No one answers.

Megan: I suppose I'll find out. And the comedian is?

Jim: I'm Detective Jim Ellison. About the comment, I apologize.

Megan: I like a man who says what he feels even if his statements are wrong.

Simon laughs.

Simon: I'll help you with your bags. (chuckling)

Megan: Thank you. I've a couple more over here. I wasn't sure what gear I'd need for your lovely attempt at spring. (heads for the back of Simon's car)

A skyhop wheels a cart several other large bags to the back of Simon's car.

Simon: Sandburg, give me a hand. (shoves Blair toward the back of the car) Get, get.

Blair is laughing. Jim stays where he is. Blair and Simon load up the trunk.

Jim: She looks like Cruella de Vil.

Jim scans across the parking area and sees two armed gunmen in a dark van. A security guards comes out of the currency exchange office.

Gunman: Don't move! (points a gun at the guard)

Another gunmen comes out behind the guards and sprays the man in the face.

Jim: Uh... (heads to back of car)

Gunman: Kick it over.

Another guard kicks his gun over.

Gunman: Now, lie on your stomach. Move! Come on. Let's go!

Gunmen load into the van. Jim reaches the back of the car and starts closing the trunk against Simon's wishes.

Simon: What are you doing? Jim?

Jim gets into Simon's car into the driver's seat. Simon hurries and gets into the passenger seat.

Jim: Armored car heist in progress, sir.

Simon: So what are you doing, taking my car? Let me drive!

They take off in a screech of wheels.

Megan: We got to back them up.

Blair: What are you talking about? With what? They took the car.

Megan steps into the driving lane and pulls her badge, stopping a taxi.

Megan: Halt! Police emergency. I need your vehicle.

~Cut to Jim and Simon chasing the bad guys.~

Jim: There they are.

Jim swerves around other cars in their way.

Simon: Jim, come on! Take it easy, now!

~Cut back to Blair and Megan. Megan pulls the taxi driver out.~

Megan: Thanks. (gets into taxi behind wheel) Come on, Sandy!

Blair: "Sandy"? (gets into car)

Taxi driver: What are you doing? That's my taxi! Hey, you crazy?!

They take off in a screech of wheels.

~Cut back to Jim and Simon, still chasing bad guys, squealing around corners, the red police light flashing on the dashboard. Simon is on the police radio.~

Simon: That's right. It's in progress.

~Cut back to Blair and Megan. Megan is driving on the wrong side of the road. She and Blair are putting on seatbelts as they swerve around.~

Megan: Who the hell are they?

A van comes at them.

Megan: Out of the way! Get off the road!

Blair: Turn!

They swerve out of the way.

Blair: I think I should point out we drive on the right side of the road.

Megan: I knew that.

~Cut back to Jim and Simon. Simon still on police radio.~

Simon: That's right! Main terminal. (to Jim) Oh, Jim, come on! Take it easy, man. It's not even broken in yet.

Jim: Things are going to work out fine, sir.

Chase continues, screeching around corners and down ramps. Jim and Simon go down a ramp to see a car going by.

Simon: Jim? There's a car...

Jim: I see him! I see him!

They screech to a halt just inches away.

Jim: Get out of the way!

Other car moves to go up ramp and Jim takes off again. Megan and Blair come down the ramp in the taxi. Horns honk.

Megan: Move it, jocko!

Other car backs up and Megan goes down ramp to chase after Jim.

Jim and Simon are paralleling bad guys' van in the parking garage. Bad guys fire at them several times, hitting the frame of the car. Jim swerves over to get next to them, not clearing a concrete support far enough and knocking off the mirror on Simon's side.

Jim: We're fine, sir. We only needed one mirror.

Chase continues. Megan and Blair come around the corner on the opposite side of the parking garage lane. Bad guys are coming toward them.

Blair: There they are.

Megan: Shoot their tires out!

Blair: With what? I don't have a gun! I'm a consultant.

Megan drives straight of the van.

Blair: What are you doing?

Bad guys turn at last moment and head down an exit ramp. Jim and Simon follow. So do Megan and Blair. As they go down ramp, Simon sticks his arm out the window, aiming at the van.

Simon: I'll try and get off a shot.

Jim sees another car coming up the ramp.

Jim: Pull your arm in.

When Simon doesn't do so, Jim reaches over and pulls Simon into the car. The two cars pass, scraping off the mirror on Jim's side this time. They head down ramp. Bad guys fire at them. Simon fires back. Then the bad guys go on.

Simon: Goodness!

Jim: I'm sorry, sir.

Simon: Just get after them while we still have wheels!

Megan tries to go down ramp, but car blocks her path. Driver from other car yells at her.

Man: You're going the wrong way, you moron!

Megan backs up the taxi and takes off down another ramp.

Jim and Simon take off again.

Simon: Go! Drive!

Jim and Simon chase after the van down another stretch of garage lane. Simon is firing out the window. Megan and Blair tear down another ramp and end up in front of chase. She pulls taxi around to block the van's path.

Blair: What are you doing?

Megan: Don't worry. Hang on.

Blair: What the hell are you doing?

Blair yanks Megan away from the seat to pull them both out of the taxi as the van approaches them at full speed. Van hits taxi and comes to a stop. Simon and Jim get out of car. Simon has his gun out still. Jim gets his out.

Simon: Out of the car! Now!

Bad guys get out of van.

Simon: Hands where I can see them! Weapons down! Move! Let's go!

Jim: Put your hands on the hood over here. (pushes bad guy on the taxi) Face down! Face down!

Jim and Megan each cuff a bad guy. Jim watches Megan for a moment. Simon goes back to look at his car.

Jim: All right. Cover them, Conner. (goes over to join Simon) Now, Captain, I do not want you to worry about this. A little bondo, a paint job, She'll be as good as new. I guarantee it.

Jim slaps the hood of the car. The driver side door falls off. Jim looks at Simon, then away. Then walks off.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Simon, Jim, and Blair walking into bullpen.~

Simon: Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for the department to authorize new car? And how many days of pleasure do I get? Three!

Jim: Captain, what was I supposed to do, let the guy go?

Simon: No, you weren't supposed to let him go. But what is it with you and cars anyway? Somebody whack you with a toy car when you were a baby?

They enter Simon's office. Megan is already there.

Simon: Inspector Conner. I believe we need to get a few things straight. While I appreciate your assistance this afternoon...

Megan: Assistance, sir? I believe Sandy and I actually stopped the suspects.

Jim: (looking at Blair) Sandy?

Simon: Granted. But you are out of your jurisdiction. You haven't been issued the proper credentials.

Megan: And when might I have those credentials?

Simon: I'll let you know. For now, you remain on observer status. You may carry your firearm for protection since you are weapons-trained.

Megan: I understand and I apologize, Captain. My enthusiasm got the best of me.

Blair: I seem to have heard that in this office before, huh?

Simon: Well, luckily, the armored car company will pay for damages to the taxi which are estimated to be $12,346. That's US. Now, during your stay here you are going to need someone to supervise you. And based on this afternoon's adventure, I've decided that will be you, Detective Ellison.

Jim: How did I know that was coming? Captain, I think...

Simon: That will be all, Detectives. Oh, Jim, on your way out, would you make sure that door stays on its hinge?

Jim and Blair head out.

Megan: Captain Banks, I...

Simon: Did I not make myself clear? How would you say it? G'day, mate.

Megan leaves and Simon just his door. Megan joins Jim and Blair at Jim's desk.

Megan: Is your captain always so quick to spit the dummy?

Jim: I beg your pardon?

Blair: Uh, she means get angry. Captain Banks is a really nice guy once you get to know him.

Megan: I'm not sure I want to.

Jim: That's a nice attitude, Conner. Considering he gave you a second chance when you could be on your way back down under for that stunt you pulled.

Megan: Stunt? What was I supposed to do? Just stand by and...

Blair: Time out, guys, all right? Um... look, I'm sure that you're really tired from your long flight, Inspector. So why don't Jim and I just drive you over to your hotel and we can start all this over in the morning.

Megan: Thanks, but I'll take a cab.

Jim: Great. Why don't you see if you can stay in the passenger seat this time?

Megan leaves.

Blair: What do you make of that coat?

Jim: What is that? Pink dingo?

Blair: (laughs) I like that.

~Cut to an Indian restaurant. Night. Megan walks in with very sexy clothes. She walks up to the bartender and shows him a picture of a man. She is using a Texan accent.~

Megan: I'm looking for someone who may have come in here.

Bartender: I might have seen him but not at night. Lunch, maybe.

Megan: If he comes again, call me. (hands him a phone number) Oh, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention that I asked about him.

Bartender: Are you are a cop?

Megan: Uh-uh. Ex-wife. He owes me three years' back alimony.

Bartender: If he left you, he is an idiot.

Megan strolls out.

~Cut to next morning. Jim and Blair on the street next to a Tube Steak vender stand.~

Jim: Not only am I stuck playing tour guide, I also got to wait around for her forever? What, did she forget to reset her clock?

Blair: Relax, she'll be here. You know, I was thinking if we're working closely with her, we're gonna have to really be conscious of keeping your sentinel abilities quiet.

Jim: I agree. I'll leave that upon you, Sandy. (pats Blair on the shoulder)

Blair: All right. That's about enough of the Sandy stuff. I'm serious here.

Car squeals around the corner, accompanied by another honking at her as she drives on the wrong side of the road.

Jim: This must be her, now.

Megan pulls car around to park right in front of Jim's truck -- head to head.

Blair: Look out. Hope she got extra collision with that rental.

Megan gets out of car and joins them.

Megan: G'day. Sorry I'm late. The way you yanks drive, not to mention the bad language. Whew!

Jim: I can't image why anybody would be upset. Join us. We wanted to initiate you into one of the northwest's venerable dining institutions.

Megan: Tube Steak.

Blair: Ah, that's Mr. Tube Steak. It's classic American food.

Jim: Three smokeys, Frank.

Frank: Sure, Jimmy.

Jim: Running a little low on the sauerkraut, huh?

Blair: Thank God. I don't eat that stuff.

Jim: You've gotta be kidding me. I've seen you eat stuff I'd scrape off the bottom of my shoes. Once, I opened up the refrigerator and found a jar of freeze-dried grasshoppers and we weren't going fishing that day.

Blair: Those were locusts. I like to experiment in pan-culture cuisine, all right? I draw the line at fermented cabbage.

Megan: Ever tried barbecued witchety grubs? Considered a delicacy.

Blair: Yeah. With or without the heads?

Megan: With, of course.

Blair: Of course.

Jim: Maybe some pickled termites for these two, huh?

Frank: Specialty of the house coming up. Would like those chocolate-covered? They're on special today.

Jim looks down the street with his sight to see a man getting into a car.

Blair: What is it?

Jim: That guy down there. He's an alarm systems expert. I busted him a couple of years ago in this jewelry exchange heist. I couldn't make the case though.

Megan: Excuse me. Who are you talking about?

Jim: The fellow down there in the tan car. His name is Lane Cassidy. You don't see him?

Megan looks. Blair is waving his hand around at Jim.

Megan: How can you recognize him?

Jim: Last time I heard, he had skipped to Arizona.

Blair: What's he doing here?

Jim: I don't know. Let's go find out. We'll come back for those.

Jim heads to his truck.

Blair: Sorry. Come on, come on.

Blair and Megan get into the truck as well.

Frank: They'll be waiting for you when you get back.

~Cut to Simon's office. Still day. Simon is looking at a file. Jim, Blair, and Megan are in the office with him.~

Simon: What do we have here? Lane Cassidy. Burglary, breaking and entering, burglary, burglary, burglary. This guy certainly found his niche in life, huh?

Jim: On a hunch, we followed him to a hotel down in Chelsea. About ten minutes after he arrived he received a couple visitors. (gives Simon some photos)

Simon: Ooh, who took these?

Blair: I did -- with a disposable camera from the motel shop. It's pretty good, huh?

Simon looks at Jim, then rolls his eyes, and looks back at the pictures.

Jim: That's Ben Ramos. He's a gangbanger from LA. He spent several years running a car theft ring. He's recently been freelancing as a wheelman. This is Jerry Kellerman. He's from Houston. Marine vet. Expert with munitions and explosives. He also did time for extortion and bank robbery.

Simon: Munitions expert... Alarm specialist... Getaway driver... All from out of town. Is it just me, or does it sound like a crew getting ready for a job?

Jim: No.

Simon: Put these guys under 24-hour surveillance. Find out what these clowns are up to.

Jim: Very good, sir.

~Cut to Indian restaurant. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Megan watch from across the street in the truck. Megan has little binoculars that she is using. Blair has a big telephoto lens camera.~

Blair: Yeah, I know this place. It specializes in curries. It's actually pretty authentic.

Four men at a table inside.

Jim: Looks like we've got another player.

Megan sees the man from the photo she showed the restaurant owner the night before. Blair starts to take pictures. Jim listens into conversation inside.

Blair: Smile.

Man: Couldn't we eat someplace that serves American food?

Man from photo: You get a cheeseburger on your own time. Try the vindaloo.

Man: That crap's too hot for me, man.

Man 2: I like it.

Megan: Jim... Jim... Jim.

Jim finally responses.

Jim: What?

Megan: Don't you think one of us should go in and suss it out.

Jim: No, it's too risky.

Megan: But...

Jim: No. Just sit tight.

Jim: Well, I don't suppose you'd object if I used the ladies' at the petrol station across the road.

Jim: All right. Well, make it quick. If these guys break it up, we're going to have to roll. Let her out, Chief.

Blair gets out and lets Megan out of truck, then gets back in.

Blair: Have fun. (to Jim) What are they saying?

Jim: Just give me a second; I'll fill you in.

Blair goes back to taking pictures. Jim goes back to listening in.

Blair: That's it. Smile for me. Smile.

Man: Ramos and I will get the equipment tonight from Shapiro.

Man 2: What about the C-4?

Man: The guy jacked the price but I got it.

Blair: Smile.

Blair sees Megan heading toward the door of the restaurant.

Blair: Oh, Jim, look.

Jim: I'm going to crate her up and ship her to the outback, man.

Jim and Blair get out of truck and head toward the restaurant. Megan enters restaurant. Man from photo turns to a waiter.

Man from photo: Could I get a beer?

He spots Megan as she enters. They both pull their guns and fire at each other across the crowded restaurant. Outside, Jim and Blair duck as the approach the door.

Jim: Stay down!

Bad guys head out the back. Man from photo goes out last, still exchanging fire with Megan.

Man: Get the car!

Megan runs out of ammo. Man fires a few mores times and prepares to leave. He sees reflection of Megan in mirror as she is reloading. He walks her direction. Outside, Jim starts to go inside.

Jim: (to Blair) Wait out here.

Man goes over to Megan's position and prepares to fire down on her. Jim comes in and points his gun at him.

Jim: Drop it!

Man runs, heading out the back. Jim and Megan chase them out just as getaway car screeches off. Jim fires once, but they're too far away. They stand a moment, then Jim turns back to go inside.

Jim: Let's go.

Megan follows him.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same scene a bit later. Blair and Rafe are outside restaurant. A bright pink car pulls up next to the curb.~

Blair: Wait a minute. That's the captain. Hey! If it isn't Huggy Bear?!

Rafe: Nice, Captain.

Simon gets out.

Blair: This is a great car!

Simon: Save it, Sandburg! It was the only car left in the motor pool, all right? Where's Ellison?

Blair: He's inside. You can't hear him?

Jim can be heard yelling inside. Simon heads inside, followed by Blair.

Jim: I'm the officer in charge and I'll tell you when to move, all right? What the hell were you thinking?!

Megan: You gave me no choice. Someone had to come in here and find out what was going on!

Jim: So, why did they break out the artillery?

Megan: I don't know.

Jim: You...!

Simon: Detectives! Not here, not now! My office, one hour! (walks out)

Megan: I'll get my own ride back. (walks off)

Jim: Great. Why don't you, uh, just keep going right across the Pacific, sweetheart? (pulls out his phone and dials) Hi, operator, I need the international area code for Sydney, Australia.

Blair: What are you doing, Jim -- calling her mom?

Jim: That's not a bad idea.

~Cut to Simon's office. Still day. Simon and Megan. There's a knock on his door.~

Simon: Enter.

Jim and Blair come in. Jim has a paper with him.

Jim: Captain.

Simon: Gentlemen. Inspector Conner informs me that Cassidy and his pals drew down on her because Cassidy made the three of you during your surveillance.

Jim: Is that so?

Simon: Now I've reminded the inspector she's to follow your instructions to the letter. She's assured me that she will do that, so as far as I'm concerned, the air is clear.

Jim: Not for me, sir. (puts the paper in front of Simon) This just came in from the New South Wales Police.

Simon: Who's Scott Bruenell?

Jim: He is the one who was meeting Cassidy and the others at the curry house.

Simon: How'd you ID this guy so fast?

Blair: Well, we didn't, sir. It was Megan's boss in Sydney.

Jim: It seems as though Bruenell and Conner have quite a history.

Simon: Is that so? Inspector, would you care to explain this?

Megan: Last year in Sydney, Scott Bruenell blew up a bridge while a payroll transport was crossing. The truck fell into the river where Bruenell and his crew were waiting in diving suits, and he escaped with two million Australian dollars.

Blair: Right, right. I remember reading about that. Yeah. A bunch of people died.

Megan: The truck's guards and four motorists who were on the bridge when it went down. I was lead investigator, and Bruenell made it personal: threatening phone calls, shots fired through my window. He even tampered with the brakes on my car. Despite all our efforts we failed to build sufficient evidence against Bruenell. When he disappeared, I was instructed to let it go. I couldn't.

Simon: How did you know Bruenell would be in Cascade?

Megan: I traced him...on my own time and when I heard about the officer exchange program, I volunteered.

Simon: You lied to us.

Megan: Yes, I did. But you've got to understand. Bruenell is a clever, meticulous psychopath and he's not afraid of the cops. Whatever he's planning, he still intends to go through with it.

Simon: I'll tell you what I understand. As of this moment, your visiting officer status with this department is terminated until I have a chance to speak with your superiors.

Megan: Yes, sir.

Simon: That'll be all.

Megan leaves.

Blair: Guys, come on. I mean, so what? So she made it personal. Jim, how many times have you done that?

Jim: Save it, Chief. I didn't lie about it.

Blair: Oh, come on, you haven't twisted the truth when it suited you? Guys, she followed this guy halfway across the world on her own time. I mean, you at least have to admire her determination and think about it, if she's right, Bruenell's up to something big. She knows how he works, how he thinks... I mean, I'm not a cop, or anything, but if you ask me she's our best bet to catch him.

Jim: Sir, the kid's got a point.

Simon: All right, here's what I want you to do. I want you to escort her majesty back to her hotel, remove her car rental keys from her possession and you tell her to stay there until she hears from me personally.

Jim: Very good, Captain.

They leave.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Megan pulling up in front of Megan's hotel in the truck. They get out.~

Megan: We're wasting time, boys. Bruenell is out there somewhere.

Blair: So where do we look for him?

Megan: The one lead I had was his weakness for Indian food.

Jim: I doubt that he'll be shoveling curry again anytime soon.

Megan: By the way, Sandy, I appreciate you sticking up for me with Banks.

Blair: Ah, that's no problem, but could you do me a favor and not call me Sandy? Nobody calls me taht.

Megan: As you like it, Chief.

Megan: No need to walk me in. I'll wait to hear from you, right?

Jim: Right.

Megan goes inside.

~Cut to a bit later. Jim and Blair stop in the truck outside the hotel, but across the street.~

Blair: What are we doing?

Jim: Just playing the odds.

Megan comes out the side stairs of the hotel.

Jim: And it just paid-off.

Megan: Taxi!

Jim looks down the street further and sees Bruenell and another man in a car. Man hands Bruenell a gun.

Jim: Conner! Look out! (gets out of car)

Bruenell goes by in car and fires at Megan. She hides behind the cab which gets shot up. After it goes by, she gets out her gun and fires, hitting the back window. Car speeds off. Jim and Blair come over to her.

Jim: You all right?

Blair: Oh, man, that was close! I don't see anybody hurt.

Jim: Call it in, Chief. (hands him the cellphone) You know the drill: car description, location...

Blair: Got it, got it. (calls on cellphone in background)

Jim: You're piece of work, Conner. The airport, curry house, now your hotel?

Megan: Thank you, Detective.

Jim: I'm not really ready for sarcasm right now. Is it some Aussie anti-American plot to overthrow Cascade or something?

Megan: I mean thank you. If you hadn't mistrusted me, I'd have been killed. This is like the restaurant. Bruenell wouldn't have blinked if half a dozen bystanders had died here. I'm sure you understand why I've got to get this guy, even if it means bending rules.

Jim: Bending. That's relative, Conner.

Blair: Thanks. (hangs up) The crime scene unit's on its way and I talked to dispatch and they're setting out a lookout for that car, but nobody's seen it yet. (gives cellphone back)

Jim: He's got a good game. Just wish we knew what game he was playing. Come on.

~Cut to Cascade Power and Electric, Substation 2. Bruenell and two other men stop at guard post at the gate.~

Bruenell: Good afternoon. We're with the Environmental Protection Agency. We've got a 4:00 with Mr. Nozaki.

Guard: They didn't call in a pass. I'll have to check with Mr. Nozaki's office.

Guard turns away. Bruenell shoots him.

Bruenell: Let's get him in the trunk.

They stuff body in trunk. One of the men takes off overcoat to reveal guard's uniform -- he stays at post. Bruenell and other man get back in car and go inside.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Simon's office. Still day. Simon chewing out Megan. Jim and Blair sitting on the table.~

Simon: ...right now for disobeying my orders. But I have no doubt that given a choice Bruenell would've taken that hit into the hotel and that...that would've been ugly. Considering that there were no injuries on the street, you got lucky. You all did.

Megan: I have an explanation for my actions, Captain.

Simon: Save it, Conner. My point is that Bruenell thinks you're such a serious threat to his operations, well, that could only be good for our side.

Megan: Then I may continue to work on the case?

Simon: I've discussed it with the Cascade brass and your boss who has some very exemplary words for you, by the way. I understand you've received medals and a few citations.

Megan: Thank you.

Simon: Well, under the circumstances we've decided that your policing skills and knowledge of the Bruenell case will be invaluable. As a result, you've been issued full credentials with the Major Crimes unit of the Cascade Police Department. Here's your badge and your department cell phone.

Megan: Thank you, sir.

Simon: But you listen to this. You disobey my orders one more time and we're going to have a very sticky wicket.

There's a knock on the door.

Simon: Enter!

Rafe comes in with a stack of files.

Rafe: Captain, this just came for you.

Simon takes files and Rafe leaves.

Simon: Thank you, Rafe.

Simon: Gentlemen. (starts handing files out)

Blair: What's all this?

Simon: This is information from New South Wales, FBI, Interpol, concerning any case ever connected with Bruenell or one of his crew.

Blair: So, uh, what are we supposed to do with it?

Simon: You're supposed to get used to the bread and butter of police work, Sandburg. You know the drill. Look through every scrap of this information. See if you can find any pattern, any clue at all as to what Bruenell might be up to.

Blair: This is quite a wad, sir.

Simon: Yeah? Well, it's not going to get any thinner in here. Let's take this to the operations room. I have work to do.

Jim: Thank you, sir.

Simon: Yup.

Jim, Blair, and Megan leave. Simon closes door.

~Cut to power substation. Still day. Bruenell and other man come out in car. They pause at guard post for other man to get into car.~

Fake guard: Let's go.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Operations room. Night. Jim, Blair, and Megan looking through files.~

Jim: The only constant factor here seems to be big, difficult targets, intricate plans, and massive payoffs.

Blair: Yeah. It's pretty amazing. I mean, you put all these jobs together, it's like the world series of crime. I mean, take Kellerman here. He blew up, what, half a city block just to get at a diamond exchange in Baltimore and Ramos -- he out-drove 14 police officers in New Orleans.

Jim: Yeah. What I want to know is how Bruenell managed to hold up a planeload full of Arab sheiks in flight and then disappear into thin air.

Megan: He has a way of doing that.

Blair: Why don't you say we take a break and get some food, huh?

Megan: All right, but it's my shout.

Jim: Your what?

Blair: What?

Megan: It's on me.

Jim: Oh, really? Is there a catch?

Megan: There's two. First: we don't talk about work.

Blair: Ah, good. No problem there.

Megan: And second: I choose the restaurant.

~Cut to fancy tower restaurant. Waiter seats them at a table. Jim and Megan sit across from each other, Blair in the middle.~

Megan: I can't get over this view. But I suppose you two have been up here before.

Blair: It's the first time for me.

Jim: Yeah. Well, that happens. You know, live in a city your whole life and you never where the tourists have been.

Blair: Right. It's like New Yorkers never been to the top of the Empire State Building. But actually on our first case we worked at the Cascade Panorama Tower.

Jim: Didn't do much sightseeing though.

Blair: Yeah, right. We were chasing a serial bomber.

Jim: I don't think you'd find that in your tour guide.

Megan laughs.

Jim: This was a great idea, Megan. Thank you very much. It's very nice.

Megan looks at Jim with her mouth open a little. Blair looks at Jim with a little smile on his face. Jim looks at them both.

Jim: Did I say something wrong?

Megan: Um, no. No. It is very nice.

Blair: Wow, that was...that was really special. (chuckling) You two are getting along.

~Cut to Bruenell and his crew, all dressed as workman, in a van. Night.~

Bruenell: Two minutes. Let's go.

They drive off.

~Cut back to restaurant.~

Megan: Our dad always said we should do what we wanted with our lives. So, when my time came, I took him at his word.

Jim: He ever try to get you into his line of work?

Megan: He's a professional bookie.

Jim and Blair look at each other.

Megan: Uh, it's legal back home.

Jim: Oh.

Megan: Lots of colorful characters about the place growing up. Taught me to keep my wits sharp.

Blair: How does he feel about you being a police officer?

Megan: He smiles when I tell him stories about work, but I know he worries. I just can't imagine not being a cop anymore. (to Jim) Can you?

Jim sorta shakes his head. A cellphone rings and both Jim and Megan reach for theirs.

Jim: It's me. (into phone) Ellison.

Blair: A bookie, huh?

Megan: Yeah.

Blair: Wow.

Jim: All right, sir. We'll be there momentarily. (hangs up) Can we have the check, please?

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: Homicide. A security guard at the power company substation.

Lights suddenly go out. Jim, Blair, and Megan get up and look out the window.

Jim: It's not just us. Half the city is out.

Megan: It's Bruenell. Whatever he was planning, it's happening now.

Jim: It's about ten blocks long by 18 wide -- Chelsea to Grand, Waverly to First.

Megan: Bruenell's target's somewhere in that grid.

Blair: There's a couple of banks in there, there's one or two jewelry stores.

Megan: Bruenell wouldn't waste his time on a bank. This is too big.

Blair: Maybe he'll hit all of them.

Jim: I doubt he has the manpower, but it's got to be something big enough to black out half the city. (pause) The Mint.

Blair: Oh...

They head out.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Communications room. Simon is trying the phone, which doesn't work because all lines are busy. Report is coming in over the radio intercom.~

Man: ...explosions, Captain. Each one damaged the generators.

Simon: Do you have any idea when power might be restored?

Man: That depends on how soon we can reroute and switch over. Maybe an hour, maybe 12.

Simon: All right. I have an investigation team on their way to you now. They're all I can spare. Our lines here are jammed. I've got detectives directing traffic.

Simon tries the phone again, then hangs in up. HE goes into the darkened bullpen.

Simon: All right, everyone, can I have your attention, please? Come on. Let's listen up. Now, apparently, City Power Substation number two has been sabotaged. They don't know how long it's going to take to get it back up. Could be an hour, could be much longer. So here's the drill. Any of you who are not manning phones, I need you out on the street now. Let's try to keep some order around here.

Officers head out. Simon heads toward his office.

Simon: Damn it, somebody get me Ellison or Inspector Conner on the phone! (goes into office and shuts door)

~Cut to parking garage of restaurant. Jim, Blair, and Megan head toward the truck.~

Blair: With all the traffic lights out, how are we going to do this? It's going to be gridlocked out there.

Jim: We'll get as far as we can in the truck.

Megan: We may do better on foot.

Jim: No, no. Bad idea. Look, I'll drive on the sidewalk if I have to.

They all get in the truck and head out.

~Cut to outside of Mint. Bruenell's crew pull up to a stop outside and start unloading the van, putting up orange cones on street. Bruenell stops to talk to the man who will stay outside.

Bruenell: If you see anything...use the radio.

Bruenell and other two men go up to door of Mint and knock. Two guards are inside and go over to door.

Bruenell: Cascade power field crew. Your back-up generator's down.

Guard #1: Yeah. No kidding. (unlocks door)

Bruenell: You're our top priority grid. We'll have you up and running quick as we can.

Guard #1: Bring it in.

They come inside.

Bruenell: Okay, boys. Auxiliary generator's in the basement, right?

Guard #1: Right through there.

They start down corridor.

Guard #1: We heard there was an explosion at the substation. How'd that happen?

Bruenell: We blew it up.

Both guards knocked out and cuffed with plastic ties.

~Cut to Bruenell's crew at the safe. One man looks at safe.~

Man:'s a big one.

Bruenell: How long?

Man: Oh...half hour, 45 max.

They turn on a generator to give them light.

Man: Ready with the torch?

Man 2: Right.

Man: You let me know when.

Man 2: Shouldn't be long.

They start decoding the lock on the door.

~Cut to gridlock on road. Jim's truck in the middle of it. Lots of angry voices and honking.~

Man: I'm in traffic, baby. I'll be home as soon as I can.

Man 2: What's the holdup? I got to get going here!

Woman: Hey, you don have to be so rude!

Jim: We're not going to move any faster. This is the end of the line, folks. It's about four blocks away. You got your wish, Conner. We're going the rest of the way on foot.

They get out of the truck and make their way through the gridlocked traffic.

~Cut to Mint. Code is broken.~

Man 2: That's it. The computer will override the alarm sensors. You could nuke the baby and the alarm would still be sending out an all's well.

Other man starts torching the door, cutting a lie through it.

~Cut to outside of mint. Man in car hears footsteps and looks over to passenger mirror to see Megan approaching. He pulls out his gun. Jim comes up on his side and hits him, knocking the gun away. He drags him out of van and forces him against the side.~

Jim: Where are they?

Man: You want to arrest me? You go ahead.

Jim: You want to talk to him, Conner?

Megan: (knees the man in the groin) Where's Bruenell? Where is he?

Jim: All right. Easy, easy, easy. And that's her nice side. You want to deal with her or you want to deal with me?

Man: They're inside, in the vault.

Jim: Very nice. We have a nice parting gift for you to show you there's no hard feelings. Open the door. (cuffs man to door)

Man is in pain.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Megan entering the front of the Mint.~

Jim: They can still be here, so be careful. Stay behind me.

Megan: No. You stay behind me.

Megan goes in first. They find the guards on the floor and check them.

Jim: This guy's been coldcocked. He's out, but he'll be all right. See what you can do here, Chief.

Megan: So, where's the vault?

Blair gets out his pocketknife and goes to work. Jim listens for a moment.

Jim: It's that way. I hear a portable generator. (heads off)

Megan: How do you do that?

Jim: Come on.

Megan goes after him.

~Cut to Mint vault which is open. The two men are taking the money. Bruenell comes out of inner vault area.~

Man: The only thing back there are federal bonds. Too easy to trace.

Man: Who cares about them? We got a good $20 million here.

Bruenell: There's a second guard shift due soon. I'm going to check the hallway. Meet me in front. (walks off)

Jim and Megan come around corner in the corridor just beyond the vault. The man can be heard talking. (Bruenell went other direction.)

Man: Oh, yeah.

Man 2: How's that coming?

Man: Oh, pretty good.

Jim: Wait for my signal.

Jim walks closer to look, then motions for Megan to join him on the other side of the entranceway. Her cellphone rings as she approaches. Jim looks as she turns it off -- but it's too late. The two men look their direction.

Man: Damn. We got company.

Jim: Cascade police! Drop your weapons! (starts firing)

They turn off the generator, making everything dark.

Jim: (to Megan) Stay back.

Man: Give me the goggles.

Jim: They got night vision goggles.

Jim uses his sight to aim at fire at two men, hitting them both. As Jim and Megan approach them, the lights all go back on.

Megan: They've restored the power.

They go up to the two men who are wounded and on the ground. Megan talks to one.

Megan: Where's Bruenell? He left you to take the rap and you want to save his ass? Where'd he go?

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Yeah.

Man: He said he'd meet us out front. You should've seen him.

Jim: We're at the Mint, sir. We're going to need an ambulance. We've got three of them, but we can't find Bruenell. Got it. All right. (hangs up) They got two cruisers on the way.

Megan: I don't get it. These guys were taking the money to the van. Why would he go the opposite way?

Blair and one of the guards join them.

Guard: He might not have been after the money. There were three sets of engraving plates in that vault -- there was a 20, a 50 and a hundred. It's worth more than all the money that's in this place.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene.~

Jim: Where's Bruenell?

Man: I don't anything about any plates. If Bruenell has them, that means he screwed us, too.

Jim: (to guard) Keep an eye on these jokers.

Jim, Blair, and Megan walk into hallway.

Jim: You think he's still here?

Megan: No.

Jim: Well, if Bruenell intended to bait and switch his own men, he'd have to have planned a backup contingency escape, right?

Blair: And pull off a getaway all by himself in the middle of a city blackout.

They stop near the elevator; Jim pushes the button to call it. Jim's hearing kicks in. He hears some noises on the roof.

Megan: He'd want to avoid traffic jams, but he'd never get far on foot.

Jim: What about flying?

Megan: From where?

Jim: The roof. He's up on the roof. (goes into elevator)

Megan: He says that like he actually knows.

Blair: He gets really good hunches.

Blair and Megan join him.

Jim: Let's go!

Doors close.

~Cut to roof. Very dark out still. Jim is out first, gun at the ready. Megan is right behind him. Bruenell is at the edge of the roof in a hang glider.~

Jim: Bruenell!

Gunfire is exchanged.

Jim: Get back! Bruenell!

Bruenell jumps off the roof, flying away. Dressed in dark clothing and a dark glider, he all but vanishes. Jim and Megan run to the side of the building to watch.

Blair: Hey, guys, come on. We still got their van.

They run back to Blair and head down.

~Cut to outside of Mint.~

Jim: Conner, go help your friend over there and put him on the railing.

Megan heads over to the third man.

Megan: Let's go, mate.

Jim looks around in the dark sky.

Blair: Do you see him?

Jim: No.

Blair: Um, uh, well, try listening for him.

Jim listens and overhears Bruenell talking on his radio.

~Cut to Bruenell.~

Bruenell: Blackbird to nest, blackbird to nest. Do you read? Over.

Man: We read you loud and clear, blackbird.

Bruenell: I would estimate I am...five minutes from Chandler's Point. Over.

Man: We're standing by, blackbird. Nest out.

Bruenell: And...out.

~Cut to outside Mint.~

Jim: (pulls out cellphone and tosses it to Blair) All right, Chief, have those squad cars rerouted to Chandler's Point. That's where Bruenell's headed.

Megan: Another hunch?

Blair: Uh... (dialing on phone)

Jim: I thought you wanted this guy, Conner. Let's go. Come on.

They get into van and tear off.

Blair: Yeah, hi, this is Blair Sandburg. I'm calling for Jim Ellison. He needs backup...

~Cut to Bruenell landing at Chandler's Point.~

~Cut to a bit later at Chandler's Point. Jim and Megan get out of van. They find hang glider but no Bruenell.~

Megan: We missed him.

Jim: No, maybe not. Come on.

They hear a boat coming.

Jim: There's a boat coming.

Megan: Then Bruenell's still here.

They walk toward beach area and hide behind some rocks, watching as boat arrives. Megan sees Bruenell heading toward shore. She stands up and aims her gun at him.

Megan: Bruenell! Freeze!

Bruenell stops, then pulls his gun and fires at them.

Jim: Get down!

Jim and Megan return fire. Bruenell hides behind a rock. Men on boat arrives and fire at Jim and Megan as well. Bruenell runs out of ammo and heads off. Megan sees and heads after him. Jim takes care of the two guy from the boat. Police vehicles arrive as well at the point. Jim heads up the beach.

Bruenell goes up to the van, creeping toward the door. He opens the door, then stops as he hears someone (Megan) come around the back of the van.

Bruenell: Is that you, Inspector?

Megan: By air, by sea -- the only thing left was land. Now, step away from the vehicle. Move. I said move!

Bruenell spins around and knocks her gun away. They fight. Bruenell pulls out a knife and swings at her with it. She kicks him several times, then tears away the knife. Jim appears just as she slams Bruenell's head against the side of the van, knocking him out. Megan gets her gun, then stands there over him as Jim approaches her.

Jim: Nice going Conner. Hey, Conner, are you with us? (waves his hand in front of her face) He's out, he's out. Are you with us?

Megan: Yeah.

More sirens and police vehicles arrive.

Jim: Nice moves -- what I saw before the KO. (chuckling)

Megan: Well, you've never been the only woman in an outback pub.

Jim: Come on. (to arriving officers) Clean this up, would you, guys?

Jim and Megan walk off.

Jim: You a Jackie Chan fan? (chuckling)

~Cut to Megan's hotel. Day. Workout room. Megan is on a stationary bike. Jim and Blair go up to stand next to her. Blair has a large envelope.~

Jim: Stand back, Chief. If she loses control, this thing might just plow through that wall and take out a couple innocent bystanders.

Megan: Why are you here early? My plane doesn't leave till 5:00.

Jim: We're not taking you to the airport, Conner.

Megan: Oh. Well, I'll take a taxi, then.

Jim: Good luck. I think every cabdriver in town has your picture firmly planted on the dashboard.

Blair: Come on, Jim. Uh, you're not going, either. (gives her envelope)

Megan: (opens it and reads letter) "Given the capture of Scott Bruenell, our two departments have jointly decided there is mutual benefit in extending the officer exchange program and, therefore..." I've been invited to stay.

Jim: That's right. If my partner read your letter correctly when he held it up against the light.

Blair: Which I did, I'm sure. Banks sent us with the news. He would have come himself but he had trouble with his car.

Megan: Oh, the one Jim wrecked. I thought that was repaired.

Blair: Well, it was. But they got the color wrong. You see, Simon really doesn't look too good in radioactive...

Jim and Blair: Lime.

Blair: Oh, it's horrible. Well, we're supposed to take you back to the precinct, get you a desk, get you a locker.

Jim: Some therapy.

Megan: I haven't accepted the invitation. I do have a choice in the matter.

Blair: Not really.

Jim: It's pretty much a lock what you're going to choose, right? What are you going to do?

Megan: Give me ten minutes to finish my workout. (hands Jim the letter and gets up from bike) Oh, and Jimbo, you should do 20 a day on this... Help head off that middle-age spread.

Blair laughs and pats Jim on the stomach.

Megan: And it wouldn't hurt you to keep him company, Sandbag.

Jim laughs and pats Blair on the stomach.

Blair: Huh?

Megan goes back to her workout, doing some kind of tai chi (?) moves in front of a mirror. Jim and Blair watch.

Jim: Here's what we do, Chief -- we scour the zoos to find a demented kangaroo...

Blair: Good.

Jim: Teach him to box...

Blair: Good.

Jim: Toss the two in a ring together.

Blair: Nice.

Jim: Shazam.

Blair: I dig it. A little Aussie grudge match.

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: Isn't that cruelty to animals, though?

Jim: Mmm... yeah.

Blair: Which one?

They look at each other and laugh.

~ The End ~