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Night Shift

Written by: Richard Maxwell
Directed by: James Marshall
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Anna Galvin (Megan Connor), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Michael A. Pena (Johnny), Vito D'Ambrosio (Victor Smallwood), Joel Wirkkunen (Charles Kaplan), Alex Zahara (Gabe), Jo Bates (Carrie Kingston), Gordon Tipple (Walter Miller), Sean Day Michael (Florida Frank), Geoff Adams (Ben Stout), Henri Brown (Detecive Brown), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe).

Summary: The murder of a blue-collar jury foreman sparks an investigation into the unlawful practices of defense attorney Charles Kaplan. With the help of two witnesses - one a car thief, the other a self-proclaimed "angel" - Ellison and Sandburg are able to nail the smarmy lawyer and reveal his custom of jury tampering. Meanwhile, Ellison catches a glimpse of Sandburg's Ph.D. dissertation and doesn't like what he sees, and a nine-foot alligator runs loose in police headquarters. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 13, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. Empty street in Cascade.~

A teenage boy (Johnny) walks along, stopping to look inside a car. He keeps walking, then stops at alleyway where he sees a red Cadillac. He walks over to it, passing a large box with plastic hanging down in front of it. Plastic parts and a man (Gabe) with a candle looks out. Johnny breaks into the car and gets inside. Gabe watches him.

Three men come out of a building through a door that opens onto the alleyway. One man (Kaplan) is in a long tan trenchcoat. He is talking to a man beside him (Miller). Another man (Smallwood) follows them after closing the door.

Kaplan: Well, Walter, I want you to think. That's all you said? He didn't ask you anything else?

Miller: No, and I wouldn't have said nothing, but that subpoena spooked me.

Kaplan: Understandable. Juries can be very intimidating.

Miller: What do I do now?

Kaplan stops and steps in front of Miller. Smallwood stays behind him.

Kaplan: You know, your first instinct was exactly right. Disappear. (hands Miller a white envelope) It's all there. Count it.

Miller: I trust you, Mr. Kaplan.

Kaplan: Walter. We're friends, am I right, huh? I want us to stay friends. Go ahead. Count it.

Miller: Okay.

Kaplan: Relax, Walter. By this time tomorrow you'll be far away from here.

Smallwood puts a wire garotte around Miller's neck and starts strangling him. Gabe blows out his candle. Johnny hot wires the car and gets it started, turning on the headlights.

Kaplan turns to see Johnny in his car. Johnny sees what's going on. Smallwood pulls Miller around and shoots him twice. Then he turns and starts firing at Johnny in the car. Kaplan runs to the side of the alley. Johnny ducks the bullets as they strike the car. Then he backs out and speeds off down the street. Smallwood gets in his car and chases after him, leaving Kaplan in the alley.

Gabe is standing in the alley as he watches. Kaplan gets Miller's wallet, then runs off.

~Cut to outside of Cascade PD. Still night. Jim's truck is parked out front. He has a suspect (Frank) in the truck with him.~

Jim: Just sit tight. Keep your hands away from the glove compartment.

Frank: (very happy) You got it, man.

Jim: I'll come around. Stay where you are.

Frank: All right.

Jim gets out of the truck and heads around to the other side. He meets Rafe at the back side.

Jim: Rafe, I'm going to escort our guest to booking. Why don't you take the van to evidence and we'll go through the treasure trove, all right?

Rafe: Want a leash?

Jim: More like a muzzle.

Rafe leaves and Jim goes up the truck cab's passenger door, opening and pulling Frank out..

Frank: Bang! Bang! Bang! The big boys. The big boys tipped you off -- Walmart, Kmart, Martmart? They can't handle the competition. I got the lowest prices, the lowest prices, you know what I mean? Mano a mano is what I mean. They can't go mano a mano with me.

They head toward front of building.

Jim: How much speed did you take?

Frank: What?

Jim: Speed? How much?

Frank: I'm just thinking, is all.

Jim: Okay.

Frank: I can't stop the train once it's got a full load of coal. Whoo! It takes off. You know, it's gone.

They stop on the sidewalk as Jim starts to hear a car chase heading their way, along with horns, squealing tires, and fender benders. Camera shows Smallwood chasing Johnny.

Frank: Damn. It's colder than a penguin's ass up here. You ever see a penguin?

Red car comes careening toward them and crashes onto the sidewalk. People rum to get out of the way. Jim pulls Frank away as the car goes past them to crash into the glass of the front of the PD. Officers, including Jim, start to head toward the car.

Frank: That cat...that cat just lost his deductible. I'm not even an insurance salesman or nothing...

Jim grabs Frank and hauls him along. Then he hands him off to another officer.

Jim: Take this guy!

Jim pulls his gun and yanks open the car door. Johnny pulls away and raises his hands.

Johnny: Don't shoot. I'm not carrying! Don't shoot!

Jim: Get out of the car! Come on, let's go. (pulls Johnny out of car) Out of the car. Hands on the roof.

Johnny: Easy, easy, man. Come on. Easy.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim exits elevator with Johnny on one side, Frank on the other. They go into the bullpen.~

Frank: You with me, bro? You with me, huh? Man, you just reached the pinnacle of the expression of your individuality by driving your car through the front of the cop shop, man. This man is a hero!

Brown comes over to them.

Brown: Jim, the captain wants me to take over on Frank.

Jim: Good.

Brown: Frank, you still conducting business over on Long Street?

Jim: No, Frank's gone mobile. His chariot awaits you down in evidence. Copy me on everything, won't you?

Brown: I would if the copiers were working.

Jim: Don't tell me -- office services walked, too?

Brown: Sanitation, road repairs. The mayor needs to fix this soon

Frank: No. No, no, no, no. Strikes are good, man. Strikes are good. You got to... bam! You got to crush authority, that's what you gotta do, you know what I'm talking about?

Brown: You still crankin', my brother? (takes Frank away)

Frank: "Crankin'"? Speed? No, man. Hey-hey, no. It's caffeine, baby. It's caffeine. It's legal, affordable and you got a mocha java pusher on every street.

Brown: Frank shut up.

Jim takes Johnny over to his desk. Simon joins them. Blair is already at Jim's desk, working on something.

Simon: Is this the young man that's responsible for our remodeling?

Jim: Yes. Says his name is Johnny Macado. So far, that's all he'll say.

Simon: You know, I hadn't pictured our lobby as a patio. Where were you last summer when the air conditioning when down?

Johnny: I get a phone call, right?

Simon: You get one when we give you one, son. (to Jim) I'll have someone else book him in. Right now, I need you to roll on a call. Shots fired on Lincoln Avenue. Megan took the call. It's her first homicide.

Jim: I'll guide her through it, Captain.

Simon: Jim, that's guide, not drag.

Jim: All right, let's go, Chief. We got a homicide. Get your coat.

Simon: (to Johnny) Come on. You're with me.

Blair closes up a book covered with fabric and gathers his stuff.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the truck heading down the street. The truck cab light is on as Blair works on the book's contents. Blair keeps chuckling to himself.~

Jim: Chief, uh...I got a bit of an alternator problem here. If you use the light, the battery's going to drain. Uh... Come on. Can we put a pin in it?

Blair: No, no, come on, Jim, I'm on a heavy deadline here. If I don't get this introductory chapter into my dissertation to my committee tomorrow, I could lose all my grants.

Jim: That's your dissertation?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: I thought we'd agreed I'd read your magnum opus before you sent it in for publication.

Blair: Jim, this is just for peer review. It's not for publication, and it's only an introductory chapter.

Jim: So I can read the introduction, huh?

Blair: Jim, look, you're the subject of an ongoing study. If you were to read this before we finished, it would invalidate all our research. Now stop worrying. There's nothing to be afraid of. Actually, some of it's kind of funny. (chuckles and circles something on the page) Especially that. I'd love to tell you what it is, but I can't.

~Cut to crime scene. Megan is next to the body. Jim and Blair lift the tape and go in to join her.~

Megan: Ellison, what are you doing here? Hi, Sandy.

Jim: It's nice to see you, too, Conner. The captain thought we should work together on this. Is there a problem?

Megan: No problem. I can use the help. I took the anonymous 911. Found him like this. No suspect, no witnesses, no wallet.

Jim: There's a missing ring.

Megan: I noticed. Suggests a mugging. Marks on the throat imply strangulation -- probably a wire. And there are two gunshot wounds as well.

Jim: (to another officer) Hey, Barry, can we get a portrait here?

Blair: I thought when you garrote somebody, it's to kill then quietly. Why risk the two gunshots?

Barry come s over to take pictures.

Jim: Well, since the mark on the neck is shallow and the victim was shot from the front, it would appear the hit was interrupted. The killer probably figured strangulation was taking too much time and decided to end it with a bullet.

Megan: You call this a hit?

Jim: Yeah. It's your basic mob hit, I'd say, yeah.

Megan: Interesting theory.

Jim: Glad you like it. (looks back down alley to see scrape of red paint on garbage dumpster)

Jim heads down towards dumpster; Blair follows.

Blair: (to Megan) See ya.

Jim takes a scraping of the paint.

Jim: Judging by the height it'd say it was a car. (smells paint) It's fresh, lacquer-based.

Blair: You got to be going pretty quick to hit that thing.

Jim: Yeah. (to another officer) Joe! Would you mind running this over to the lab for a complete analysis, please? (gives Joe the bagged paint sample)

Jim and Blair walk over to the truck and get inside.

Blair: What do you think this is all about?

Jim: What it's always about, Chief -- cash money, maybe territory, payback. (tries to start truck) That's great, Chief. I hope you're happy now. The battery is DOA.

Blair: I'll check it out. (gets out of truck)

Jim: What are you going to do?

Blair lifts the hood and touches something inside. Then he jumps as Gabe appears beside him.

Blair: Hey... whoa! You scared me.

Gabe: My name is Gabe. I've come to bear witness.

Blair: Bear witness? What are you talking about, man?

Jim gets out of truck and joins them.

Jim: What's going on?

Gabe: "They talked with him with smiling words and yet had met in secret, saying 'when his eyes turn upon our silver, then shall we fall on him.' But the Lord had sent a witness whose feet might yet be brought to righteous paths. His words would be believed."

Jim: You know, I was just thinking the same thing.

Blair: Sh, sh, did you see what happened here tonight?

Gabe: I'm an angel sent to witness him.

Jim: Oh, you're an angel? Oh, I see. Well, your wings are looking a little raggedy.

Blair: Uh, hey. Jim, come here. (pulls Jim aside) You put this angel stuff aside, I think he saw the murder, man.

Jim: Oh, and you think this tower of babble's testimony will hold up in court?

Gabe closes the hood of the truck.

Jim: Hey, hey, Preacher. Please get away from the car, would ya...

Truck starts on its own, headlights lighting up.

Jim: (to Blair) What'd you do to the battery?

Blair: I didn't do a thing.

Gabe stands where the headlights hit him.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim and Blair come out of the elevator with Gabe. Hordes of people, mostly homeless, are in the hallways. They look around and try to make their way to the bullpen. Gabe pats passing people on the back. Blair sorta grins, amused by everything. A man passes by Jim.~

Man: Excuse me. Excuse me!

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is going on here?

Simon comes up to them.

Simon: Social services joined the strike and with all the beds filled up, the mayor has graciously volunteered the police and fire departments to take up the overflow.

They go into bullpen.

Blair: That is some good karma there, Simon.

Simon: I'm living in this life right now, Sandburg, and, let me tell you, it's a pain in the butt.

A man with a harmonica sounds over the PA system, singing and playing a bluesy song. Blair sorta bounces to the beat.

Simon: Would someone please get this man off of my PA system?

Blair: I got it, I got it. (walks off)

Simon: Is this the witness?

Jim: Yeah. Sandburg says he is, but the gentleman claims he's an angel.

Gabe: Hello, brother.

Simon: (chuckling) Hello to you. You'll fit right in. We have the heir to the throne of Romania and an interplanetary walk-on.

Man on PA system stops. Simon looks past Jim to see old man hunting through a trash can.

Simon: Sir? No foraging.

~Cut to Simon's office. Still night. Simon sitting with Jim and Megan standing in front of the desk.~

Simon: All right, what do we have here?

Jim and Megan answer at the same time.

Megan: A possible mugging.

Jim: Your basic mob hit.

Simon: One at a time.

Jim gestures to Megan.

Megan: Homicide -- one victim, possible mugging. I'm waiting for forensics and we still don't have the victim ID'd.

Jim: Is that it?

Megan: After you.

Jim: The victim was strangled, sir -- possibly wire. Shot through the chest -- something like a nine mil. There was evidence of vehicles at the scene plus Sandburg's, uh, witness.

Megan: What witness?

Simon: Sounds like we're dealing with a professional hit. Jim, I want you to run point on this one. My spider senses are tingling.

Megan starts to chuckle.

Simon: I'll get his photo search started through DMV.

Megan: Excuse me, sir. But I'm the primary on this homicide. I took the call.

Simon: Look, Conner, you still need to be run through this department's homicide procedures. Your past few cases have been, shall we say, a little too improvised.

Jim chuckles. Megan looks at Jim, then at Simon, with a pasted smile on her face.

Megan: Oh, I see. We're playing by Rafferty's rules.

Simon: No, by my rules.

Megan: Same diff. (leaves)

Jim: Who's Rafferty, sir?

~Cut to evidence lock-up area. Brown and Rafe are unloading Frank's van. Brown is inside the van and is handing Rafe a VCR.

Brown: Here you go.

Rafe: Thank you. (sets VCR aside)

Megan comes in.

Rafe: Conner. What's up?

They walk back to back of van to keep unloading.

Megan: I'm investigating a homicide on East Lincoln. Detective Ellison mentioned a witness. Either of you see him bring anyone in?

Rafe: No. We've been down here.

Megan: Didn't a couple Jackson Pollack's go missing last weeks?

Rafe: That's a forgery -- a lame one.

Brown: I got a better-looking drop cloth than that.

Brown moves something from inside the van and hears a growl. He looks down to see -- an alligator.

Brown: Whoa!

Brown runs out of van onto ground, jumping as the alligator follows out after him, running between his legs on the ground.

Brown: Hey! What was that?

Alligator runs across ground and down the hallway a little, going into a ventilation duct. Megan, Rafe, and Brown chase after it. Another officer is there as well.

Rafe: What was Frank doing with an alligator?

Brown: Must be his idea of a watch dog.

They stop at the shaft and sit around the entrance.

Megan: I don't hear him.

Megan gets a flashlight from the officer, turns it on, and looks with it down the shaft.

Rafe: Megan, be careful!

Light shines on the alligator which is in the shaft, looking at them. It growls and lunges at them. They all screech and move aside. Rafe has his gun out, pointed at the shaft. Brown looks cautiously in.

Brown: It's gone. I don't believe this. That thing's got to be at least nine feet long.

Megan: Its teeth are nine feet long.

They can hear growling and banging as the alligator goes further into shaft.

~Cut to bar. Still night. A waitress hands Kaplan a drink.~

Waitress: Here you go.

Kaplan: Damn it. I asked for a single-malt scotch. You know, the oldest thing in this bar shouldn't be you, honey.

Waitress: Oh, drop dead, you jerk.

Smallwood comes in.

Kaplan: Hey, are you ever on time? Did you take care of it?

Smallwood: No... but, uh, I know where he is. Police headquarters.

Kaplan: He's probably given a statement already.

Smallwood: Relax. He's up to his eyeballs in his own stew right now. That dumb-ass drove your Cadillac right through the precinct's front window.

Kaplan: That's just perfect. And you're telling me I should relax?

Smallwood: Yeah. I made a couple of calls and checked it out. The kid's up for grand theft auto, reckless driving, destruction of public property. He's in their lockup. A jail's the easiest place there is to lay on a hit. You just make sure our alibi's are airtight. Leave the kid to me.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Jim and Simon walking down hall, weaving in and out of homeless strewn about. Jim has a file with him.~

Simon: Don't look at the duck. As you can see he's not a hardened criminal. Those are all minor offenses. But the kid wasn't just out joyriding. See that slip of paper? We found that on him.

Jim: So he's got a chop shop. These are all spare parts.

They meet up with Megan and Brown.

Megan: Captain.

Simon: Yeah. How's it going?

Megan: So far, not so good. But we think the alligator is still in the ventilation system.

Simon: (looking up at the ceiling) How big you say that thing was?

Brown: Captain, can't we just get the mayor to give us a couple animal control boys, break the walkout, come and help us out?

Simon: "Banks, if your people can find a felon in a city of two million people, you can find a lizard in your damn building." That's a direct quote.

Jim: That's a good mayor. I don't know why you're all worrying. This gator's probably just catching some z's. You know, keeping warm.

Megan: Actually, if he was warm, he'd be more active. My brother and I used to go croc spotting with my uncle few times.

The men all pause.

Brown: (in a fancy accent) Croc spotting.

Simon: (with accent) Croc spotting.

Jim and Simon laugh.

Simon: You know, Conner, offhand, I'd say that you were the perfect person for this job. Congratulations.

Megan: But, Captain...

Simon: You're in charge, Conner. Find me the alligator. (laughs)

Jim and Simon walk off down another hallway, heading toward the interrogation room. Jim still has file.

Simon: Oh, hey, open that up. Open that up. You should see whose car the kid lifted.

Jim: Charles Kaplan. The defense attorney?

Simon: Yeah. Almost makes him a hero.

Jim and Simon laugh. Jim hands Simon the file. Simon leaves and Jim goes into the room.

~Cut to inside the interrogation room. Jim is questioning Johnny.~

Jim: It's not you we're after. We're after the people that you work for. So you give us names, you walk with probation. That's how it works.

Johnny: You think I'm going to sell my friends out for a deal like that?

Jim: Your friends? Let me ask you something. What kind of friend would get you into this?

Johnny: You must live on the rich side of town.

Jim: Yeah, that's me.

Johnny: Do I get my phone call? I got to call my moms.

Jim: We tried. She wasn't there.

Johnny: She's at the hospital. She works there.

Jim: You sure? If she's sick, we'll call social services.

Johnny: Hey, you leave those pendejos out of this. All they do is make trouble. The only thing that helps is a little cash to tide moms over. You got to send me away, you do it. Just don't try to con me that you care.

Jim: You want to make a phone call, go ahead. (pushes phone across table) Call your mom. Ask her what she thinks.

~Cut to Simon's office. Blair knocks at the door.~

Simon: Come on.

Blair comes in. He has a paper in his hands.

Blair: Hey, Simon, I called every shelter in town. No luck. But the Sisters of Hope said they'd send over some hot meals.

Simon: Oh, great. Why not have them set up in the break room.

Blair: Okay. (doesn't leave)

Simon: Something else?

Blair: Uh... yeah. Actually, there is. I want you take a look at this. This is Gabe's witness report. (gives Simon the paper)

Simon: What the hell is this? Is this a real language?

Blair: Yeah. I actually had to look it up in a couple different books. It's Aramaic. Now no one's spoken this form of Aramaic for over 1,500 years. It's an ancient Biblical language. A lot of the old testament was written in it.

Simon: Biblical? (gives paper back) Come on, Blair, you don't think Gabe is some sort of...

Blair: ...Angel? Uh, no. No. Of course not. But supposed states of possession -- angelic or otherwise -- are common in some cultures. The Yoruba, the Siberian Yakut. Or as a coping mechanism for modern street people.

Simon: All right, look, here's an authorization form. Why don't you go down to missing persons and see what you can find out. We're gonna need to know the guy's name to go to court.

Blair leaves. Simon's phone rings and he answers it.

Simon: Banks. Brown, this is not the time for a news crew to be running around the station. Now we've got the...

PA System starts up again with the man on his harmonia playing the blues.

Simon: They already know about it? Oh, damn. No. I'll handle it.

Simon hangs up and rubs his forehead. He listens to bluesy music, something a stogie and memories dying.

Simon: I couldn't have said it better myself. (pauses) Wait a minute!

Simon goes over and tears open his office door to yell outside.

Simon: Will somebody please get Howlin' Wolf off of my PA system! (slams door)

~Pan to Jim who is sitting at his desk. Blair nowhere to be seen. He looks over at the desk where Blair normally works. His fabric-covered book for his introductory chapter to his dissertation is there. In background, Howlin' Wolf is removed from PA system. Jim stands and looks around as he walks over to desk. He opens the cover and takes out the small black notebook and turns it around to read the title -- The Sentinel: Genetics, Mythology, and Ontology of our Tribal Protectors by Blair Sandburg. He takes notebook and goes into hallway, heading into the men's restroom with it.~

~Pan to hallway as news crew heads inside to bullpen.~

~Pan to Jim's desk where Blair is frantically looking through his stuff. He looks through a few Jim's desk drawers, then stops a moment, thinking. Then he heads out of bullpen.~

~Pan back to reporter (Carrie) in front of Simon's office. Simon comes out.~

Carrie: Captain Banks. Carrie Kingston, Channel 2 News. You know, I thought this was going to be just another warm and fuzzy piece on sheltering street people. But who can resist? An alligator trapped in the building's vent system?

Simon: (laughs) Ms. Kingston, we've already had to survive our lobby being demolished. I was hoping to save face with this situation.

Carrie: "Fearless cops courageously rescue the city's homeless from a four-legged fugitive. Film at 11:00." Kind enough?

~Cut to Jim exiting men's restroom. He walks back inside the bullpen and sits at his desk, tossing Blair's dissertation notebook in a desk drawer.~

~Cut to operations room. Megan is operating the controls of a small robotic device. A monitor is hooked to a camera on the device. Simon comes over to her. Carrie Kingston and crew are in the background.~

Simon: You sure you're squared away on this thing?

Megan: No worries. The controls are like the one I checked out on in Sydney. I wish they weren't doing this. How's my hair?

Simon: (points to his teeth) Got a little something right there.

Megan hits Simon on the shoulder as they laugh. Simon walks off.

~Pan to just outside room where Gabe is walking around.~

Gabe: "Who can snare leviathan, rope him about the nose and pierce his tong? Iron is but straw to him, and brass as rotten wood."

~Pan back inside room where news crew is beginning to film. Brown and Rafe are standing next to a ventilation vent in room. Simon is inside room as well.~

Carrie: 3-2-1. This is Carrie Kingston from Cascade police headquarters. And this is Nitro, the bomb squad robot.

Brown picks up Nitro and takes him over to put in ventilation duct.

Carrie: We've seen Nitro locate explosives. But tonight he'll be tracking wild game.

Brown and Rafe feed the power cord in as Nitro goes down shaft.

Carrie: Somewhere in the air ducts which honeycomb this building lurks a predator. A dangerous and probably ravenous alligator. Now this is Police Inspector Megan Conner on loan to us from the New South Wales police in Australia. Cascade's answer to Crocodile Dundee. She'll be guiding Nitro as he searches for the gator. We'll be able to see it on this monitor. Where are we now, Megan?

Megan: We're about 30 feet in. The shaft coming up runs over the locker room. We think that's where the alligator is.

Inside shaft, Nitro turns a corner and spots the alligator.

Carrie: There! There it is! We spotted him around the corner. Any second now...

Alligator rushes Nitro and chomps on it. Monitor fuzzes out.

Carrie: Oh, dear.

Brown and Rafe start pulling on the power cord, pulling it out.

Rafe: Need some help in here! Paul, cut the power.

Simon comes over as Brown and Rafe pull out the cord to show only a frayed end -- no Nitro.

Simon: All right, all right, that's it. (puts hand over camera) Cut!

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes bullpen. Jim is at his desk. Blair comes up to him.

Blair: Jim, have you seen my dissertation?

Blair holds his hands up and looks like he's praying. Jim opens the drawer and pulls out the dissertation, giving it to him.

Blair: Yes! Oh. Oh, where was it? Was it down in the truck?

~Pan to Kaplan entering the bullpen where he is mobbed by homeless.~z

Kaplan: What do I look like, a bank? Shoo! Go away!

Kaplan walks across bullpen to meet up with Simon.

Simon: Good evening, counselor. Oh, if you're here about your car, I'm afraid you came to the wrong place. It's down in the garage.

Jim comes over to join them.

Kaplan: Was it damaged badly?

Jim: Can you say "flatbed"? Hmm? You'll probably have to get some heinous criminals off on technicalities to pay for the paint job.

Kaplan: What? You still pissed about the Mantini case? Jeez, Detective, get over it. You can't win 'em all.

Simon: You sure seem to be able to.

Kaplan: So I'm king of the world. Sue me. This is for you. (hands Simon a paper) A writ to produce. I want to see my client. His name's Johnny Macado.

Simon: Is this some sort of joke? The kid steals your car, and now you're defending him?

Kaplan: I couldn't possibly buy this publicity and believe you me, this, this is beauty publicity and it has Night Line written all over it.

Jim: (takes paper) Who wrote this? Geraldo?

Kaplan: Look, Mr. Macado made his phone call. Now, I would like to see my client. Pretty please?

~Cut to interrogation room where Johnny is waiting. Kaplan comes in.~

Kaplan: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Can I call you Johnny? As your attorney everything we say is privileged. Now that means nobody can be secretly listening in so you got nothing to worry about.

Johnny: I'm not worried. You should be worried.

Kaplan: And why should I be worried, Johnny?

Johnny: Because of what you did and what I saw. You capped that dude. You and the big guy, the one who shot at me.

Kaplan: Are you sure it was me?

Johnny nods.

Kaplan: Absolutely positive?

Johnny: I recognize you from the times you been on TV. There's a cop right outside the door. Do you want me to tell him how positive I am?


Kaplan: What do you want?

Johnny: I want out of here...and money. I want 50.... No, I want $75,000. I can't keep boosting cars anymore, you know?

Kaplan: (laughs) You're a smart guy, Johnny. Okay. I guess we have a deal. See how easy that was, huh? Now you just let me work a little legal voodoo and this whole thing will disappear, okay? Huh? Huh? Come on. All right.

They shakes hands and Kaplan leaves.

~Cut to Simon's office. Kaplan is talking to Jim and Simon.~

Kaplan: Intention to represent, warrant for full disclosure, writ of habeas, yada, yada, yada. Ground rules, gentleman. No one talks to Johnny unless I'm present.

Simon: What else do you want, Kaplan?

Kaplan: You can't put a 15-year-old kid in with general lockup.

Simon: All right, he'll stay in the interrogation room until morning. How's that sound?

Kaplan: That's lovely. We're done.

Jim: Not quite. Uh, Counselor, where exactly did you say your car was stolen from?

Kaplan: My office lot. I was working late.

Jim: And you can prove that?

Kaplan: I don't need to. Now, if you have any further questions for me, I highly advise you put them in writing. (to Jim) You can write, I assume. (leaves)

Jim: He's lying.

Simon: If he's breathing, he's lying. I'm going to make some phone calls, see if I can find out what this weasel's up to. Where are you going?

Jim: Down to evidence. Whatever's going on, it starts with the car. (leaves)

~Cut to bar where Smallwood is waiting. Kaplan comes in.~

Smallwood: Is it all set?

Kaplan: All set. Yeah. He's being kept in the interrogation room, center hallway, sixth floor.

Smallwood: I knew it. He's going to be there all night, alone?

Kaplan: Yeah. I mean, that's what you wanted, right? All I...all I want to know is how the hell do you intend on whacking this kid in the middle of a cop shop.

Smallwood: Hey, do I quiz you about your professional secrets, huh? Your hand is shaking. You don't want me to start having doubts about you.

Kaplan leaves. Smallwood looks up at the TV where Carrie Kingston is giving a report.

Smallwood: Hey, sweetheart, turn up the box, will you?

TV: This is Carrie Kingston coming to you live from Cascade police headquarters where only a few moments ago, we witnessed one of the modern world's most persistent conflicts.

~Cut to operations room where Megan, Rafe, and others are watching same broadcast.~

Megan: This is it! Turn it up.

TV: The battle between nature and machine. Nitro, the bomb squad robot, is a quarter of a million dollars of mechanical menace. His target tonight? One of nature's true survivors -- an alligator -- lost, hungry, afraid...

Megan: That's not what she said. Can she do that?

TV: to how the rare, endangered alligator ended up in the building's ventilation system but the creature was smart enough to stay far away from its human pursuers. Unfortunately, we didn't return the favor. The terrified reptile responded instinctively and fought back.

~Cut back to Smallwood in bar.~

TV: But a happy ending may still await our scaly fugitive. The city worker's walkout has been settled at the negotiating table and having viewed our footage, Mayor Prescott informs us that he'll leave the reptile in the more gentle hands of animal control. Sorry, Captain Banks. Guess you'll have to do without that pair of alligator shoes.

Smallwood: Sweetheart, keep the change. (leaves)

TV: Carrie Kingston, Channel 2 News.

~Cut to evidence lock-up. Jim is looking over Kaplan's car. Blair is with him. A forensics guy is also there.~

Blair: You ever see yourself driving something like this, Jim? You know, a big ol' caddy?

Jim ignores him as he takes a paint sample off the side of the car where the paint is scratched.

Blair: Yeah, me neither. Something bugging you, huh?

Jim: Should something be bugging me, Chief?

Blair: I don't know. That's why I asked. It's just, uh, you haven't said word while we've been down here.

Jim: I think this matches the paint from the dumpster.

Blair: This car was at the crime scene? Whoa. What are the odds on that?

Jim: Vince. Do me a favor, Run this up to ballistics for a test on that slug and also have the lab give me a breakdown of this paint sample, would you, please. (gives sample to forensics guy) Appreciate it.

Forensics guy leaves. Jim turns back to car and bumps into Blair.

Jim: Come on, Chief! Can I get a little space here?!

Blair: Jim, what's the matter with you?

Jim: I don't know. Maybe I'm feeling a little, uh, how did you say it -- "territorially threatened to the point of paranoia"? I mean, what the hell is that?

Blair: You read my dissertation. Jim, I don't believe you. I asked you not to do that!

Jim: After I let you stay at my place. I get you a job at the department. I mean you don't have enough data you got to go digging into my ex-wife's life?

Blair: The only reason that I talked to Carolyn is cause she's the only one how knows you better that I do.

Jim: What does my sex life got to do with your project?

Blair: Sex life? What are you...? She said you had a fear of intimacy, Jim. Intimacy and sex are two different issues.

Jim: Maybe to you they are, Chief, but my personal life and those that are involved is intimate to me.

Blair: Look, we have three years of our lives invested in this thing and I'm not going to start shading any of it because you're starting to feel a little threatened.

Jim: Threatened by you? I don't think so, Chief.

Blair: What else do you call it?

Jim: I call it a violation of friendship and trust. (walks off)

~Cut to parking garage area. Smallwood walks up to an animal control van and knocks on the side of it. A man (Stout) is standing at the back of it.~

Smallwood: Detective Keller, Major Crimes.

They shake hands.

Smallwood: So you're the guy they brought in to wrestle the gator?

Stout: Yeah, Ben Stout. Saw you guys on TV. Let's make this quick and easy. Grab that bag and I'll get the gas mask.

Stout turns away. Smallwood grabs him and smashes his head into the side of the truck, knocking him out.

~Cut to Major Crimes hallway. Blair comes out of the stairwell, meeting up with Jim as he exits the elevator.~

Blair: Hey, you also got a fear of courtesy.

Jim keeps walking. Simon comes out and meets up with Blair. They walk down the hallway.

Simon: Hey, Sandburg, got a positive ID on your "angel." (gives Blair a file) According to records, his name is Harold Blake. He taught semester of ancient history at Fordham.

Blair: Ah, guess that would explain him knowing Aramaic. "Unmarried, no family. His employers reported him missing two years ago. Never heard from again."

They go into bullpen.

Blair: That is, of course, until now. You sure this thing's right?

Simon: Fingerprints don't lie. I do wonder how he ended up in an alley living out of a cardboard box. (goes into his office)

~Cut to interrogation room. Johnny is dozing on the table. Jim comes in and yanks the opposite chair out, screeching it across the floor. He sits down.~

Johnny: Hey, what's up with that?

Jim: You might as well get used to it. State pen's a noisy place. You know, I can place you in a car and I can place the car at the scene which is all the DA's going to need to place a gun in your hand.

Johnny: I didn't shoot nobody.

Jim: All right, so you were the driver. It doesn't matter to me. You're an accessory. I'll put you away either way. It doesn't matter.

Johnny: I don't have to listen to you, man. You don't scare me.

Jim: I hope I don't scare you. Do I look like I could scare you? (stands and goes around to Johnny's side) I tell you what I would think would scare a very nice-looking kid like you. Being the new, fresh meat on the cell block?

Johnny: Hey, man, I don't have...

Jim shoves Johnny down onto the table.

Jim: Now listen to me. You're in over your head, kid. Why don't you call your mom...

Johnny: You leave my mom out of this, all right? You just leave her alone.

Jim: Your mother's going to miss you. You know that? She's going to be on her own for a while. There's not going to be any kissing Mommy good-bye. (releases Johnny and leaves)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes hallway. Elevator opens and Smallwood steps out, dressed in animal control outfit and carrying gear. Blair is passing by and Smallwood stops him.~

Smallwood: Excuse me. You work here?

Blair: Uh... sort of.

Smallwood: Well, I'm Ben Stout. I'm with animal control. I'm here about a little pest problem.

~Cut to Simon's office. Simon, Jim, and Megan. Simon is looking at bagged bullet.~

Jim: It's a nine millimeter bullet. We found it embedded in Kaplan's headlight.

Megan: Same as those recovered from the body. The victim's name was Walter Miller. Your DMV came up with a match. He worked on a loading dock -- when he worked.

Simon: Why would Kaplan go after a part-time teamster like Miller?

Jim: There's a major investigation for jury tampering but no one will confirm or deny Kaplan's a target.

Megan: Can we search through the DA's database for any connection between Kaplan and Miller?

Simon: Yeah...yeah, we can. All right, let's do it. Bring Kaplan in.

~Cut to hallway. Gabe is sitting on the floor outside the breakroom eating. Blair comes over with his food and sits down next to him.~

Blair: Hey.

Gabe: The Lord said, "Look and I will send down food from heaven for you. Gather what you need."

Blair: You ever heard the name Harold Blake?

Gabe: "Those who gathered much had none left over but those who gathered little did not want for more."

Blair: "Did not want for more." It's from Exodus, right? Harold Blake would know that quote. He taught Biblical studies.

Gabe: He was gathered up. I use his body to walk amongst men. "For he made his angels spirits and his ministers were as flaming fire." I'm here to work a miracle.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim and Simon. An officer brings Kaplan (cuffed) in.~

Simon: Wait outside, Ricardo.

Officer leaves, shutting door.

Simon: (grinning) Good evening, Counselor. Why don't you approach the bench?

Kaplan: (sits down) Laugh it up, Chuckles. You're going to need that sense of humor when I slap you with a $10 million harassment suit. (puts feet on desk)

Simon: Get your feet off of my desk.

Jim: (pulls Kaplan's feet down; shows bagged bullet) This was recovered from your car which places you at the scene of the murder of Walter Miller.

Kaplan: Cool your jets there, Colombo. It places my car there, not me. My car was stolen.

Simon: By your client, Johnny Macado.

Jim: Now was your car stolen before or after the murder?

Kaplan: This doesn't have to be adversarial. Look, I'd never advise a client to admit it, but...I might make certain discussions I've had with Johnny available to the DA. Confidentially, he doesn't stand a chance anyway.

Jim: Whew. You hit the jackpot, Captain. (to Kaplan) You've sunk to a new low.

Kaplan: You're taking this personally, Detective. Just what exactly is your relationship with my client? (to Simon) I hope you haven't been letting them spend too much time alone together.

Simon: Ricardo!

Officer comes back in.

Jim: (pulls Kaplan up) Come on.

Kaplan: Hey! Watch the suit.

Ricardo takes Kaplan out.

Simon: Man, that guy is a real piece of work. Look, I had social services send over Johnny Macado's file. Maybe there's something here you can use. If we don't get the kid to roll over on Kaplan, we don't have a case.

Jim: Yeah. Maybe the kid's hungry.

~Cut to Jim exiting bullpen into hallway. Smallwood passes him.~

Jim: Hey, did you take care of that little problem of ours?

Smallwood: I'm on it. Won't be long now. (walks away)

Jim nods and looks across hall to break room where Blair is handing out food. He walks over and goes inside. He gets a tray and picks up a sandwich.

Blair: Uh... I'd probably stick to the tuna if I were you.

Jim: (gets different sandwich) All right. Look, Chief, know, uh, I...maybe I...maybe I overreacted.

Blair: Maybe?

Jim: I know I shouldn't have read your dissertation, and I'm sorry for any transgressions but I' know, I thought we were friends.

Blair: Right.

Jim: It doesn't read that way to me.

Blair: Jim, I said that most of your life choices are fear-based. It's not as bad as it sounds.

Jim: Are you kidding me? It makes me sound like a coward.

Blair: Well, that's the way you read it. Come here. (lowering his voice) You chose to be a sentinel. And the way that you deal with your fears, all of them, is based on that choice. Fear can be one of your greatest allies. Now, you can choose to bottle it up inside or we can work on it.

Jim: After this?

Blair: So, what do you want to do? Just want to call it quits?

Jim looks away.

Blair: Ah, maybe you're right. Maybe I've, uh...lost my objectivity. I'll tell you what -- I'd rather just be friends. So why don't I go destroy my notes? How about that? (leaves)

Gabe appears behind Jim.

Gabe: You didn't answer him. "What good does it do for a man to have ears that will hear a thousand miles if he cannot listen to the whispers of his own heart?"

Jim: What?

Gabe looks at him.

Gabe: You should begin by listening to the hearts of others. (goes back to chanting in Aramaic)

Jim stares at him for a moment, then leaves.

~Cut to Jim entering interrogation room with a tray of food for Johnny. He sits down and sets tray down on the table.~

Jim: I thought maybe you could use a snack. (pause) I know you were lying about your mother, Johnny. She doesn't work at the hospital. She's a patient in the AIDS wing.

Johnny: Look... she's not what you think, all right? All kinds of people get it now.

Jim: I know. Is she on medication?

Johnny: When I can afford it. You won't understand, though. I make one score, she's covered.

Jim: If you think money is all your mother needs, you're selling her short. You're selling yourself short. She needs you, and not in the joint doing time for something that you didn't do. Just tell me. Right here, right now, between you and me. Did you kill Walter Miller?

Johnny: I'm not a killer. I don't even hang with killers, man.

Jim: All right, I'll see what I can do, then. Eat your sandwich.

~Cut to Simon's office. Kaplan is seated in front of Simon's desk.~

Kaplan: What's this all about, Captain?

Jim comes in with Johnny.

Johnny: That's...that's him. He's one of the men I saw do the killing.

Kaplan: This will never fly without a proper lineup.

Johnny: He was going to pay me to keep quiet. We talked about it.

Simon: Looks like we've been cleared for takeoff, Counselor.

Kaplan: Okay, look...I wasn't the shooter. But I can give him to you. Name, whereabouts, testimony, shoe size, you name it. Whatever you want. Okay? Come on. Do we have a deal?

Simon: Motion denied.

Jim: And you do that well, sir. Come on, let's go, Counselor. We have a room all prepared for you. Complete with hot and cold running felons. (leaves with Kaplan)

Simon: You did good, kid.

~Cut to Smallwood in the basement area of the PD. He puts a gun in his pocket, then sets up a C-4 bomb at the bottom of the elevator shaft.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office. Jim and Simon.~

Jim: Kaplan in the slammer. Who'd a thunk?

Simon: Sort of gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart, doesn't it?

Megan comes in.

Megan: Captain, I just got word. Miller was jury foreman at the trial of Martin Smallwood. Kaplan was Smallwood's lawyer. The clerk at records faxed over the file. (hands Simon a file)

Simon: Looks like the final nail in his coffin. (opens file to show picture of Smallwood)

Jim: Wait a second. I know this guy.

~Cut to parking garage. Jim, Megan, and Simon open van. The real Ben Stout is inside. Megan checks him.~

Megan: He's alive.

Jim goes inside van with Megan. Simon pulls out his cellphone.

Simon: (into phone) Yeah, this is Banks. The animal control guy's a phony. Find and detain him ASAP.

~Cut to Gabe rocking in the hallway. Blair comes up to him.~

Blair: Hey... hey, Gabe. You ever seen this man before? (shows him mugs hot of Kaplan) His name is Kaplan. Was he in the alley tonight, Gabe?

Gabe: "Fire and darkness fell upon the land and the people were afraid." (starts speaking in Aramaic)

~Cut to Smallwood exiting from elevator work area. He presses a button a small device in his hands. The explosion goes off in the elevator shaft.~

~Cut to parking garage.~

Megan: What the hell was that?

Jim: That was an explosive -- incendiary, from the smell of it. It's got to be Smallwood.

Simon: He's after Macado. You go make sure the kid is safe. Conner and I will keep Smallwood from leaving the building.

Jim heads off.

Megan: (to another officer) Look after him. (referring to Stout)

~Cut to Major Crimes hallway. Everyone is panicking and starting to go down the stairs. Rafe is trying to direct traffic. Blair is making his way to him.~

Rafe: All right, everybody, stay calm. Do not use the elevator. Use the stairs. There's plenty of time for everyone to get out.

Blair: Hey, Rafe.

Woman grabs Rafe's arm.

Woman: I want Bailey.

Rafe: Yes, ma'am. Everything's gonna be fine.

Blair: That guy Gabe -- the guy that thinks he's an angel -- have you seen him?

Rafe: Sandburg, I don't know. (to woman) Yes, ma'am, it's all right, we'll find your dog. Go this way.

Blair heads off.

~Cut to a lock-up room. Johnny is calling to get out.~

Johnny: Hey, let me out! (bangs on mesh window) Let me out!

~Cut to Jim in the hallway pushing his way through the crowd. He has his gun out.~

Jim: Excuse me. Excuse me.

~Cut back to Johnny. Brown is coming down the hall with his keys.~

Johnny: Come on! Let me out!

Brown starts to unlock door. Smallwood comes around corner and smashes Brown's head into the door just as Brown gets it unlocked. Brown goes down as Smallwood steps inside. Johnny grabs a folding chair and throws it at Smallwood, then runs out. Smallwood pulls his gun from his pocket and chases after Johnny into the hallway. Smallwood fires a few times. People scream. Jim is coming from opposite direction with his gun out.

Jim: Watch out! Excuse me! Everybody get down!

Johnny runs down hall past Gabe who stands up. Smallwood gets a clear shot. Blair jumps up behind Smallwood and knocks his arm off-balance. Shot hits Gabe who goes down. Rafe grabs Johnny and pulls him down as well. Blair and Smallwood go down; Smallwood loses his gun. He grabs Blair on the way back up and holds him in a headlock as Jim faces off with him, his gun pointed at Smallwood.

Smallwood: Back off! Don't shoot or I'll snap! Don't shoot!

Smallwood backs up with Blair. Jim holds his gun away. Smallwood releases Blair and ducks into the stairwell. Jim bends down and checks Gabe as Blair runs over to them.

Jim: He's still got a pulse but he needs medical attention. Fast! (touches Blair on the back, then goes after Smallwood)

Blair kneels down next to Gabe who is still conscious.

Blair: Oh, no.

Gabe: Do you know the hard part of a miracle?

Blair: No. What's that, Gabe?

Gabe: Making it look like an accident.

Blair: Right.

Gabe passes out.

Blair: Oh, no. No. Hey, who's getting that ambulance?! Hey, Rafe, come on, man, get that ambulance over here, okay, come on!

~Cut to roof. Still night. Smallwood comes out of stairwell. He walks around. Jim comes up stairs and exits onto roof as well. His gun is out. He walks around. He hears Smallwood breathing. Jim goes around a corner and Smallwood knocks his arm, sending his gun skittering away. They struggle, exchanging punches on the rooftop. Jim knocks Smallwood away. Smallwood rushes back at him and Jim knocks him away again.

Camera angle switches to a ground view as Smallwood crawls over to get Jim's gun. One view shows the alligator in the shadows. Smallwood picks up gun and turns to Jim with it. Alligator comes out of hiding and snaps onto the back of the coveralls Smallwood is wearing.

Smallwood: Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! (rolls away from alligator over to where Jim is)

Jim: All right. (punches Smallwood, knocking him out)

Jim looks at alligator, who opens it mouth, growls, and closes it again with a snap.

~Cut to next morning. Outside of PD. News crew there again as caged alligator is taken away~

Kingston: This is Carrie Kingston live from Cascade police headquarters where our reptilian hero was instrumental in the capture of reputed murderer Martin Smallwood. The alligator's been safely collared by animal control but for now, she'll enjoy her very own 15 minutes of fame. Carrie Kingston, Channel 2 News.

Simon brings Kaplan out of the PD, Jim and Blair following them. They head over to a van.

Kaplan: I wouldn't get too excited, Captain. I'll be out on bail in a week.

Kaplan turns to look inside van. Smallwood and a few other scary-looking convicts are inside.

Simon: Week's a long time.

Simon's cellphone rings and he steps away to answer it. Kaplan gets into van.

Simon: Yeah. Banks here.

Jim and Blair walk away from van.

Blair: Phew. Man, that was one hell of a night, huh?

Jim: Hey, Chief, you think you can still get the intro to your dissertation in on time? I mean, you know, aside from the stuff about me, I...I thought, I thought it was pretty good -- really good.

Blair: Jim, it's all about you.

Jim: Yeah, but nobody needs to know that, right? Let me ask you something. Between you and I, do you think I'm paranoid?

Blair: Jim, if you got to ask... You know what I mean? (laughs)

Simon: Thanks. (hangs up and walks back over to Jim and Blair) Johnny Macado's going to be okay. DA granted him immunity.

Megan joins them.

Blair: Hey, Megan, any word on Gabe?

Megan: I just spoke with the hospital. Gabe made it there okay -- touch and go, but breathing. He's all prepped for OR, the orderly turns his back and Gabe...vanished into thin air.

Simon: Yeah, but he's done it before from the university.

Megan: There's more. I got a follow-up fax on his fingerprints. Professor Harold Blake officially died of exposure in Chicago last winter.

Simon: So, Johnny Macado was saved by a dead man. That's good.

Simon and Megan head back to PD building, Jim and Blair following.

Jim: You know, it's like the, uh...the Jimmy Stewart movie...It's a Wonderful Life.

Blair: Ah, whenever a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.

Camera pans up side of building where reflective surface shows city buildings as a bell rings.

~ The End ~