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Sentinel Too, Part 1

Written by: Gail Morgan Hickman
Directed by: Richard Compton
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Anna Galvin (Megan Connor), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Jeri Ryan (Alex Barnes), Matt O'Toole (Carl Hettinger), Kevin McNulty (Supervisor), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Brock Johnson (Gunman), Winnie Hung (Woman Clerk), Dee Jay Jackson (Security Chief), Terry Barclay (Guard #3), Jay Brownlee (EMT Leader).

Summary: When Sandburg discovers Alex Barnes, a female sentinel, he hesitates to introduce her to a confused Ellison, whose hyper-senses detect her arrival in Cascade. Meanwhile, Alex is hiding a dark -- and dangerous -- secret from Sandburg. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 20, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Jim in convenience store, going after a thief who has a gun and a female hostage. Blair outside by truck on phone.~

Jim: Cascade PD. Put the gun down.

Thief: Back off, man, or she's dead!

Jim: Don't do this, man. Just let the lady go.

Thief: I'll shoot her, man. I'll shoot her.

Blair: Yes, he has a hostage. Detective Ellison is in there trying to talk him down. He needs all available units now.

Operator: Hold the line, please.

Blair: What?! Wh-what? You kidding me?

Jim: Let her go and put the gun down.

Jim starts to hear an animal growling someone. He follows it to the back of the store. He kicks open the door and sees a spotted jaguar on some crates. He stares a bit, then shakes it off, and goes back out to the main store to get the thief.

Thief: Shut up! Just shut up! I'll kill her, man! I'll blow her brains out, man! I swear to God, I will! Now back off!

Thief tosses hostage aside and shoots at Jim. Jim returns fire. Thief goes through glass window. Jim falls back behind an aisle. Blair runs into the store.

Blair: (to female hostage) You okay? (goes to find Jim) Jim? Jim? (finds him sitting on the ground in an aisle, a bullet wound in his shoulder) Oh, no. Jim, you okay?

Jim: Yeah, man.

Blair: (pulls out phone) Hang on. I'll call an ambulance.

~Cut to hospital. Jim on bed. Megan, Blair, and Simon standing above him.~

Simon: The good news is, it didn't hit bone. The doctor says you should be okay to work in a week.

Jim: Connor, would you do me a favor and handle my caseload while I'm out?

Megan: Uh, of course. Any objections, sir?

Simon: Works for me.

Jim: (to Megan) If you don't mind, I just need a minute with Simon and Blair.

Megan: If I have any questions, I'll give you a call. (leaves)

Blair: Jim, what's going on?

Jim: There was something else in that store tonight. It was a jaguar.

Simon: What?

Blair: You mean like a vision? Like your animal spirit?

Jim: No, no. That was a black jaguar. This... this was spotted.

Blair: Ah, it might have been from an adrenaline rush from getting shot. Was it before or after it happened?

Simon: Sandburg.

Blair: This is important, Simon. Jim's visions usually have a deeper meaning.

Simon: Right now he's a man who needs his rest. You can finish this tomorrow. Come on.

Blair: Take care.

They leave.

~Cut to Major Crimes bullpen. Evening. Megan at a desk, taking a statement from a blonde woman (Alex Barnes). Evening.~

Alex: Are we through, Officer?

Megan: Nearly, Ms. Barnes. Pending your blood test of course. And it's Inspector, if you don't mind.

Alex: There are no drugs or alcohol in me, Inspector.

Megan: But cars don't demolish themselves on their own whim, do they?

~Pan to Brown coming in to find Blair at a desk.~

Brown: You're here kind of late.

Blair: Yeah. They're fumigating my building at the university. And I can't work there and I can't work at home, because Jim's just driving me crazy. I swear, it's like living with an evil stepfather. "Turn down that music!" "Get your feet off the couch!" It's driving me crazy. (pause) Hey, Brown, you know what's going on over there? (motioning to Megan and Alex)

Brown: Yes. Connor was on her way in. Girl was sitting on a curb, car wrapped around a telephone pole. The girl was like yelling and screaming that the lights were killing her eyes and then she started bugging out about how the noise was getting to her. So I don't know what's going on.

Blair: Really?

Brown: Yeah, well, it was crazy.

Blair: Tell you what, I will bring that over to Megan. (takes folder from Brown)

~Pan back to Megan.~

Megan: An oncoming car flashes its brights so you can't see. That, I can buy. But why start to disrobe in the middle of the highway?

Alex: I... my skin hurt. The clothes felt like sandpaper all of a sudden. I don't know.

Blair: Megan... Here's that blood test you wanted. (stays for a moment, then goes to stand near door)

Megan: Thanks, Sandy. Oh. Negative.

Alex: Negative. May I leave now?

Megan: Please sign here. Collect your belongings at the booking desk downstairs and... see a doctor.

Alex leaves. Blair follows her to the hallway and stops her.

Blair: Excuse me, miss? Hi. My name's Blair Sandburg and I'm a consultant to the police department. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the light hurting your eyes and about your clothes making your skin ache.

Alex: Read the report.

Blair: Do colors seem more vivid? Do smells seem more powerful?

Alex: Look, I've already been to three different doctors. None of them could tell me what's wrong.

Blair: That's no surprise. Look, have you recently experienced any prolonged traumatic isolation?

Alex: Who the hell are you?

Blair: I'm an anthropologist. And I think I know what's happening to you. If you could just meet me at the university here. We could talk further.

Alex: I'll think about it, all right?

Blair: Good. Just meet me right there, at that address.

Alex leaves.

~Cut to Jim in the loft, making something to eat. He hears a growling sound again and pulls his gun from a drawer, then walks over to the loft door. He yanks it open, gun pointed....Blair is there.~

Blair: Oh, hey... Jim. I live here, too, remember?

Jim: Sorry, Chief. I guess I'm just a little jumpy.

They go inside.

Blair: I'd say so. How's the arm?

Jim: Doc says I can go back to work on Monday.

Blair: Mmm, good. Good. I'm sure everybody will be really glad when that happens. So, uh... what was the deal with the greeting, man? You having some sort of a--

Jim: No.

Blair: Oh, hey, I was down at the station doing some work, and I met this woman--

Jim: Look, Chief, why don't you spare me the details? (walks off)

Blair: I'll tell you later.

Jim: Whatever.

Blair: Okay.

~Cut to Blair's office where he is meeting with Alex. Day.~

Blair: In primitive cultures sentinels were the tribal guardians. They were chosen because of their superior sensory awareness. They could hear better, smell better feel and taste things other people couldn't.

Alex: How do you know all this?

Blair: Well, it's the subject of my anthropology doctorate.

Alex: All right, so, why is this happening to me now?

Blair: Well, in some sentinels, their abilities lie dormant. It just takes a prolonged isolated period to bring them out.

Alex: You were asking me about that before. A couple of months ago, I was on a camping trip and I was lost in the woods for a week.

Blair: That's textbook. You know, it's a survival response. I can help you understand this.

Alex: I'm not sure I want to understand it. I'd rather just be like I was before.

Blair: Alex, you may not believe me, but there is nothing to be afraid of. What you have is a gift.

~Cut to Blair walking outside of University buildings, passing by the fountain, talk into a handheld tape recorder.~

Blair: I've been unable to illuminate the meaning of my primary subject's spiritual vision, and he seems unusually reluctant to explore the matter. Concerning my secondary subject, I've been unable to find data which would suggest what would happen if two sentinels were to come together. Would they see each other as allies? Would they face off in some territorial rivalry? Now if in fact, my secondary subject does turn out to be a sentinel, I'm gonna have to bring them together in a carefully controlled situation. So at the present time, I've decided not to tell Jim Ellison or Alex Barnes about one another.

~Cut to Oberon Security where a figure in black is sneaking inside from roof. Night. Security begins to notice glitches in system.~

Rieger: This is Rieger. Monitors one and two are out. I want Brock and Cavanaugh to check out the circuits and I want Lenski to eyeball the west wing.

~Cut to security officer investigating west wing and large computer room. Figure watches from side wall.~

Lenski: This is Lenski. The west wing is clear.

Figure comes into hallway, breaks into computer room. Eyes are shown to dilate in darkness. Does something to computer.

~Cut back to main security booth.~

Man over radio: We're going up to check the roof. Standby.

~Cut back to computer room. Figure is downloading data to disk.~

~Cut to roof. Security men is checking things out.~

Man: The roof conduit hatch is open. The wires to two and three have been cut. Somebody's been up here.

Figure is leaving building.

Brock: We've got an intruder in the building.

Rieger: I see him. He's in the west wing, in "H" corridor.

Alarm goes off in hallway. Figure being filmed as thief reacts, bending over, covering ears as he runs.

Brock: We're in corridor "F" now, heading toward "H".

Rieger: Make sure our parameters are secure.

Brock: We copy that, sir.

Figure rappels down side of buiding, lands on pavement. Security officer is there.

Man: All right, put your hands up! We got him over here.

Figure shoots guard and then takes off. Figure gets into vehicle and then removes knitted mask to reveal...Alex Banres.

~Cut to Jim asleep on sofa at loft. Night. He twitches and is dreaming. In blue tinted dreamscape, he sees himself, dressed as he was in Peru. He has a crossbow. He hears something running toward him and looks to see a wolf running toward a statue. He brings up the crossbow, loads it, aims, and fire. The arrow hits the wolf, which whimpers and watches Jim approach it. Jim stands above it, watching as it morphs into Blair, naked, eyes open but not seeing, laying on the ground. Jim wakes up and sits up, breathing hard.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Blair and Alex in Alex's apartment. Paintings and sculpture are scattered everywhere.~

Blair: This is amazing. When you said you were an artist, I had no idea. Did you know all this stuff is rooted in sentinel symbolism? I mean, you got the jungles, the jaguars, you got the Indians. I mean, for crying out loud, you even got the eye.

Alex: I saw the pictures in Burton's book. (hands Burton's book to Blair) I knew you had to see this. The ideas just come to me. I have no idea why.

Blair: There's a whole mystical side to this that you're obviously tapped into somehow.

Alex: When my senses started going crazy, I was frightened. But now that I'm finally starting to understand all of this...I like it.

Blair: Good. Good.

Alex: (kisses Blair on the cheek) Thank you.

Blair: Uh... you're welcome. Yeah. (pause) Why don't you run that car accident by me again? Tell me about that one more time.

Alex: The car coming the other way had its brights on and suddenly, I felt this throbbing pain in my skull. It hurt so badly, I couldn't even see where I was driving. The next thing I knew I'd hit a telephone pole.

Blair: Now, every time you experience your heightened senses, do you get a headache?

Alex: Yeah, pretty much.

Blair: Your headaches are connected to your heightened senses somehow. We need to figure out how. It's nothing to worry about.

~Cut to Cascade PD and into briefing room Jim enters to find Simon and Megan waiting for him.~

Simon: Hey, I heard there was a vicious rumor that you were back among the living. How you feeling?

Jim: Well, that depends. How's my caseload?

Megan: Don't worry. I saved you one. We could use your help on the Oberon heist.

Simon: Where's your shadow?

Jim: He begged off. He's working on some big project at the university. I haven't seen him all week really. What do we got here?

Simon: The supervisor at Oberon Security has no idea what information was accessed, but the firm designs state-of-the-art security systems for major corporations.

Simon: You know what the big question is how did the thief get in, defeat their own system, and then get out again?

Jim: Ex-employee, maybe?

Megan: Not likely. We've asked for a personnel list. They screen everyone who works there very carefully.

Simon: Take a look at this. Go ahead, run it. One of their security cameras caught the thief as he was trying to escape.

Silent video runs of thief going down hallway when alarm goes off. Figure bends over, holding ears.

Megan: That must be one hell of a loud alarm. Strange, isn't it?

Jim stares at the video, frowning.

~Cut to Alex's apartment. Dark. She enters to find someone else there.~

Alex: Damn it, Carl.

Carl: I'm surprised you didn't hear my breathing.

Alex: I was tired.

Carl: I might have been a cop. What good are your senses if you don't use them?

Alex: I'll be more careful next time, okay?

Carl: I've analyzed the security designs you stole from Oberon. I think we can get past everything but this fingerprint scanner on the fifth level. You just can't override that. We'll have to go through it. So how was the job? Any problems?

Alex: No.

Carl: Don't lie to me, Alex. I was monitoring the police scanner. You shot a guard. It was one of your headaches, wasn't it?

Alex: I got the job done.

Carl: And you almost got caught. Oh, of course, there was that little car accident. You think I didn't find out about it? They arrested you, for God's sake.

Alex: And they let me go.

Carl: Alex, you've made us both a lot of money, but you're becoming unreliable. I'm beginning to think I should change partners.

Alex: Oh, really? Well, unless you've forgotten, I do the work.

Carol: You plan the jobs? You handle the clients? You fence the goods? Oh, you're talented, Alex, but you lack discipline and direction. And these crippling headaches are making you careless.

Alex: Actually, I've found somebody who can help me with that. He works at the university.

Carl: What? You told him about your senses?

Alex: It was a chance meeting. He's an expert on people like me.

Carl: I don't like the idea of someone knowing about you.

Alex: After I get what I want, I will deal with him.

Alex and Carl kiss.

~Cut to Blair's office. Day. Blair and Alex.~

Alex: Well, I was in the jungle except I wasn't myself. I was some kind of warrior with a bow and arrow and my face was painted, um... and then the jungle parted and I saw this huge ancient temple. It looked like it was a thousand years old. And there was, um... there was a stone pyramid and... right in the middle there was a statue of a leopard or a panther, some cat.

Blair: Jaguar.

Alex: What?

Blair: The first known civilized people in South America were the Olmecs. Legend has it that they built a temple in the middle of the jungle. Now supposedly, sentinels would go there and have a mystical experience so powerful that they would see the eye of God.

Alex: Does it really exist?

Blair: Well, it was always believed to be a myth, but three years ago an archaeologist in the Yucatan named Feliz Santiago came across some carvings that he believed depicted the Temple of the Sentinels. (shows her a picture)

Alex: This is it. This is the place in my dream.

Blair: Yeah, I know, it's exactly like your artwork. You're obviously tapped into some primal ancestral memories, just... Hold on to that thought. I got to talk to a professor about a lab I'm teaching for him, but I'll just be back in a couple of minutes.

Alex: Afterward, are you free for dinner?

Blair: Dinner? Yeah. That sounds great. Good. Yeah. (leaves)

Alex gets up and walks around Blair's office, looking at stuff. Finds his audio tapes.

Jim comes down hallway towards Blair's office -- door has a glass window on top half with a wolf design in it. He hears a growling noise again. He looks through window and sees Alex at Blair's desk. Alex morphs into the spotted jaguar and jumps onto desk and then through window, shattering it. Jim reels back. Alex comes to the door and opens it. Jim just stares at her, then turns and leaves.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Boxes everywhere, filled with stuff. Jim is there as Blair comes in.~

Blair: Hey, Jim. What's up?

Jim: It's just getting a little too claustrophobic around here for me, Chief. I'm sorry.

Blair: Well... wait a minute, Jim... This is all my stuff. What's going on?

Jim: I just need a little space. I feel like the walls are closing in.

Blair: Are you kicking me out?

Jim: I can't have anybody here right now.

Blair: Hey, wait a minute. Jim, we just got to sit down and we got to talk about what's going on with you.

Jim: I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to analyze it. I just need you out of here by the time I get back. (leaves)

Blair just stands in the middle of the room.

~Cut to flower garden at University. Blair and Alex are walking. Day.~

Blair: (yawning) Excuse me. I'm sorry. My roommate freaked out last night and kicked me out. I spent the night in a motel. It's no biggie, though.

Alex: You're kidding me.

Blair: No, I'm totally serious. But in that time, I was able to develop a theory about your headaches. Now, your central nervous system isn't used to so much stimulation. So, when your senses go on high, your nerve endings get overloaded and it creates sort of a... a pain-inducing sensory spasm.

Alex: So, how do I stop it?

Blair: Well, um... you see those daffodils over there? I want you to concentrate on smelling them, all right, and... if you start to get a headache just really focus in on the scent. Really concentrate on smelling the flowers and nothing else.

Alex: Mmm... they smell incredible.

Blair: Good. Good. Good.

Alex starts to wince as she gets a headache.

Blair: All right, Alex, just concentrate. Concentrate. Focus in on the smell.

Alex: I can't. Sorry. I tried. It just hurts too much.

Blair: It's all right. It'll take a little practice, but we'll get it. It'll be good. Come on. I got some other tests.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Day. Megan at Jim's desk on phone as Jim comes in.~

Megan: Thanks. I really appreciate your help. (hangs up) That was the FBI. All of the ex-Oberon employees checked out clean.

Jim: Connor, why are you at my desk?

Megan: My phone was out, and I just thought since we're working the same case...

Jim: Yeah, well, you thought wrong. Look, could you please...

Megan gets up and walks off. Jim picks up a file sitting on the edge of his desk.

Jim: What is this? What-what... Oh, this looks like one of your friends. Brown, um... Brown, now please do not use my desk as a filing cabinet. (drops file on Brown's desk) Could you listen up, please? Everybody, that is my desk. I do not want you to put anything on it or take anything from it. Are we clear? What is this, kindergarten?

Simon: (at his door) Jim.

Jim: Hello! Are you listening to me?

Simon: Jim!

Jim: Yes!

Simon: Could I have a word with you, please?

~Cut to Blair's office. Night. Megan and Blair.~

Blair: I came home last night. All my stuff was packed up. I tried to talk to him, but then he just walked out of the apartment.

Megan: Simon sent him home today.

Blair: You're kidding me -- for what?

Megan: He threw a tantie in the bullpen about people touching his things. Told me I couldn't sit at his desk. We've had a blew or two before, but this... Sandy, how did an anthropologist get hooked up with a detective?

Blair: Uh, well, that's a long story, Megan.

Megan: One day, I'll get the good oil. We'll have to coerce a confession from you.

Blair: Yep, maybe.

Megan: I don't know Jim well, but his behavior's obviously changed.

Blair: Well, if you're asking me what's wrong with him, Megan, I don't have all the answers.

Megan: I think we should talk to him. Between the two of us, I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this. (leaves)

Blair: Uh, Megan, wait up. (follows her out)

~Cut to a van going along a road at night, goes onto a bridge. A vehicle is parked midway on the bridge. Van runs over nails, pops tires. Smoke bombs set off. Thief (Alex) steals a laser from back of van and takes off.~

Man: This is courier five. I've been hijacked. The prototype's been stolen. It's in a blue 4 x 4, license plate 851-FMC.

~Cut to loft. Blair and Megan come in. Loft is totally empty. Electricity doesn't work.~

Blair: Circuit's dead. What is going on here?

Jim: (standing on balcony) What do you want?

Blair: Hey, Jim, where is everything, man?

Jim: I put it in the basement. Too many distractions. The place was way too cluttered.

Megan: It's freezing in here. Aren't you cold?

Jim: Something's going on out there -- something very wrong. I've never felt anything like this before.

Blair: Hey, Jim, what do you say you come inside, man?

Sirens wail in distance.

Jim: Sirens. (leaves loft)

Megan: This is weird. Sandy, let's go.

~Cut to Jim in truck. Still night.~

Jim: This is David-152 responding. Proceeding south on Lincoln to Dearborne. Will try to catch him before he turns off Lincoln. (sees vehicle and gives chase) This is David-152. We're in pursuit of suspect vehicle.

Jim's truck and other police vehicles pull up in alleyway. Jim gets out, starts directing. Figure climbs up fire stairs.

Jim: Let's go! Come on! I want you guys to head around back. Look alive. Keep your eyes open. I want you two to stay here in case he doubles back.

Megan: Do you have a torch? A torch?

Above the, Alex (still disguised) is climbing fire stairs. She starts to get a headache. In her mind, she hears Blair's voice: "Now, just concentrate. Black out everything else. Good."

Jim raises his gun, cocking it, sighting up to stairs as he hears a heartbeat from above.

Jim: Freeze! Cascade P.D.! (Blair's flashlight flickers, reflecting into Jim's eyes.) Get that flashlight out of my eyes! Sandburg. Idiot!

Blair: You all right?

Jim: Yeah. I'm fine.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office. Jim, Megan, and Simon.~

Megan: We searched the roof, then the entire area but, somehow, the suspect slipped through.

Jim: He jacked a high-intensity cutting laser. It can slice through an inch of titanium like butter. Make short work of, say, a bank vault.

Simon: A bank vault.

Megan: We're pretty sure it's the same perpetrator as the Oberon heist -- similar height, build, attire.

Jim: And he's left-handed, which matches the description given by the guard.

Simon: First, he steals the designs for one of Oberon's top security systems then he hijacks a laser. Sounds like he's putting together the pieces for a heist.

~Cut to Blair's office. Night. Alex is inside, looking through Blair's stuff. Pulls out his tape cassette case. Tapes labeled "Sentinel Research." She picks one at random and listens to it. Blair's voice comes through.~

Blair: ...face off in some territorial rivalry? Now if in fact, my secondary subject does turn out to be a sentinel, I'm gonna have to bring them together in a carefully controlled situation. So at the present time, I've decided not to tell Jim Ellison or Alex Barnes about one another.

~Cut to briefing room at Major Crimes. Jim inside. Blair enters. Jim watching security tape again~

Blair: Hey. Brown said you wanted to talk to me.

Jim: (he pauses tape) Something weird happened at that warehouse.

Blair: I hope this has something to do with why you threw me out.

Jim: Uh, probably. This suspect has been one step ahead of us the whole time and I tell you, I'm looking at the tape and I'm noticing that this guy's experiencing something akin to what I go through when I have a sensory spike, you know, if my senses are cranked up, and I hear a loud noise...

Blair: So what are you saying?

Jim: I'm saying there's another one out there like me. I've been having these experiences with this jaguar, like in the store, and I've been having these dreams...

Blair: What dreams?

Jim: I don't know. The is spotted cat. I had this other dream. I'm in the jungle. There's this temple or something and, uh, there's this statue of a jaguar or whatever it is...

Blair: You're having the same dreams.

Jim: Who's having the same dreams? The same dreams as who?

Blair: Jim, there is another sentinel but there's no way that she can be our thief.

Jim: She? The lady in your office.

Blair: When were you at my office?

Jim: Why didn't you tell me this?

Blair: I was meaning to, man. I was trying to get you two together in a controlled situation, that's all.

Jim: What the hell did you do? What the hell did you do? Where is she?

~Cut to Alex's apartment. Jim and Blair at door. Alex opens it.~

Alex: Blair, hi. What are you doing here?

Blair: Uh... mind if we come in? It's important.

Alex: Sure.

They go in. Alex closes the door.

Alex: (to Jim) Have we met?

Jim: Not exactly, no. I'm here on an official visit, Miss Barnes. I'm Detective Ellison.

Alex: Official?

Jim: Just wanted to ask you a couple questions about the hijacking of a courier van last night and the burglary Tuesday night of a security company.

Alex: I don't know what you're talking about. What does this have to do with me?

Jim: This work would seem to require a special talent to pull off.

Alex: Thank you.

Jim: I'm not talking about your artwork.

Alex: I'm still not following you.

Blair: Alex, come on. Stop playing these games, all right? I told him all about you.

Alex: So, am I under arrest? Hmm? Do you have any evidence that I've done anything wrong?

Jim: Did I say you did anything wrong?

Alex: Okay. I want both of you to get out. Now. If you have any more accusations to make, you can do it in court.

Jim: You think this will go away?

Alex: Unless you want a lawsuit for trespassing and harassment, I suggest you leave.

Jim: All right, Chief, we got what we need. (Blair exits; Jim pauses to look at Alex) I know exactly what you are, lady.

Alex: And I know what you are, too. Welcome to the jungle.

Jim leaves.

~Cut to briefing room. Jim and Blair.~

Blair: I didn't put it together before, but this probably explains your behavior at the loft and here at the precinct. Even before you came in contact with Alex, you probably sensed another sentinel which threatened your territorial imperative.

Jim: Yeah.

Jim goes to Brown's desk. Brown has earphones on.

Jim: Hey, man, you got that stuff for me? (pulls off earpiece) Hey, Don Cornelius!

Brown: Hey, what's going on, man?

Jim: You run those prints through the N.C.I.C. yet?

Brown: I got that for you. Here it is. "Alex Barnes, a.k.a. Alicia Bannister." Warrants issued for grand theft, industrial espionage -- the girl's not bored, man.

Jim: It says she served three years at the California women's prison in Corona. (to Blair) Looks like she played you pretty good, man. I'll take that. Thanks, H.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Simon: Are you telling me there's someone out there with the same powers that you have?

Jim: It appears that way, Captain, yes.

Simon: What are we going to do about this, Jim?

Jim: I'll deal with it, Captain, I promise you that. But my concern is that Connor's got to be told somehow. I mean, it's her case, too.

Simon: Forget about Connor. What do I tell the D.A.?

~Cut to alleyway from previous night. Day. Jim and Blair pull up and walk around.~

Jim: Keep your eyes open, Chief. We might have missed last night.

Blair: Hey, Jim, look -- I know you're still mad at me about not telling you about Alex, but--

Jim: Let's just drop that, okay? I'm trying to get by it. What's bugging me is, what are the chances of two sentinels appearing in Cascade at this time, right? And falling in with you?

Blair: Maybe it wasn't chance. You know, there are no coincidences. Maybe it was fate, it was synchronicity -- I don't know -- a time/space continuum converging together at this point, at this moment. This is completely beyond our comprehension.

Jim spots something on the fire stairs.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck.~

Blair: What do you got?

Jim: Blonde hair. With any luck, it came from our thief.

~Cut to Major Crimes bullpen. Jim walking out of bullpen. Megan joins him.~

Jim: All right, Chief, let's roll! We know what we need.

Megan: Ellison, you've got a warrant to compel our suspect to submit to a DNA test? You forgot to tell me.

Blair joins them.

Jim: Come on now. Don't, uh, spit the bunny with me...

Megan: Spit the dummy.

Jim: Right, right. I was going to call you...

Megan: "Alex Barnes"? This is the whacker who wrapped her car around the pole -- the skin nut. What's she got to do with our case?

Jim: She is our case, Connor.

Megan: What?

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Megan in hallway outside of Alex's apartment. They knock on door. No one answers. Jim listens.~

Jim: Nah. (walks away from door)

Blair: You know what? There's this coffee shop down the street she hangs out at. She might be there.

Jim: All right, let's check it out.

Megan: Wait a minute! How do you know she's not in there? Did you read the psychic vibration or something?

Jim: Come on, we don't have time for this, Connor.

Megan: We have a warrant. Let's use the thing. (starts to rattle doorknob)

Jim: What is that smell?

Inside view of door where a charge is attached to door.

Megan: Meet you at the coffee shop. I'm kicking this thing.

Jim: Plastique. Connor!

Megan: What?

Jim tackles Megan out of the way just before door blows outwards in huge explosion.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Alex's bombed-out apartment. Jim, Blair, Simon, Megan, and other officers.

Jim: She knew we were onto her. Probably figured if we got a search warrant, we'd find something incriminating.

Blair: There could be another reason.

Simon: Like what?

Blair: Like he's a sentinel, she's a sentinel. This could be some kind of challenge.

Simon: What are you talking about, Sandburg? Some sort of duel?

Blair: Exactly, and there's only one way to end it.

Megan: Captain Banks.

They walk over to join her.

Simon: Yeah?

Megan: It's what's left of a portable hard drive with a removable data disk.

Jim: May I see that? (feels the disk for a bit)

Megan: Let's get it to the forensics van. (takes disk and leaves)

Jim: I could make out like, an "o-b-e-r." It was etched into the cover.

Simon: Oberon.

~Cut to Oberon security office. Reiger is reading information from a computer. Jim, Blair, and Megan watch.~

Rieger: Looks like our security design for the HazMat Research Unit at Rainier university.

Megan: What's that?

Blair: A lab where they do research on hazardous materials. Two years ago, after a canister of ebola virus was stolen the Regents put in a state-of-the-art security system.

~Cut to Rainier University research unit. Guard showing Jim, Blair, and Simon down hallway.~

Guard: He was gone before we knew what happened. Somehow he was able to override our security systems on level one to four and he used some kind of laser on level five.

Jim: What's missing?

Guard: Two canisters of VX nerve gas.

Megan: How dangerous is it?

Guard: Each canister could kill everyone in Cascade five times over.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Megan. Night.~

Simon: (on phone) Great. Keep me posted. (hangs up) Looks like we caught a break here, guys. A woman matching Alex Barnes' description was seen boarding a plane for Bogota.

Megan: Did they stop her?

Simon: No. They didn't want to take a chance on her releasing the gas. They'll meet the plane at the airport. Colombian military is standing by.

Blair: You really think the feds got this under control?

Simon: Well, I'll certainly feel better when she's in custody, but for now, that's all we can do. You guys go home. I'll keep you posted if anything comes up.

~Cut to bullpen. Jim putting on coat. Megan and Blair there as well.~

Megan: You two up to a late supper or early breakfast?

Jim: Uh...

Blair: No thanks. There's stuff we got to go over.

Jim: There is?

Blair: Yeah.

Megan: Right. See you tomorrow, then. (leaves)

Blair: Bye-bye.

Jim and Blair in bullpen alone.

Blair: Look, Jim, I just wanted you to know I realize I was wrong for not telling you about Alex. I was only thinking about myself and about my work and somewhere along the line, I lost track of my friend.

Jim: Well, Chief, I don't know what you want me to say. I don't know if I can get past this. To me, it was a real breach of trust and that struck really deep with me.

Blair: Gimme a break here. How was I supposed to know she was a criminal?

Jim: Chief, this isn't about her being a criminal.

Simon comes out of his office. Overhears rest of conversation.

Jim: I got to have a partner I can trust. Have you ever stopped to think what good all this research is doing anyway?

Blair: Yeah, Jim, I think about it every day. For one thing, it's helped you find out who you are.

Jim: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. I know who I am, okay? I don't need you or anybody else to help me define that. Is that clear? Maybe it's just better if you finish your dissertation or doctorate writing about somebody else.

Blair: That's crazy. I know I made a mistake, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get past this, but if you got to hang on to it -- you know where to find me. (leaves)

Simon: Jim. What's going on? (joins Jim) Aren't you taking it a little hard on the kid? I mean, I'm the first one to admit Sandburg has his faults, but, uh... (pause) Do you think you could handle this sentinel thing on your own?

~Cut to loft. Dark. Jim is alone. His phone rings and he answers it.~

Jim: Ellison.

Alex: Hello, Jim. Surprised to hear from me? I couldn't just leave without saying good-bye.

Jim: You never got on that plane to Bogota.

~Cut back and forth from Jim and Alex, who is in some kind of warehouse.~

Alex: Somehow I feel connected to you. Don't you feel something, too?

Jim: What do you want, Alex?

Alex: Jim, you and I are unlike any other human beings. Don't tell me you haven't thought about us -- what we could be together?

Jim: Well, why don't you drop by so we can discuss it?

Alex: Oh, I've got a better idea. Why don't you come and try to find me?

Alex puts down phone, line still open. Jim listens to noises. Hears something like a train in background.

~Cut to Jim in truck, driving. Night. His cellphone rings and he answers it.~

Jim: Yeah.

Simon: It's Simon. Jim, that plane landed in Bogota. The woman on board wasn't Alex Barnes.

Jim: I know. I think she's at the old foundry on Third near the freeway off-ramp and the train yards. I'm on my way now.

Simon: Jim, let me get you some backup--

Jim hangs up.

~Cut to Jim pulling up outside foundry. He goes inside, gun out. Starts to track Alex. Alex turns on machines. Jim winces briefly. He hears the jaguar growling from time to time. He gets knocked into the bottom of an elevator shaft, leaving him semi-unconscious. Alex flips a switch and the elevator starts to descend. Alex turns to leave when Megan shows up. Gunfire exchanged~

Megan: Cascade P.D., freeze!

They exchange gunfire. Then fight hand-to-hand. Megan knocks Alex out and finds Jim at the bottom of the shaft.

Megan: Jim, give me your hand. (pulls him up) That was close. I got the call for backup.

Jim: I'm glad you're here. Where is she?

Megan: Over here. (they go back to where Alex should be; she's gone) Bugger! She's gone.

Jim hears jaguar growling and sees flashback of earlier vision with the wolf and Blair.

Jim: We got to find Sandburg. Come on.

~Cut to Blair's office. Just getting light. Blair is at his desk, just sitting. Alex comes in with a gun.~

Blair: Alex.

Alex points gun at Blair and he holds up his hands.

Alex: If it hadn't been for you, I never would have understood what I really am -- I owe you that. You want to know how I really got the sentinel senses? Solitary confinement in prison. I thought I was going crazy. It wasn't until I met you that I realized what I'd become.

Blair: And look how you used this gift. What a waste.

Alex: This is the one thing I really didn't want to do, but I can't leave you alive.

She walks closer to Blair, cocking gun. Blair closes his eyes.

~Cut Jim and Megan pulling up outside Hargrove Hall in truck. Other police vehicles (including Simon's) pull up with them. The three of them run toward the doors. Jim reaches the top of the outside stairs, then stops, turning, looking toward fountain where he sees Blair floating, facedown.~

Jim: Oh, my God. (runs back to fountain; Simon, Megan, Brown, and Rafe follow)

Simon: Call an E.M.T. now!

Jim: H, give me a hand. (Brown and Jim splash into fountain and pull Blair out and lay him face-up on ground) Sandburg! Sandburg! Come on. Come on, guys. Come on. Sandburg! Let's get an ambulance here!

Simon: I don't hear a heartbeat. Do you? Do you hear a heartbeat? Jim! Jim!

Jim: No, nothing.

Simon: Come on. Get his airway open. All right, here we go.

They begin CPR. Simon doing the chest; Jim doing the breathing.

Simon: All right, let's go. One, two, three... four...

Jim: Come on, Chief.

Simon: Four, five... All right, clear. Let's go again. One, two three, four.

Jim: Breathe, damn it!

Simon: Four.

Ambulance arrives. Two EMT's come out and take over. Jim and Simon step away.

EMT's: Give us room, guys. Check his pulse.

Jim: This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening. Come on, Sandburg. Come on. Come on, Chief. Come on. Come on, come on.

EMT's: I'm sorry, guys. (gets up)

Megan: Oh, Sandy...

Jim: What do you mean, "sorry"? Wait. This isn't over. (goes back to doing CPR on Blair) Come on, Sandburg. Come on!

Simon: Jim.

Jim: Come on, come on. Come on, Sandburg. Come on, damn it!

Simon: Jim, he's gone. Let him go. He's gone.

Jim: Come on, Sandburg.

Simon: Jim! (pulls Jim away from Blair)

Jim: No! No! He's alive!

Simon: He's gone!

Jim: No!

Simon: Come on! Stop it!

Brown: Let it go, baby.

Simon: Let it go, let it go.

Jim: No... oh, god, no.

To be continued.....
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