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Four Point Shot

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: Danny Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Robert Knott (Garrett Kincaid), Drancy Jackson (Daryl Banks), Ken Earl (Joel Taggart), Brent Stait (McBride), Lorenzen Wright ( ), Malik Sealy ( ), Muggsy Boggs ( ), Kurt Rambis (Coach Brianski), Damon Stoudamire ( ), Kiki Vandeweghe ( ), Clyde Drexler (Orvelle Wallace), Sean Campbell (Southern), Demetri Goritsas (Richie Berman), Ewan "Sudsy" Clark (Preston Crawford), Karen Konoval (Nancy), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Marrett Green (Newscaster).

Summary: Banks' son is taken hostage by a paramilitary unit during a basketball game that's being broadcast to a national TV audience. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

Notes: Sequel to both Siege and Three Point Shot.

This episode was originally broadcast on February 15, 1999.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cascade Sports Arena. Jim in blue Cascade PD basketball jersey with the basketball, dribbling it down the court. A player in a white jersey with the name "Sloman" bumps into him and knocks him over.~

Jim: I should run you in for assaulting an officer. Give you a ticket.

Sloman: Man, you could cuff me and I'll still outscore you.

~Pan to Jim pacing over to Simon, also wearing a blue jersey. Daryl walks up to hand Jim a cup of water.~

Jim: I thought this was supposed to be a friendly public service game. (to Daryl) Thank you.

Simon: You're the one that turned it into a blood sport by betting them we'd stay within 20.

Jim: Yeah, well, so far it's only been my blood.

Simon: What's up with you and Sloman anyway?

Jim: I don't know. He must hold me responsible for Roshman's death.

Simon: Jim, Roshman was gunned down in cold blood. We did everything we could, but... Sometimes that's just not enough.

Jim: Yeah. (looks up toward stadium seating and sees Blair jogging down the steps) Well, look who's coming. The starting guard for the Woodstock All-Stars.

Blair stops on the court to chat with several of the professional players.

Blair: Hey, guys, what's up? How you been?

Player: What's up, tiny? Big guy. How you doing?

Blair: I'm growing a couple inches. (lifts his arms above his head)

Jim: I feel like I'm watching an old Pauly Shore movie.

Simon laughs.

Blair: You gaining weight?

Player: A little bit.

Blair: (stopping next to really short player) Oh, yeah. I got you.

Player: Yeah, and I'll post you up, too.

Blair: I'm looking forward to it. Coach, what's up? You suiting up?

Coach: Yeah, you got a problem with that?

Blair: No, I just hope you brought your game.

Coach: Get out of here, you knucklehead.

Blair joins Jim and Simon.

Blair: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. Had to finish a lecture. Changed in my car. So, uh, when am I going in, coach?

Simon: Don't worry, Sandburg. You're going to play. But legally, you're not even here.

Jim; Yeah, it's an insurance thing, Chief.

Blair: What are you guys talking about? They're going to be filming me. You both know that.

Jim: They can't, Chief.

Blair: Come on, guys, I'm out there every day getting shot at. I get kidnapped. I deserve to be in this commercial. Besides, I already told everybody.

Jim and Simon together: What's her name?

Simon walks off.

Richie: Excuse me, guys. Richie Berman. I'm with the Jags. I'm just doing a little roll call for the film people.

Jim: Hi, Richie. I'm Jim Ellison...

Richie: We know you, Detective, after what you did for Orvelle last year.

Blair: Well, he did have a little help getting Orvelle out of that murder rap.

Jim: Yes, you did. Come on.

Richie: And you are?

Blair: Uh, cut out. (walks off)

Jim: Chief.

~Pan to Daryl and Simon on sidelines.~

Daryl: Look, I can get into the Academy in six months when I turn 18.

Simon: And give up a full scholarship? Boy, you lost your mind.

Blair joins them.

Daryl: Hey, Blair, help me out, man. Me and my dad is arguing and I want to know what you think.

Blair: Well, legally, I'm not here, but go ahead.

Daryl: All right, look. Why should I go to college and study about some crap I don't even care about when I just want to be a cop like my dad?

Simon: There are better things for you to do with your life besides being a cop.

Daryl: Yeah, but it was good enough for you. Or are you trying to say that I'm not good enough?

Simon: Of course I'm not saying that. All I'm saying... It's dangerous work for not enough pay. Now, you get into a good school, you can write your own ticket. I'm not finished here, all right?

Simon walks away to talk to two officers at entrance area.

Blair: If you feel passionate enough, I think you should do it, no matter who objects! Just keep working on him. That's what I'd do.

~Pan to Simon talking to an officers on sidelines.~

Simon: I want a task force unit formed right away to monitor this situation and I want updates every 15 minutes. (Blair comes up next to him.) With Kincaid on the loose there will be something to report. I want to know about it before it happens.

Officers leave.

Simon: What do you want, Sandburg?

Blair: Kincaid?

Simon: Yeah, he escaped from a prison work detail near the Oregon border. The guards were jumped by a group of his Sunrise Patriots. Come on, let's hurry up. We got to cut this game short.

Simon heads into the court.

Daryl: (to Blair) Hey, what's going on?

Blair: Garrett Kincaid escaped from prison.

Daryl: What? (stands up)

Blair: Oh, uh, you all right?

Daryl: Yeah, yeah, I'm all right. I'm all right.

Blair: You sure?

Daryl: Yeah.

Daryl sits back down as Blair goes into the game. As the game is played, Daryl has flashback memories of what happened when in Kincaid took over the station three years before (Siege). Remembers being dangled from window.

Daryl: Dad? Dad.

Jim uses his sight to get a shot over Sloman.

Jim: Yeah. You can open your eyes now. You'll see it on the 7:00 News, baby.

Sloman deliberately shoves Jim over onto the court. Jim hits the back of his head and his hearing temporarily echoes.

Player: (to Sloman) Oh, man. Good hit.

Coach helps Jim up.

Coach: You all right?

Jim: Yeah, thank you. What's the deal, Sloman?

Sloman: I don't like you.

Jim: You don't even know me.

Sloman: Yeah, well, lucky for me. Otherwise, I might have ended up like Roshman.

Jim: You know...

Simon comes over and intervenes, pulling Jim away.

Simon: Hey, come on. Shake it off. You're better than that. He just lost a friend.

Jim: Losing a friend I can understand, but taking a grudge out on me-- come on!

Daryl: Hey, Dad, how come you didn't tell me that bastard was loose?

Simon: Don't worry about it, Daryl. We'll catch him. (to Blair) He still has nightmares.

Blair: You kidding me? Join the club.

Daryl: Give me a break, man. I was just a kid.

Simon: It's nothing to be ashamed of, Son. I still have nightmares about that, too.

Jim: Captain, I've about had it up to here with the sportsmanship thing. I'm going out for a little payback.

Simon: Hey, hey, hey. Save it. You'll need it elsewhere. Kincaid was sprung from prison.

~Cut to Simon's office where Simon is talking on the phone. Daryl paces in front of his desk.~

Simon: Look, we've had experience with this guy before. He and his militia took over our precinct. He doesn't do anything in a small way. It's all politically motivated.... Yes, I understand, but... All right.... All right, thanks. You let me know.

Daryl: What'd he say?

Simon: State patrol has jurisdiction. They've notified departments in neighboring states. They want our cooperation But they don't want us to get in the way.

Daryl: I don't get it.

Simon: Politics, Son, pure and simple.

Daryl: I still don't get it.

Simon: One day you will.

Daryl: Hey, Dad, why do you treat me like this? I mean, I'm going to college next year and you treat me like I'm a little kid.

Simon: If I thought that, Daryl, you wouldn't even be here discussing the case with me.

Daryl: Naw, see, you think I'm still scared of the dark. You think I'm scared of Mr. Big, Bad Garrett Kincaid. Dad, I'm not.

Simon: Daryl...

Daryl leaves, passing Jim and Blair on their way in.

Jim: Hey, Daryl, what's up?

Daryl: Hey.

Blair: He still freaked out about Kincaid?

Simon: Yeah, but he won't admit it. You realize he wants to give up a full scholarship to Duke to go to the Police Academy?

Jim: Wow... You must be proud as hell.

Blair: Not.

Simon: Hey, you stay out of this.

Simon's desk phone rings.

Blair: It's his life, Simon.

Simon: Spoken like a man who has no children... That he knows of, anyway. (answers phone) Banks.... All right, good. (hangs up) We have visitors.

~Pan to Sloman and another player, Andre, coming into bullpen.~

Simon: Well, well, well.

Andre: Hey, Captain. Great game the other night.

Blair: What are you talking about? You guys wiped the floor with us.

Sloman: Yeah... With him.

Jim: You sure did.

Sloman: I've never seen an old guy shoot like that before.

Jim: Wait till you see my two-handed set shot.

Simon: To what do we owe this pleasure?

Andre: Remember my scorekeeper, Richie Berman?

Jim: Yeah, the guy that checked us in the game?

Andre: Yeah. He has no family, so we sort of adopted him.

Sloman: But no one's seen him since the benefit.

Blair: So what do you think something happened to him? It's only been a day and a half. Maybe he went out of town.

Sloman: This team's his life. For him to disappear, it's not like him at all.

Simon: Give us his address. I'll have somebody look into it.

Jim: I'll take care of it, sir.

Sloman: Hmm, yeah, we know we can count on you. (leaves)

Jim: What a sweet disposition.

Andre: Sorry, man, he's way out of line.

Jim: Ah, don't worry about it.

Andre: Oh... I almost forgot. Got you some tickets for today's game. (gives tickets to Blair)

Blair: Oh, let me see that.

Jim: Nice.

Blair: Look at that! Sixth row! Thanks, Andre. Thanks a lot, man.

Andre leaves. Jim takes tickets to put in his inside jacket pocket. Blair tries to stop him. Jim doesn't let him. Meanwhile, Simon is talking on the phone.

Simon: Banks.... All right, I'll have someone check it out. (hangs up) Uh, Jim... I got a report of a possible homicide over on mountain-- parking garage, 1300 block. Want to check it out?

Jim: On my way, sir.

Simon: Oh, one second. (opens Jim's jacket and takes out the 3 basketball tickets)

Jim: Can't we work something out?

Simon: Oh, no, no, no. You won't be needing these. Right. Bye, boys.

Blair: Oh, that's cold.

Simon: (chuckling as he goes into his office) I'm goin' to the game...

~Cut to murder scene. Day. Jim and Blair pull up in the truck.~

Jim: I'm Detective Ellison. He's with me. What do we got?

Officer: Guy passing through found him about a half hour ago. No I.D. Looks like a mugging that went bad.

Jim: I'll take over from here. Thank you.

Jim and Blair crouch next to body. Jim touches dead man's temple.

Jim: He was blindfolded. It must have been removed after he was killed. (looks around, sees something in distance and focuses on it) There's a dog tag down there. Has "duty, honor, freedom" written on it.

Blair: Kincaid.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes bullpen. Jim and Simon walking and talking.~

Jim: ...Print on it that doesn't match our John Doe's.

Simon: If one of Kincaid's wackos executed this guy, wy would he leave this behind to identify himself?

Jim: He wouldn't. Maybe it's his idea of a greeting card--wants us to know he's coming back.

Simon: If that's the case, that means he has a plan and we're nowhere.

Jim: State patrol's got the highways, railroads, and airports covered. No sign of him yet.

Jim and Simon stop by the elevators to meet up with Joel and Blair coming out of elevator.

Blair: Oh, perfect. Guys, Joel I.D.'D the dog tag victim.

Joel: Name is Blake Cassidine. He worked in the Hall of Records.

Simon: Weren't you and Brown working on the warehouse robbery?

Joel: We wrapped that yesterday. The file is on your desk. If Kincaid is on the loose, Simon, I want in.

Simon nods and then walks off.

Joel: I ran into Blair coming up here. He filled me in on this Cassidine thing. Anything I can do to help?

Jim: It's not related to Kincaid, but it could save me some time.

Joel: Whatever you need.

Jim: This guy works for the Jags-- His name is Richie Berman. B-e-r-m-a-n. Possible missing person.

Joel: You got it. See you later, Blair. (leaves)

Blair: Later, Joel.

Blair: I guess we're off to see Cassidine.

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: I guess this means, uh... No floor seats.

They go into elevator.

Jim: There's no sense in both of us missing the game. I can follow this up on my own, I guess.

Blair: Oh, I don't know. I think I'd feel too guilty. I couldn't do that. (pause, then he dashes out of the elevator as the doors close) But if you insist.

~Cut to Jim waiting at a counter at the Hall of Records. The receptionist, Nancy, is busy and not paying him much attention.~

Nancy: Be right with you, Detective.

Jim: Ma'am, I just need to ask you about Blake Cassidine.

Nancy: Blake didn't show up for work today.

Jim: No kidding. Is there any way...

The phone rings and Nancy answers it.

Nancy: Hello? Yes, Mr. White. I'll bring the file down. (hangs up) Sorry. It's my supervisor. Be right back.

~Cut to sports arena. Simon, Daryl, and Blair are there, standing courtside.~

Blair: Is this cool, or what? Coach Brianski breaking out of practice just to come over and say hello to me.

Coach walks over towards them.

Blair: Hey, coach.

Coach gives him a funny look and keeps going, shaking the hand of an older man several feet away.

Crawford: How you doing, Coach?

Coach: I'm doing well. How are you?

Daryl: Who's that guy?

Simon: That's Preston Crawford. He owns half the steel mills along the Pacific Rim.

Blair: And 30 percent of the Jags. Never misses a game.

Daryl: Looks like he just came out of the home to me.

Blair: Except his home is a mansion with 32 rooms. They say it's the only reason he ever leaves his house -- is to go to games.

They go off to sit down.

Coach: You'll get one, sir. Our team's ready to play.

Crawford: This is your promise?

~Cut back to Jim at the Hall of Records when Nancy returns.~

Jim: Listen, uh...

Nancy: Nancy.

Jim: Nancy, um... I have some bad news. Blake was killed.

Nancy: Oh, my god. That's awful. But, honestly, I can't say I'm surprised.

Jim: Why is that?

Nancy: Well, I didn't know him very well, but he seemed kind of mad at the world, I guess. Always talking about guns -- he and his buddies would go to the woods and shoot them off.

Jim: Did he ever mention Garrett Kincaid or the Sunrise Patriots?

Nancy: Yeah, a few times. I remember he watched every minute of Kincaid's trial on TV.

Jim: When was the last time you saw him?

Nancy: Yesterday. Blake and one of his brush-cut buddies came in, pulled a few blueprints, took them into the viewing rooms. I heard them arguing through the door. Blake kept saying that it was crazy and there had to be a better way.

Jim: What blueprints did he pull?

Nancy: I'll check the log.

~Cut to sports arena. Simon in his seat.~

Announcer: Well, we have a good one here this afternoon. Spirit with the basketball now as they bring the ball up court. ...Stolen by Ivers. ...The ball ahead to Sloman. Sloman works with it.

Coach: Set the pick, Kenderson, set the pick.

Announcer: Working inside... There's Kenderson, still working the inside. Going for the right-hand jumper... No good.

Simon: Come on, ref! That's a foul!

Announcer: ...Taken inside by Kenderson for the slam dunk! So the Jaguars have it going and have it going good

Here in the early going. The Spirit will bring the ball back up court right now, but they're reeling just a bit.

~Cut to Blair and Daryl getting a hot dog at a concession stand.~

Daryl: And you had to have a hot dog now?

Blair: You didn't have to come with me.

Daryl: Yeah, well, you didn't have to offer to buy them.

Orvelle: I'm buying.

Blair: Orvelle, how are you?

Orvelle: Blair, how you doing? Simon said I'd find you here. Daryl, right?

Daryl: Oh, oh, yeah. Wow, Orvelle Wallace. Man, I grew up watching you play basketball. I'm your biggest fan.

Orvelle: Dave Lyons, my assistant coach. Daryl is Simon's son. And this guy helped get me out of that murder rap.

Blair: Well, I tell you what. Instead of buying us these hot dogs, you can pay me back by bringing Rainier a winning season. How about that?

Orvelle: Blair, I think l'd still better buy you those dogs.

Blair: Uh, that's not a good sign.

~Cut to scene of a darkened room where four men are tied up; all are in t-shirts and shorts. A security guard comes in, but is knocked unconscious from behind by one of Kincaid's men, McBride (recognized by previous episode Siege).~

~Cut to Jim at Hall of Records still waiting for blueprints. Jim's phone rings and he answers it. Switch back and forth between him and Joel's view during phone call. ~

Jim: Ellison.

Joel: Hey, Jim, it's Joel. I'm at Richie Berman's apartment and, man, let me put it this way, the Jags were just a pit stop on the great road of fandom for our boy Richie. Man, this place is like a shrine to Kincaid.

Jim: Everything keeps twisting back to Kincaid.

Joel: Right.

Jim: Look, I'm still working on this Cassadine angle. Why don't I get back to you later on.

Joel: Right.

Jim hangs up phone.

Jim: Nancy... I just need the blueprints. I don't need you to build it for me.

~Cut back to outside main arena. Announcer voice is heard over speakers as McBride strides down hallway; more of Kincaid's men, including hot dog concessioner, have guns.~

Announcer: The first quarter's in the books. It was a dandy, especially for the Jaguars. They're up 24-19 over the Spirit at the end of one and we get set to go in the second quarter. Sloman was just terrific for the Jaguars -- 12 points -- half of his team's total in the opening period of play.

McBride: Let's go!

Announcer: Play is getting underway now in the second quarter. Jaguars will bring the ball up court. Ivers has it. Petty comes in. Knocks the ball away And calls time-out as he's falling out of bounds.

~Cut to main arena.~

Kenderson: Don't worry about it, Sloman.

Sloman: Man.

Richie appears, handing out towels.

Ivers: Hey, Richie, where you been?

Kenderson: Yeah, we were worried about you, man.

Richie: Listen, guys, you just do as I say and you won't get hurt. Okay? (walks away)

Ivers: What's he been smoking?

Kenderson: I don't know.

~Cut to Jim.~

Nancy: These are the drawings Blake and his friends checked out yesterday, Detective.

Jim looks at a computer screen and reads "Cas. Sports Arena."

~Cut to sports arena. Kincaid's men are putting on arm badges. Inside Simon, still by himself, is standing and yelling as the Jags play.~

Announcer: What a great afternoon of basketball! The Jags have a three-point lead and they have the basketball. They'll bring the ball up-court now. Van Adams will be the ball- handler now for the Jaguars. You got the ball! Kenderson watches the ball go inside... He's going up to get it. Yes! What a ball game! The fans are loving it. We're loving it, too.

~Cut to Jim.~

Jim: Nancy, I need the direct line for arena security, please. (pulls out his cellphone) This is Detective Ellison. I have reason to believe that Kincaid is planning an armed action at the sports arena. I need all available units there, pronto. And notify the state patrol.

Nancy: Here's the number.

~Cut to arena.~

Announcer: Kern with the ball inside. The slam-dunk! Jaguar fans getting a little bit anxious here at Cascade Arena...

~Cut to A/V booth where McBride and men break in.~

McBride: Everybody relax. Follow instructions, nobody will be hurt. Deviate from the instructions, you will be shot. Get these guys in the back and cuff 'em. Let's do it now. Let's go. (into radio link) General, we're in, 30 seconds.

Announcer: It's no good! Ivers works with Nicholas over to Sloman. Sloman looks to the side, can't go there. Back out front...

Orvelle and Lyons see two men cutting wires, then are caught by two other of Kincaid's men.

~Cut to Jim on phone.~

Jim: Detective Ellison with Cascade P.D. I need to speak to your chief of security... (phone goes dead) Hello? Hello? (hangs up) I'm going to need a hard copy of those plans.

Nancy: Right away.

~Cut back to arena.~

Announcer: Two and a half minutes to go in the first half of play. Jaguars going back to work. Kenderson wants the basketball inside. Ball back out front. They'll work it around to van Adams to Sloman To Ivers. Ivers putting the ball on the floor. He'll rise and shoot. And... Jaguars have now forged a seven-point lead at 49 to 42. The ball back up-court. Wrap-around pass. They come to Bronsky off the bench. He goes over to Regan. Regan kicks the ball inside to Kenner.

Simon looks over and sees Southern (from Siege) appear on courtside, dressed as a security guard

Announcer: The ball is taken by the Jaguars! Jaguars back on the attack once again. Ivers brings the basketball down the middle. He's looking for Sloman. Sloman has the ball. He'll rise and shoot it.

Lights go out.

Announcer: Wait! The lights have just gone out in the building. Power failure here at Cascade Arena. What's going on? Players are on the floor. Here at Cascade Arena, the lights have gone out...

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Sports Arena. Blair and Daryl come in from top of stairs. There is a Sunrise Patriots symbol on all panels of the scoreboard.~

Blair: What is this? Oh, no... Damn, talk about deja vu. I'm not up for this, Daryl.

~Pan to court. Coach and players are milling around.~

Petty: What the hell's going on, guys?

Richie appears with a gun.

Richie: Be cool, all right? It's all for a good cause. Let's go, gentlemen.

Petty: Where are you taking us?

Richie: Move it, Petty.

Petty: Screw you.

Kincaid appears and shoots Petty.

Player: Man! You shot him!

Kincaid: Just taking my foul shot.

Player: Hey, what's going...

Kincaid: Back up. The next one's through the hoop.

Coach: For god's sakes, let us help him, please.

Kincaid: Be quick about it.

Players: All right, let's go. Come on. Don't worry, Petty, you'll be okay. We'll take care of you.

Simon begins to sneak carefully out of the row.

~Cut to outside. Day. Police vehicles and media are surrounding the arena. Jim pulls up.~

Jim: Folks, would you get the camera out of here? Please back up a safe distance behind the tape, please. (joins Joel, Brown, and Rafe) Taggart, how the hell the media get here so fast?

Joel: The game's on national television.

Brown: Air support reports snipers on the roof. Now we're trying to put our snipers in position, but the choppers will have to stay back.

Rafe: The whole place is locked up real tight and they've jammed cell phones.

Joel: What the hell do they want?

Media person: They're back on the air.

~Cut to arena. Kincaid stands in the middle of the court, talking into a microphone, surrounded by a spotlight, holding a gun.~

Kincaid: Ladies and gentlemen... My name is Garrett Kincaid and my cause is freedom.

Blair and Daryl, still standing at the top of the stairs, duck into a row, as one of Kincaid's men comes up the stairs. Simon grabs the sunglasses from someone sitting in front of him and puts them on.

Kincaid: And it is my duty and my honor to champion that cause for every one of ya. 'Cause when the millennium comes, and the corrupt American government turns against you, the people of this country, we will do battle on your behalf to restore this country to the vision of its original patriots. Hell, I'm just a humble servant in this new revolution.

Simon then takes a hat from someone and sits in the end of the row, in the aisle seat.

Kincaid: But I'm also the most hard-headed son of a bitch you'll ever meet on God's green earth.

Joel: (outside watching the feed with Jim) And the most insane.

Kincaid: Now you can join in the cause and fall in behind us, or you can fall like wheat in the coming storm. Are we clear on this? (shoots his gun into the air when there is no response) I said are we clear on that?

Crowd: Yeah, yes.

Kincaid: Soldiers... Get the enemy of the people to his feet.

Kincaid's men haul Preston Crawford out to the middle of the court.

Kincaid: I give you Preston Crawford whose wealth was bled from the common laborer. Come here. Isn't that right... Preston? Can I call you Preston?

Crawford: I don't mind.

Kincaid: So here's what you're going to do, Preston. You're going to go upstairs with my people, call your bank, and transfer $150 million to the account of my choice. You understand that?

Crawford: Yeah.

Kincaid: Once you make that donation, I'll let all your franchise players go. You can appreciate their value, right?

If not -- anything goes wrong, I'll slaughter every one of them. And then I'll start on your fans. And when I'm done, it'll look like ground zero of Armageddon. You catch my drift, Hoss?

Crawford: Yes.

Kincaid: Good. Get your ass on up there! (soldiers take Crawford away) How 'bout a little music?! Nobody says that we can't have a little fun while we wait. Come on out here, girls. Come on. Get on out here!

Soldier: You heard what he said. Move out.

Cheerleaders go out to the court.

Kincaid: Give us a little routine. Here we go. Come on, girls! You can do better than that, come on.

Cheerleaders start to dance and Kincaid dances with them.

~Pan up to Daryl and Blair. Daryl starts to stand.~

Blair: Sit down.

Daryl: We have to do something.

Blair: Like what, you want to go out there and dance?

Kincaid: Let's go. Yeah. Whoo!

~Cut to Jim and Joel outside looking at arena plans.~

Jim: They've got the side entrances all covered. Unless we take out their snipers, the roof access is out of the question as well.

Joel: If we take out the snipers, they'll retaliate against the people inside. Kincaid's crazy, but he's done his homework.

Jim: Yeah, and then some. Listen to this. About ten years ago the air-conditioning system was completely overhauled. The old contractor tried to cut corners. The system had to be completely removed and a new one put in its place. Check this out. These are the old compressors, right? The new compressors are in a completely different position.

Joel: Jim, where are you going with this?

Jim: Maybe I can get through the old duct system.

Joel: What about the snipers?

Jim: Yeah, I just got to find an opening.

~Cut back to Kincaid, still dancing with the cheerleaders.~

Kincaid: Come on, now. Come on, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Come on. Yeah! Yeah! Give it up! Come on, now! Come on, people. Give it up. How 'bout that? How 'bout it for those dancing girls? Yeah. That's good! This is good! This is good!

Simon comes out of the row and pulls his gun, aiming at Kincaid, whose back is turned.

Simon: This is better, Kincaid!

Kincaid: (turns) Whoa, well, if it isn't my favorite pig, Captain Banks. Why don't you look around you? (gestures to other men, all with guns)

~Cut to outside where Joel is watching feed.~

Joel: Jim, better come look at this. They've got Simon. (Jim joins him.) We got to make a move.

~Cut back to inside. Kincaid rips the hat off Simon.~

Kincaid: Where'd you get that stupid disguise, huh?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Sports Arena. Same scene. Simon has his hands up and is being checked for more weapons.~

Kincaid: ...Not the half-time show you had in mind, huh?

Simon: Don't be so sure of yourself, Kincaid. Do you really think my presence here was a coincidence?

Kincaid: You remember McBride, don't you?

McBride: Banks.

Kincaid: (pushes Simon away) Get him upstairs. Get him out of here. Get him upstairs. Get him up there. (they starts up the stairs) Audacity, McBride. That's what made this country great and will again. What's the arrangements?

McBride: They want five million, sir, and they guarantee safe passage.

Kincaid: Five million?

McBride: Yes, sir.

Kincaid: What'd our Russian friends do? Reevaluate their cargo?

Blair and Daryl watch, then Blair gets up.

Blair: (to Daryl) Come on. (to other person in row) Excuse me.

~Cut to outside. Jim and Joel still watching feed in media van. Voice comes over Joel's radio link.~

Radio link: We have movement on the north perimeter.

Joel: This is Taggart. That is an unauthorized operation. Investigate with caution.

Another monitor shows someone walking toward the arena.

Jim: What is that?

Media guy: It's a live news crew feed.

Jim: You gotta pull them back.

Media guy: It's not our crew. It's channel 3.

~Cut to inside arena, in hallway. Kincaid and McBride talking, Simon behind them.~

McBride: General, we have media inside the perimeter.

Kincaid: Local or national?

McBride: Local, sir.

Kincaid: Shoot 'em.

McBride: Yes, sir.

~Cut to outside. Jim spots sniper on the roof. Kincaid's sniper shoots one of the news guys.~

Joel: (into radio link) We got a man down on north perimeter. Get a paramedic unit in there.

Jim: Joel, don't. They could shoot them, too.

~Cut to inside communications booth.~

Kincaid: Soldier? C.F.D. Operations channel, quick. Like now. You know how to do that? (into radio) This is Garret Kincaid. I need to speak with somebody an the ground team out there. Anybody who's got any brains.

~Cut back and forth between inside and outside throughout conversation.~

Joel: This is Detective Taggart.

Kincaid: Well, by god. How you doing, Taggart? How's that leg of yours? I'll bet it hurts when she rains, doesn't it, huh? Let me tell you something: You're running an awfully weak perimeter out there. Next person that crosses over that line, we shoot to kill, and you, Taggart, of all people, should know that.

Joel: You wounded a civilian. Let us send in a paramedic unit.

Kincaid: No! Negative. Taggart... We established a line. He crossed it. That's the news. Good night, God bless. (hangs up)

Simon: Kincaid?

Kincaid: What?! What?!

Simon: If you didn't want this media circus, you would've taken over a trailer park. Now, why let that man bleed to death simply because he was trying to get you better coverage? Half the nation is watching. Might improve your image.

Kincaid: What do you think, McBride?

McBride: Sounds good to me, sir.

Kincaid: I guess my ratings could use a little spike, huh? Surprised I didn't think of that. (gets back on radio) Captain Taggart, you still out there?

Joel: This is Taggart.

Kincaid: You got... One team, three minutes. Just try not to screw it up, okay?

~Cut back to outside. Ambulance pulls up to where wounded civilian is. Sniper watches from above. Joel watches from a distance with binoculars. He turns slightly and we see Jim getting out of front of ambulance where sniper can't see him. He sneaks along edge of building toward a vent where he makes his way inside.~

~Cut back inside. Daryl and Blair are watching and waiting around a corner from the communications room.~

Daryl: How long they been in there?

Blair: I don't know -- five, ten minutes.

Daryl: Damn. It seems longer. Your hand's shaking, man. I thought you'd be used to this kind of stuff by now.

Blair: Yeah. All the cops I know... I don't think any of them get used to it.

Daryl: You think the cops are always... scared when they go out into action?

Blair: The smart ones are. You sure this is what you really want, Daryl?

Daryl: It works for my dad. I mean, it's not just his job. It's his way of making the world a better place. And he cares a lot for people. I think that's tight.

Blair: I think you should tell him that.

Daryl: I think he should listen.

Voice from inside room: Let's go, Banks, we're moving.

Blair and Daryl sneak into a supply closet to hide.

~Cut to inside room. Kincaid holding a phone to his ear, listening to it ring. Crawford stands several feet away.~

~Cut to inside air conditioning ducts where Jim is crawling down them. He overhears Kincaid's conversation.~

~Cut back to Kincaid.~

Kincaid: This is Kincaid. What's the status of our funds transfer? It has? Oh, I thank you kindly. Oh, and I look forward to your country's hospitality. Good day. (hangs up) (to Crawford) Well... Looks like your 150 mil is locked safely in our overseas account. That would be the end of our business day, Mr. Crawford.

Crawford: There may be an easier way to make a contribution to your favorite cause, but you just can't beat a world-class hostage crisis for the entertainment value, now, can you? Well done, General.

Kincaid: Thank you, sir. You are a true patriot.

Crawford: No, I am a pragmatist, Kincaid. Never confuse the two.

Kincaid: Well, I thank you for your sportsmanship anyway. The country appreciates their basketball players a lot more than they do their politicians. That's a fact.

Crawford: Well, you can release the fans and the players now.

Kincaid: I'll be keeping some of the players-- insurance. Captain Banks, too, until I get out of here safely 'cause you never know when the road to freedom might get rocky. See you later.

Crawford: That was not in the plan.

Kincaid: Sir... You have nothing more to do than walk out that arena door and return to your splendid house and your splendid life -- cocktails and wait for the storm to cleanse the land. I, on the other hand, am a wanted fugitive. Now, I need to get my men to that Asian training location A.S.A.P. It's not going to hurt for me to have a shield worth millions of dollars in players' contracts.

Crawford: You seem to think that this is a partnership. I bought the army, Kincaid. I am the one who puts the little green men on the game board now and moves them around. You may be a general, but I am the commander in chief. We straight on this?

Kincaid: Oh, yeah, Mr. Crawford, we're straight. Arrow-straight.

~Cut to Richie walking down darkened corridor with Simon and two of Kincaid's men. He's on a radio link.~

Richie: Yes, sir. Richie here. I can handle it. Okay, I'll send them up. It's time for the evacuation. Commander McBride wants you with him. Get going. (two other men leave)

Simon: Look, uh, Richie, do you really think you're going to get away with this?

Richie: We already have. (pushes him forward)

Blair and Daryl come out of doorway at the top of short staircase.

Blair: One time when I was here, Orvelle showed me a shortcut to the locker room. Come on.

~Cut to Jim still in duct system. He finds a grid and stands up to look upwards.~

~Cut to inside arena where Kincaid speaks over the loudspeaker. His face is on the scoreboard.~

Kincaid: Ladies and gentlemen, my demands have been met and I'm a man who keeps his promise. So you will now exit by the closest door. Anyone left inside will be shot by my cleanup crew. Have a good day.

Everyone starts to exit madly, screaming and running once they get outside the doors.

~Cut to outside.~

Joel: Oh, what the-- (into radio link) All units, this is Taggart. Move in carefully. We don't want more of a panic than we've already got. Let's go.

~Cut to Jim as he takes down grid at top of duct. He reaches up to pull himself up and then a buzzer goes off. The fan at the top of the duct starts. Jim loses his balance and falls down shaft.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Outside sports arena. SWAT team, plus Joel, Brown, and Rafe go up through exiting masses into the building.~

Joel: Look for Kincaid's men. Spread out and track them down. Let's go!

A few of Kincaid's men drop guns and arm badges in trash can and leave with everyone else unnoticed.

~Cut to inside arena corridors. Players exit out of locker room into hallway, meeting up with Simon and Richie.

Coach: Hey, Richie. What's your story, man? We've been good to you.

Richie: This cause is bigger than all of us, coach. It's about putting our country back on the right track. You got to see that.

Sloman: Man, I don't see nothin' but your punk ass.

Orvelle: We need to get this man to a hospital now.

Doors open on the side and a hot dog vending cart comes roaring out, pushed by Blair. He knocks over one of Kincaid's men. Simon works on getting Richie's gun. The players attack another man. The doors open on the bottom of the cart and Daryl trips another man. One of Kincaid's men pulls a gun on Simon who backs up. Daryl grabs a tray and smacks the man on the back of the head.

Daryl: No!

Blair is on the ground, one of Kincaid's men getting ready to hit him. The players grab the man and take care of him.

Kincaid and another group of his men come tearing around the corner, guns pointed.

Kincaid: Everybody, knock it off! Freeze! Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! Soldier, get up! Get up! (he notices Blair and yanks him to him by his shirt) Mr. Natural... And boy Banks-- What a wondrous surprise. (shoves Blair away) What is this-- A family reunion? Back up, Banks... 'Cause I'll put a bullet right through your thick skull. Now, soldiers... You got a job to do. Let's move out. (points gun at Orvelle) I don't need you. You're retired. (gestures to Petty) You take Mr. Purple Heart with you--first one of the revolution. Let's move it. Richie, now, get up and move out. If you got a brain, then why don't you use it? Let's go.

They all head down hallway to another room and go down into a tunnel.

Kincaid: This way. Everybody, keep it quiet. Keep it quiet. Keep moving. Keep moving.

~Cut to outside. Brown is escorting Crawford back to his limo.~

Crawford: Can't thank you enough, Detective.

Brown: No problem, sir.

~Cut back to inside. McBride leads the way down the tunnel. After they've all passed, Jim rolls out from underneath a set of pipes and starts to follow.~

~Cut to Crawford in his limo. The car stops.~

Crawford: Leonard, why are we stopped? (driver turns -- it's Southern) Who are you? What's this all about?

Southern: Duty, honor, freedom.

Crawford: Damn.

Southern shoots him.

~Cut back to tunnels. Flashlight bounces around as Jim makes his way down tunnel.~

~Cut to exit where a moving truck waits. Everyone exits and heads toward truck to get into the back of it.~

McBride: Let's go, boy. Get up here. Come on.

Simon: Kincaid.

Kincaid: What's the problem, Captain?

Simon: I want you to let my son go.

Kincaid: Can't do that.

Simon: Is this the kind of new world you're fighting for? One where you let innocent children go to their deaths?

Kincaid: Deaths? Nobody's going to die as long as you behave. Now, move it.

Simon: Who you trying to kid? You and I both know you can't leave any of us around to tell where you've gone or how you got there. I don't give a damn what you do to me, but, I swear, if you hurt my boy...

Kincaid: That boy did more to prove himself a man than you'll ever be. Now, get your ass up in there. Move it. Come on, peanut, let's go. Burning daylight. Got a lot to do before bear season. Let's move out.

McBride closes back of truck. Truck pulls out and heads down road. Jim is on top of it.

Simon sits next to Daryl

Simon: You okay?

Daryl: Yeah. Hey, and what was that all about?

Simon: About a father who loves his son.

~Cut to a bit later when the truck comes to a stop.~

Simon: All right, everybody, try to stay calm.

Coach: That's what I keep telling myself , but I got a bad feeling about this.

Ivers: Hmm, I thought it was just me.

Player: What's up, Captain, you think there's going to be trouble?

Sloman: I'm sure. Nothing but, brother.

~Cut to outside.~

Kincaid: Mr. Southern.

Southern: Commander.

~Cut back to inside truck. Jim drops inside from the top of the truck.~

Simon: Jim.

Jim: Shh-shh. (listens to conversation outside)

~Cut to outside.~

Kincaid: Has our captain been paid?

Southern: Yes, sir. We're loading cargo now. She's nearly ready for boarding.

Kincaid: McBride?

McBride: Sir?

Kincaid: Looks like our coast is clear. Do your duty, gentlemen. No witnesses.

Three of Kincaid's men go around the back of the truck. One of them comments "This is fun." They push open the door, but it's empty. Jim, Simon, and Sloman jump down from above and take the three of them out. The other captives jump down the other side of the vehicle. Jim takes one of the guns and shoots inside the truck.

Blair: What are you doing?

Jim: Killing you, as they planned. (to Simon) I want you to arm these guys and cover the docks. We're going after Kincaid.

Blair: Oh, is that all?

Jim: For now.

Simon hands Blair a gun.

Simon: Cover fire.

Jim and Blair take off.

Simon: All right, boys... Any of you know how to use weapons?

Coach: Does paint ball count?

Simon: It does now.

Daryl: Hey, what about me?

Simon: You stay close. All right, everybody. Let's move out.

~Cut to Jim and Blair running along docks. They stop behind a building.

Jim: I can hear some kind of heavy engine, but I can't figure out what it is.

They peer around building to see Kincaid and his men loading up on a sub.

Jim: Nice, huh? The Russians are selling decommissioned subs to anyone who can afford them.

Simon and the others arrive.

Simon: What do we have?

Jim: You're not going to believe this, Captain.

Simon: Believe what?

Jim: They got one hell of a getaway vehicle.

Simon looks.

Jim: If we let him get out of here, sir, he's just going to regroup and come back twice as strong.

Simon: Then, we end it here and now no matter what it takes.

Daryl: (looking in crates) Hey, Dad what is this, man? It look nasty.

Jim: It's a tear gas canister. (pause) All right. Here's the deal. I don't know what weapons experience you've had... Move out around the side of the building. No heroes. Am I clear?

Players disperse, scattered around building on docks.

Kenderson: Hey, coach, is my safety on?

Coach: I think it's that lever right there.

Gun goes off, alerting Kincaid and his men. Gunfire exchange ensues as Kincaid and his men go down hatch of sub.

Jim: All right, cover me.

Jim runs over to the side of the dock, unties a pulley rope, and uses it to swing onto the top of the sub. Kincaid is still on top of the sub, the last one left. Jim pulls his gun and points it at Kincaid. He also a tear gas cannister.

Jim: Freeze. Move away from the hatch.

Kincaid turns and shoots Jim. Jim takes it in the vest, but falls backwards, losing the canister. Kincaid heads back into the hatch after taking a few more shots at Jim.

Kenderson: (to Ivers) I got an idea. Let's go.

Jim starts to run toward hatch.

Ivers pulls the release on a tear gas canister and tosses canister to Kenderson, who tosses it to Sloman.

Jim and Kincaid fight for the hatch.

Jim: I'm tired of you. Say good night. (punches Kincaid)

Kincaid falls down into the hatch.

Sloman throws the canister toward Jim and it lands in hatch, going off below in sub. Jim closes the hatch to keep smoke inside.

Jim: I'd say that was a real four-pointer. Nothing but net.

Sloman: Hey, I'll run your play any day... Coach.

Jim opens the hatch again and pulls out Kincaid.

Players celebrate on the docks.

Players: Gimme some. That's what I'm talking about. Hey, baby.

Jim: I got some smoked fish for the sharks.

Blair: Now don't you wish you could do that out on the court...

~ The End ~