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Sentinel Too, Part 2

Teleplay by: Gail Morgan Hickman
Story by: Gail Morgan Hickman & David H. Balkan
Directed by: Tony Westman
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Jeri Ryan (Alex Barnes), Carlos Gomez (Arguillo), Pato Hoffmann (Incacha), Matt O'Toole (Carl Hettinger), Anna Galvin (Megan Connor), Oscar Goncalves (Captain Ortega), Tito W. Mata (Calderon), Jay Brownlee (EMT Leader).

Summary: Ellison discovers a new aspect to his powers, and pursues fellow sentinel Alex to South America [(sic) -- actually Sierra Verde in Mexico] to try to stop her from selling deadly nerve gas to a drug lord. Meanwhile, Megan begins to suspect that Jim has extrasensory abilities. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on February 1, 1999.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene from the end of S2P1, still at fountain.~

EMT: I'm sorry, guys. (gets up)

Jim: What do you mean sorry? You can't give up! This isn't over. He's not dead. (starts CPR again) Come on, Sandburg.

Simon: Jim....

Jim: Come on, buddy.

Simon: Jim, let him go. He's gone.

Jim: Come on!

Simon: Let him go. Jim! Jim! (pulls Jim away from Blair)

Jim: Don't you go! No! He's alive!

Simon: He's gone!

Jim: Oh, God, no.

Blue vision of a wolf's face appears over Blair's face.

Simon: He's gone! Gone!

Jim sees a vision of the wolf turning away from him and running into the jungle. Then he sees Incacha.

Incacha: Use the power of your animal spirit.

Jim tears away from Simon and Brown and kneels down next to Blair. He places a hand on Blair's neck, then holds Blair's face in both his hands. He begins to see the wolf running from Blair's face toward him. The panther does so likewise from Jim's face. In a jungle scene both animals run toward each other, the leap into the air at each other and merge. Flash of light sends Jim back to reality.

Jim: Simon, I can hear a heartbeat. (starts to do CPR again) Come on, Chief, come on, come on. Come on, buddy. Come on.

Simon: Come on, Sandburg.

Blair convulses under Jim's hands and coughs up water.

Jim: Hey, get those guys over here!

Jim turns Blair to his side, holding him a little as he coughs. The EMT's return.

EMT: We'll take it from here, detectives. Thanks.

Jim gets up again and returns to stand between Simon and Brown, one arm over each of their shoulders.

Jim: See? It's gonna be all right?

~Cut to hospital room where a nurse is fixing something on Blair who is resting on the bed, oxygen and IV's running from him. Jim stands in the doorway.

Jim: You know, Chief, if you want to meet nurses, there are easier ways. (comes into room as nurse leaves)

Blair: That's great, man, that's great. Now you tell me. (pause) Thank you.

Jim: I couldn't let you die. You owe your last month's rent.

Blair: Oh, that's right. Sorry about that.

Jim: You doing all right?

Blair: Yeah, you know. I'm all right. I saw it. The whole out-of-body experience. It wasn't like that classic light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel thing. There was just a jungle. I was this wolf, and I was running towards a black jaguar. Then we collided, and there was this big burst of light. Next thing I knew, I was spitting up water. The doctors are trying to tell me it's some type of an endorphin rush when the body starts to shut down, but it was...

Jim: The same image. I saw the same image.

Blair: You had the same vision?

Jim: Yeah. It was Incacha who guided me how to bring you back.

Blair: (laughing) I can't believe this. Einstein said the greatest experiences we can have are the ones with the mysterious. We are definitely there, my brother. Come on in, man. The water's nice.

Jim: Chief, I don't know if I'm ready to take that trip with you.

~Cut to Jim at Alex's bombed-out apartment. He feels a few things; gets flashes showing him past scenes. Sees Carl with Alex. Sees Alex by window in front of a beach.~

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Jim and Simon. Simon looking at a file.~

Simon: Carl Hettinger?

Jim: I had seen him. And then had an artist rendering run through the fed's database and it spit out a name.

Simon: Hettinger... International weapons trafficking... Known to have contact with South American drug lords Carlos Arguillo, Jaquin Cesaro. Now, you saw this man with Alex Barnes?

Jim: Yeah, in her apartment.

Simon: Why didn't you mention this before?

Jim: Simon, this guy is known to have traveled to Sierra Verde twice in the last three months. Now, Arguillo operates out of the same region. I think that's where we're going to find Alex and the nerve toxin. My senses are picking up things -- like with Sandburg -- That I don't fully understand at this point, but he's alive because I trusted a vision.

Simon: You got all this from a vision?

Jim: Yeah. I got a clear mental image of her talking to him. And then I saw a beach.

Simon: A beach in Sierra Verde?

Jim: I know it's going to sound odd what I'm going to tell you, but Alex and I are both sentinels. I know. I know. But somehow we're connected. I don't know.

Simon: Okay. Okay. (pause) Right.

Jim looks at Alex's file. Hears growling. Sees vision of he and Alex as jaguars morphing into humans, and then kissing.

~Cut to Alex and Carl in Sierra Verde in a hotel room. Kissing. Alex backs away quickly from Carl.~

Alex: I should still go with you.

Carl: Arguillo will only work with me.

Alex: I'm your partner.

Carl: You're the thief; I'm the fence. I'll be back in a couple of hours. We can go out and celebrate.

Alex: Why don't we stay in and celebrate? Even better.

Carl leaves.

~Cut to Carl going down ramp to a dock where Arguillo is working on a boat.~

Carl: Fellas.

Arguillo: Senor.

Carl: How's it going?

Arguillo: Aw, the damn government tries to make war against me.

Carl: Yeah, I heard they seized two of your shipments.

Arguillo: Three.

~Cut to beach house where Alex begins to listen in to conversation.~

~Cut back to dock.~

Arguillo: They just closed down my biggest processing plant. They just keep pushing and pushing until I must fight back. So, when can you deliver the VX?

Carl: As soon as I get the money. But the price is now $5 million.

Arguillo: We agreed on $4 million.

Carl: What's another million? Your senoritas blow that every month in Rio shopping.

Arguillo: (pause) It's a good thing that I like you, cabron. Okay, $5 million it is. But stay away from my women, all right? Ven aca. (whispered) Don't you ever try to screw me again. You got that? (to other man) Vamos, tu. Let's go.

~Cut to later. Carl and Alex clinking champagne glasses in beachhouse.~

Carl: To $4 million.

Alex: And to equal partners.

~Cut to police department in Sierra Verde. Day. Jim and Simon entering office.~

Simon: Excuse me, senor. (talking to an office worker)

Pan to Police Chief Ortega talking in Spanish on his phone. Jim and Simon wait until he hangs up and motions them in.

Ortega: When we were married, she always said what a great father I was. Now that we're divorced, everything I do is wrong.

Simon: That sounds familiar.

Ortega: So you must be the policemen from America. Please, sit down.

Simon: Thank you. (sits down; Jim remains standing)

Ortega: So, uh, tell me what can I do for the United States of America?

Simon: We're looking for two suspects wanted in a series of robberies. We believe they might be here in Sierra Verde. (hands Ortega two files)

Ortega: Her, I have not seen. However, I can tell you where to find him.

~Cut to morgue. Police chief pulls out a slab with Carl on it.~

Ortega: Senors, is this not who you were looking for?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene in morgue.~

Simon: How did he die?

Ortega: Broke his neck in a fall down the stairs at his hotel. I mean, we'll schedule an autopsy, but our examiner believes it was an accident.

Jim: Any witnesses?

Ortega: No, and he was registered alone.

Jim gets a sudden flash of the spotted jaguar and wipes off his forehead.

Ortega: (to Jim) Is, uh, something wrong?

Jim: Uh, no. I'm fine.

Simon: Captain, could you give us a few minutes alone? We'd like to examine the body.

Ortega: Sure, sure, no problem.

Simon: Thank you.

Ortega leaves.

Simon: Another vision?

Jim: Alex had something to do with this.

Simon: Look, Jim, I believe in your abilities more than anyone, but we could use some regulation evidence.

Jim: (touches Carl's lips) There's a trace of lipstick on him. (sees flash of Carl and Alex kissing) It's hers. (feels Carl's neck) There's an impression on the neck muscles from tissue damage. (sees vision of Alex snapping Carl's neck) First, she kissed him, then she snapped his neck. (sees one last vision of Alex alone)

Simon: All right, all right, let's run this down. Alex comes down here to sell the nerve gas. Hettinger is her contact.

Jim: Right.

Simon: But once he sets up the deal, she doesn't need him anymore, gives him the big kiss good-bye. Jim, if that's the case, she's already done the deal. She could be anywhere by now.

Jim: She's still here in Sierra Verde. I can feel her. We've still got time. Come on.

They leave morgue.

~Cut to Jim and Simon walking down corridor of station with Ortega.~

Jim: Captain, that body back there was trafficking in drugs and weapons.

Ortega: Well, perhaps his fall down the stairs wasn't an accident then. Do you have any facts for me?

Jim: Did you ever see Hettinger meet with Carlos Arguillo?

Ortega: No, but it is not the time to do business with Senor Arguillo.

Simon: Look, we've done our homework, and if your business is weapon or drugs, he's our man.

Ortega: Senor, my government is cracking down hard on his operations, okay? I mean... Perhaps he didn't pay them enough to look the other way, and so it's a war now and it's too dangerous to get caught in. I think your Senor Hettinger dealt with somebody else, okay? (pause) Listen. It is not safe to talk of this here. There's a cafe across the street from your hotel -- the best margaritas. Why don't we meet there, say, around 4:00? And I'll have a list of other businessmen for you to consider.

Simon: That'll be good. Thanks. (to Jim) I got to go to the American consulate. I'll meet you at the cafe.

~Cut to Alex digging up canisters in jungle. Day~

~Cut to Arguillo getting off horse. Ortega drives up in jeep. Gets out.~

Arguillo: Capitan Ortega.

They speak in Spanish (translation).

Ortega: Two American policemen came to see me. They were asking questions about Hettinger and some American woman named Alexis Barnes.

Arguillo: And where are they staying?

Ortega: El Hotel Santa Cruz.

Arguillo: Tell me, Captain. Have you learned anything about Hettinger's death?

Ortega: Nothing. Perhaps if you told me why you're so interested--

Arguillo: It's not your concern, Captain. Okay? That is my problem.

Ortega: Okay.

~Cut to Alex dialing dialing on a large radio-phone; still in same place.~

Another man has Arguillo's phone. It rings; he answers it.

Man: Quien es?

Alex: If Arguillo wants his nerve gas, hand him the phone.

Man brings phone to Arguillo.

Arguillo: Que es?

Man: No se.

Arguillo: Hello?

Alex: I've got your nerve gas, Arguillo.

Arguillo: (to Ortega) Permiso?

Ortega walks away.

Arguillo: So you're the one who killed Hettinger.

Alex: He was cheating me. He brought on his own death.

Arguillo: So how long before we can arrange the delivery?

Alex: As soon as we agree to terms. Price is $10 million American.

Arguillo: (chuckling) Now you are cheating, me, eh?

Alex: We never had a deal. I'm negotiating.

Arguillo: Why should I pay you double, senorita?

Alex: Your operation grossed $500 million last year before your government went to war on you. Now you barely clear $250 million. My ten is less than five percent what you'll get back when you put this nerve gas to use.

Arguillo: And you are well-informed.

Alex: I'll call tomorrow with the time and place. And tell your local law enforcement friends to stay home.

Alex and Arguillo both hang up.

~Cut to Jim in hallway outside his hotel room. He hears a heartbeat from inside and he pulls his gun and bangs open the door. Blair and Megan are inside. Blair had been laying on the bed, but sits up as soon as Jim enters.~

Blair: Wait. Jim, don't shoot, man. It's only us.

Jim: (lowers gun and puts in away) What are you two doing here?

Megan: Oh, I heard you and Simon came to Sierra Verde without me so I thought I'd come and help you. Did you find her?

Jim: We know she's here. (hears jaguar growling, then sees vision of Alex, of jungle, parts of the temple, a large stone etching, then a grotto from which Alex emerges; Jim's face comes out of hers.)

Megan: Have you seen her?

Jim: Yeah, sort of. I got to meet Simon at the cafe.

Blair: Well... We'll just stay here.

Jim: (grabbing Blair's hand and yanking him after him) Come on. You're not getting off that easy.

~Cut to cafe. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Megan around a table. Still day.~

Simon: So basically what you're telling me is you decided to show up here without consulting me.

Megan: Well, technically, Captain, I'm employed by the New South Wales Police Department and, as such, I did contact my supervising officer in Australia and informed him of my intentions.

Blair: And I'm a civilian, so you can just consider me a concerned tourist.

Jim: I already played this game with them, Captain, and lost.

Simon: The point I'm trying to make, Connor--

Megan: Captain Banks, if our purpose is to find Alex Barnes, then four can do double the police work of two.

Ortega comes up to the table with papers.

Ortega: And if there are five? (hands Simon a paper) This is Sierra Verde's usual suspects.

Ortega sees a big tank heading their direction and quietly disappears. Jim and Megan see it as well and they both see the men with large guns beginning to aim in their direction.

Jim: Everybody get down!

The four of them run from the tank and the shooting. They go down several streets. Tank chases them. Eventually end up in a building where a wedding is taking place. Jim watches from inside as the tank goes by the building.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. In a church. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Megan are sleeping on wooden pews. Simon and Megan are asleep on side of church. Jim and Blair are on the other. Blair is in pew behind Jim's.~

Blair: You know, there's actual beds in the rectory. We obviously must have sinned to have deserved this.

Jim: Chief, why don't you save your confession for the morning?

Blair: (sits up) You know, we could've just stayed at the hotel, right -- I mean, underneath an alias?

Jim: We'll be safer here. Now, get some sleep, okay? (pushes Blair back with a hand on his forehead)

Blair: Hey, you know, uh... Did you ever see that movie, Cool Hand Luke? Paul Newman, he gets shot in a church.

Jim: Yeah, you know why? 'Cause he wouldn't stop talking.

Blair: (laughing) That's good.

Jim: I don't think anything's going to happen in a place where they worship.

Blair: (pause) Hey, you think Ortega's the one who set us up with Arguillo?

Jim: I don't know. It's possible. All I know is that we can only trust ourselves outside these walls. Now, come on. Get a little rest, huh? (pushes Blair back again)

Blair: Right, right. (pause) Hey, uh... Do you think it was Alex that set us up?

Jim: (sits up) I don't know, Chief. It would seem Arguillo's got the most to benefit from the possession of this toxin with his war on the government or whatever else he's got going on, you know. All I know is that we got to find a way to stop Alex from making delivery.

Blair: Right. God knows she doesn't want any interference. I mean, she already tried to kill me. (pause) Well, actually, I guess she did, huh?

Jim: Yeah. I don't think she wants to kill me. That's not what I'm getting from these visions.

Blair: That's it. That's our edge... Is these visions. You know, you should be asleep, man. (pushes Jim down on pew) You know, something might come to you. What are you doing messing around with me?

Blair lays back down.

~Cut to Alex sleeping. She and Jim have the same dream of the two of them running toward each other on a beach, meeting, and then kissing. Alex wakes up and gets out of bed.~

~Cut to Jim waking up and running out of church, stopping only to grab his button-up shirt to put on over his tank top. He has his gun in the holster at his back. A few moments later, Blair gets up.~

~Cut to Jim on the beach, just after sun rises. He runs down beach. Alex is on opposite end of beach, running toward him. They meet and start to kiss. Alex drags Jim's shirt off so it hangs from the back of his pants. They fall to their knees in the sand, still kissing. Blair appears from over the hill of sand and watches for a moment.~

Blair: Jim. What's going on?

They stop and look at Blair for moment.

Alex: (to Jim) We see together... And we're being drawn to it.

Alex grabs Jim's gun from his holster at his back and points it at Blair. Blair holds his hands up. (pause) Jim puts his hand over Alex's.

Jim: No. No.

Alex relinquishes the gun, then stands, and runs off. Jim stands and just watches her go. Blair comes up next to him.

Blair: Jim, come on... Stop her.

Jim tries to point gun, but can't. Drops gun in the sand.

~Cut to a bit later. Jim and Blair walking down the sand.~

Jim: I couldn't use the gun. I couldn't even point it at her, as if something held me back.

Blair: Something from the visions?

Jim: I don't know, maybe.

Blair: This could be the link we're looking for. Out on the beach, you and Alex recreated something you've already shared in a vision.

Jim: If that's the case, how far does it go?

Blair: I don't know. I mean, you dreamt of a jungle temple. Alex mentioned having similar dreams. I mean, there's a legend of the temple of light where sentinels go to receive spiritual guidance. I mean, there's also a grotto with magical waters in it where those who bathe in it would transform and they'd be allowed to see the eye of God.

Jim: I've seen it so many times in a vision with her, always with her. She's always in my dreams. I... Even down on the beach, I... It's as if something was controlling us.

Blair: Well, the... Sentinels originated as part of a warrior culture, right? I mean, uh, there's specific codes of behavior. I mean, there's mating rituals.

Jim: What are you saying -- I'm being, uh, controlled by some primitive sexual desire or instinct? I mean, wh--

Blair: Possibly, yes.

Jim: Well, if that's the case, I got to learn how to control it. You got to help me get a hold of it. Or else I'm not gonna be any good when I see her next time.

Blair: I don't know.

Jim: What do you mean you don't know? This is supposed to be your area.

Blair: This is beyond my area of research. I mean, a doorway has been opened here to, uh, to beyond, you know? I think you're being drawn back home.

Jim walks off.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, Simon, and Megan outside Arguillo's compound. Megan still in vehicle, fiddling with listening device. Day.~

Simon: Look, Connor, if you have everything all set up. Fire when ready.

Loud feedback squeals. Jim winces.

Jim: Uh, Connor...

Blair: I thought the Australian embassy swore by that gear.

Megan: They do, but it seems our Senor Arguillo spent more on countersurveillance equipment.

Simon: This isn't getting us anywhere. Can you hear anything?

Jim: No. I got to get closer somehow.

~Cut to Megan pulling up outside Arguillo's compound. Two guards come over to her. Night.~

Megan: Um... Excuse me. But, um, I'm looking for the house of Senor Rojas.

The guards look at each other and shake their heads.

~Cut to Jim sneaking into compound.~

~Cut back to Megan.~

Megan: I have a map. (shows map to guards)

~Cut back to Jim who is outside of the room Arguillo is in.~

Arguillo: (inside room) Lucito!

~Cut back to Megan.~

Megan: I think we're somewhere around this vicinity. Senor Rojas?

~Cut back to Jim going up to window outside of where Arguillo is to listen in to phone conversation.~

Arguillo: Bueno?

Alex: Six miles south of village of Monte Leon, there's a fork in the Zaragordo River.

Arguillo: I know the place.

Alex: I'll meet you on the west bank tomorrow at noon. If I see more than you and one other person, the deal is off and I sell to somebody else.

Argullo: I'll be there, preciosa. Ciao. (hangs up) Oye, Lucito.

~Cut to church where Blair is gathering up some of their stuff to take outside. Day. Megan comes in.~

Megan: I'll grab the rest.

Blair: Okay. (leaves)

Megan picks up some of Blair's stuff, including his backpack. Something falls out onto the pew. It's a book. She picks it up -- its reads "The Sentinels of Paraguay". She leafs through it and finds the picture of the warrior.

~Cut to the four of them going through the jungle. Jim stops them when he hears something. Day.~

Jim: A.T.V.'s by the water. This way. (heads off)

Blair and Simon follow him. Megan pauses a moment, looking after him, then follows.

~Cut to Arguillo and man waiting by river.~

~Cut to Jim and others arriving some distance away from meeting place.~

Jim: Take cover behind the log.

Jim and Blair on one side of plant in midst of log; Simon and Megan on other. Jim starts to hear something.

Jim: What is that?

Blair: What?

Helicopter whirring is heard. It lands next to water. Alex gets out and starts walking. She listens. Jim is also listening. Jim hears heartbeats.

Jim: There's something else down there.

Blair: Down there? Down where? Down by the river?

Jim focuses in and sees Arguillo's men hiding amidst debris around river; he stands up and calls out.

Jim: Alex! Get back. It's a trap.

Megan: What the hell is he doing?

Lots of gunfire exchanged. Alex gets away in helicopter.

Arguillo: Let's go! Let's go! (gets away as well; gunfire ceases)

Jim: Chief, you all right?

Blair: Yeah, I'm fine. But what is wrong with you?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim, Blair, Simon, and Megan walking along river.~

Simon: She got away with the damn nerve gas.

Jim: I can find her, Simon. Hold on a second. (crouches down to touch something on ground, sniffs it) I just don't know what will happen when I do.

Simon: We can't take that chance.

Jim sees vision helicopter crashing. Hears Alex cry "No!"

Blair: Jim, you all right?

Jim stands up.

Megan: Have we decided whose side you're on?

Blair: He's with us. Get the gas and the girl. We're back on track.

Megan: She was in a helicopter. By now, she could be halfway to Panama.

Jim: And that helicopter's leaking fuel. Let's just keep heading upriver. (takes off)

Simon: Jim, even if the chopper goes down, there's no way for us to track her in this bush. (pause) Aah, damnit. (to Blair and Megan) All right. I want you two to stay with him. I'm going to get help. Sandburg, I'm going to give you this. It's a G.P.S. Transponder. It'll help me locate you later.

Blair: Okay.

Simon: Stay with him.

Blair and Megan take off after Jim as Simon goes the other direction.

~Cut to Alex pushing her way through the jungle growth. She gets her stuff from the downed helicopter. She closes here eyes and sees vision of temple and herself in the grotto. Then she starts walking again.~

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Megan. Jim pauses for a moment to touch and sniff something from ground.~

Megan: Helicopter fuel?

Jim: Yeah. (keeps going)

Megan: (stops Blair) I've seen trackers in the outback, but never anything like that. A splash of petrol in the middle of the jungle?

Blair: Well, yeah. When he was in the rangers, he was the best in his unit.

Megan: That's not an answer.

Blair: Come on, Megan. We're falling behind. (follows Jim)

Megan follows as well.

~Cut to Alex. She stops to get a splash some water out of a small puddle on her face. She sees the reflection of the spotted jaguar in the water. The jaguar appears across from her, growling. It runs off. She follows it. It leads her to the big jaguar statue outside the Temple of the Sentinels.~

Alex: It's real. The temple of light.

~Cut back to Jim, Blair, and Megan. Jim wilts against a tree for a moment when he sees visions of Alex, spotted jaguar, and the Temple.~

Blair: Are you okay?

Jim: Yeah. Let's just keep moving.

~Cut to Alex entering Temple.~

~Cut to campfire scene. Night. Jim and Blair sitting up next to fire. Megan lying down, facing away from them on opposite side of fire.~

Blair: Megan, you want some coffee? Megan? (to Jim) She's asleep.

Jim: Alex found the temple.

Blair: How do you know?

Jim: I saw it.

Blair: Man, that's incredible. (pause) How are you feeling about Alex?

Jim: I know I need to stop her, but I also feel like I have to protect her somehow.

Blair: Which one is stronger?

Jim: I don't know.

Blair: Well, you need something that you can focus on -- something you can control -- because what happened at the riverbank today cannot happen again, Jim.

Megan opens her eyes on the other side of the fire.

~Cut to Simon lying in wait for Captain Ortega in his office. Ortega comes in; Simon grabs him and holds him in a chokehold.~

Simon: When was your last confession?

Ortega: If Arguillo acted on information and tried to kill you, that is not my sin.

Simon: Did your friend Arguillo tell you that he's going after nerve gas?! You're about to be capitan of a graveyard -- you and your son. (releases Ortega) How can you look the other way when the problem surrounds you?

~Cut to Jim having a dream. He is walking through jungle and stops when he sees Incacha.~

Jim: Incacha.

Incacha: Finally, you have come.

Jim: How am I seeing you?

Incacha: My body is dead, but my spirit lives on within you. Your journey has been long. Now you must face your most difficult trial.

Jim: It's as if I have no power to control my feelings.

Incacha: Power can lead to truth or corruption. You must choose your path. But you must go alone. The danger you face is not to be shared by your friends.

Jim: How will I know the right path?

Incacha: You already do.

A bright light shines. Jim sees the temple for a moment, then he wakes up. He gets up and leaves.

~Cut to next morning. Blair and Megan picking up campsite.~

Blair: He's gone. His trail just leads off into the jungle and then it just vanishes.

Megan: Why would he leave us?

Blair: I don't know. Maybe he didn't have a choice, you know. I think the best thing that we can do is head in that direction and hopefully find him.

Megan: Sandy...

Blair: Yeah?

Megan: Is Jim a sentinel?

Blair looks up, pauses, then goes back to packing. Megan stands and goes over to him.

Megan: I found your book -- The Sentinels of Paraguay. Then I started to put it together. All those times I couldn't understand why he knew things, saw things. That's what it is, isn't it? (pause) And Alex Barnes-- is she one, too?

Blair just looks at her, not answering.

~Cut to Jim pushing his way through the jungle growth. He comes upon the temple and goes up steps to entrance (which is still open). Alex is just inside. She shoots him with a dart in the neck. He goes down.~

~Cut to Jim in one of the water-filled grottos, unable to move, just waking up. Alex appears next to him.~

Alex: It's no use trying to move. The drug on the dart is still in your system. It's amazing, isn't it? The early sentinels discovered that extreme isolation in these chamber pools heightens the senses especially when accompanied by a drink made from local plants and herbs. I found the instructions carved on the wall. It was a 2,000-year-old language and yet, somehow, I understood. I tried it last night... And I saw inside myself -- my true being.

Jim: Alex, you're moving way too fast. This knowledge has to come from understanding, not in some kind of drink.

Alex: My sensory awareness has doubled. There's so much more to experience. I want you to see what I see, feel what I feel.

Jim: Listen to me.

Alex: No. You listen... And see... And feel. (she kisses him, then gives him more of drink) I'll be back... After I've seen the eye of God.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene of Jim in grotto. He begins to have a vision, seeing and hearing things from the past. Scenes of when he was found in Peru. Jim saying "My obligation is to help the people." Man saying "They could have killed us already." Blair saying "You could be the real thing. I know about your time in Peru." Scenes of his decision to choose to become a full sentinel during the trip to Peru to save Simon and Daryl. Sprit guide saying "Are you prepared to make such a journey?"

Jim screams.

~Cut to Megan and Blair finding downed helicopter. Blair looks inside.~

Blair: The pilot's dead. There's no sign of Alex or the nerve gas.

Arguillo and men appear with guns.

Arguillo: Are you still lost, Senorita?

Megan: I'm a police officer.

Arguillo: There's bodies of police officers spread all over this jungle. Either one way or another. Drop the bag. Come on, let's go.

~Cut to Jim (still screaming) in grotto and more of his vision. He sees people (Megan, Simon) beings shot, explosion, fights.~

Jim: No! Incacha, help me!

Incacha appears in his vision.

Incacha: Why do you call me?

Jim: I'm losing my mind.

Incacha: Do not be afraid to walk through your dreams. You must allow your spirit to speak.

Jim: But all I see is death in my dreams.

Incacha: If there is darkness, then you must face it. The darkness will flee from the light. But the light must shine from within. I cannot bring it to you. What do you see?

Jim sees vision of himself shooting the wolf and it morphing into Blair.

Incacha: What do you fear?

~Jim sees visions of past and future and hears the voices that go with it. He sees Danny dead; Blair saying "He's gone." He sees Blair reaching for him in the vat of oil; Blair saying "Jim!" He sees Veronica on the bus saying "You let him die" over an image of Blair dead at the fountain. He sees explosions and gunfire and past cases.~

Jim: This is not me!

The visions stop. He can move. Water dripping from his fingertips sounds extra loud. He slowly gets out of grotto, goes over to second grotto just a few feet away. Alex is there.

Jim: Alex?

He about touches her when he hears voices approaching outside. Arguillo has arrived. Jim picks up his gun.

~Cut to Arguillo. He motions for men to go up and get Alex and the nerve gas. Blair and Megan are with them, both with their hands tied behind their backs.~

Arguillo: You guys stay here.

Two men go up to temple. Jim takes them both out. Jim lets himself be seen by the entrance.

Arguillo: There he is! (he fires, Jim ducks back inside) Calderon, you go!

Calderon goes up, looks for Jim. Jim takes him out as well.

Arguillo: Calderon! Calderon! You know what? You two come with me, okay? And you do as I say, comprende? Let's go. (goes up into temple, taking Blair and Megan with him) Get down.

Megan and Blair kneel on ground.

Arguillo: Show yourself, you coward!

Jim takes Arguillo out, knocking him unconscious, then starts to untie Blair and Megan.

Jim: You all right?

Blair: Yeah.

Alex wakes up and sits up in other grotto.

Jim: Alex.

Alex: I'm home. I can feel the vibrations of the earth itself. I can hear the clouds moving in the sky. I can see the molecules in a drop of water. I want to share this with you.

Jim stands and walks toward her.

Jim: Alex, this isn't home. It's time to go now.

Alex: You need to see as I see. (takes a canister of nerve gas)

Jim: Put that down.

Alex: Are you afraid?

Jim: If you open that up, we all die. Now, put it down.

Alex: Once I've cleansed the world and you've left your flesh behind, maybe then you'll understand what I've seen.

Jim: Alex, this isn't the way of a sentinel. We got to watch over and protect people.

Alex: There's so much you don't know. But you will. (starts to open canister)

Jim: (walks over to her) Alex, look at me. Look at me! This isn't you. This isn't the real you. That lies deep within you. Listen to that voice deep inside of you and let it guide you. You wanted to unite our vision. (holds out his hand) Let's do it together. Give me your hand. Come on.

They entwine hands and kiss; have a vision again; Alex falls backwards into fire.

Alex: (cries out) My skin -- it's on fire! My ears! (falls backwards onto side of grotto)

Jim: What? What? (takes canister and puts it in water)

Alex: Oh! My eyes!

Jim: Let me see. Wait, Alex. Easy, easy, easy. Shh. Shh. Shh.

Alex: We were one. We were one.

Jim: Alex! Alex! Alex! Alex, breathe.

~Cut to jungle. Simon, Megan, and Blair watch authorities take a catatonic Alex by on a gurney.~

Blair: The second time she went into the grotto, it must have been too much for her, and, uh...

Megan: She fried her circuits -- put her sentinel senses on overload.

Blair: Uh...basically, yes. (walks to Jim)

Megan: A question, Captain. How much of this should I put in my report?

Simon: That's up to you, Inspector. (walks off)

Megan follows him out.

~Pan to Jim and Blair. Jim seated on a rock in front on the Temple. Blair stands beside and just behind him.~

Blair: Hey, man. Are you okay?

Jim: You know, when I got out of that grotto, I realized I had it all laid out right in front of me -- All the answers to it all. But in one way, you know, I just wanted to go back in there so bad. I mean, just...

Blair: But you didn't.

Jim: No.

Blair: See, that's the difference between you two. She lost her way.

Last view of the Temple and a roar of a jaguar.

~ The End ~