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The Waiting Room

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: Michael Lacoe
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Andrew J. Robinson (Robert Dunlop), Henry Beckman ( ), Ken Earl (Joel Taggart), Stefanie Von Pfetten (Molly), Alfred E. Humphreys (Daniel Trent), John MacLaren (Peter Willis), Marilyn Norry (Phyllis), Damien Perkins (Charlie), Lesley Ewen (Serena Chang), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Terry Chen (Gang Member #1), Yee Jee Tso (Gang Member #2).

Summary: Ellison encounters the spirit of a woman murdered almost a half-century ago with ties into the homicide he's currently investigating. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on March 1, 1999.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. Blair driving down a deserted street. His radio is on. The Volvo is jerking roughly and sputtering.~

Radio: Five minutes past midnight the witching hour. Spooky time.

Blair: Oh... come on.

Volvo stalls out.

Blair: Not again. What's the matter this time?

Radio: So what do you think about alone in the dark?

Blair: I'm gonna kill my mechanic. (tries to restart his car several times)

Radio: Aliens from another planet come to beam you up to the mother ship? A tall, hooded guy with a sickle? A face in a darkened window?

Another car pulls up and stops directly behind Blair's car.

Radio: That's what scares me, man. But tonight, what I'm really interested in hearing about is what scares the hell out of you. On line 17, I've got...

Three people get out the other car and walk to Blair's car. Blair picks up his cellphone and dials 911.

Blair: Hi. This is Blair Sandburg. I think there's a 604 in progress.

Man: (outside car) Need some help, man?

Blair: No, I don't need any help. I'm okay.

Man: Come on, get out of the car. I'll help you.

Blair: (locking door) No, no, that's okay.

Man: Get out of the car, man.

The three men outside start to yell and bang on the car, trying to get Blair to get out. Blair tries to restart his car again.

Men: I ain't playing anymore. Let's go, man. Come on! Get him out of the car! Get out of the car!

Blair manages to get the car started and he roars off down the road. The other men start firing guns at him as he takes off. One bullet takes out the back window.

Blair: Aah! Shots fired at Lincoln and First! I need help here!

Another bullet blows a back tire. Blair loses control and the car runs through a tall wooden fence surrounding an abandoned building. He gets out of the car, sees the carjackers coming and runs into the building.

Man: Hey, yo! Forget about him! We got the car! Come on!

~Cut to Blair inside the building. He runs through the hall, around a corner, and down another darkened hallway. He trips and falls over someone lying on the floor. Crawling back to him and turning him over, Blair sees that the man is bleeding badly and coughing.~

Blair: Oh, god. Oh, my god. Oh, man. Oh, god. Hang in there, buddy. Hang in there. I'm going to go get help.

Blair doesn't see another man, a bum, appear behind him in the hallway. He's holding a knife. The man stops for a second, then walks quickly away.

~Cut to outside of building. Carjackers are still there, messing with the car, getting the radio and other goodies out of it. Sirens can be heard approaching them.~

Man: Let's go, guys! Come on, let's go!

They go back to their car which is now parked next to Blair's. Jim arrives in the blue-and-white pickup, as well as several other police cars. They surround them before they can go anywhere.

Jim: Get out of the car! Come on, now! Get out of the car! Hands up!

~Cut to a bit later. Two paramedics have injured man in the back of an ambulance. Jim and Blair are standing several feet away, watching.~

Blair: I couldn't stop the bleeding.

Jim: Chief, a wound like that...there's nothing you could have done.

Blair: Yeah.

Simon appears. He stops by the ambulance for a moment.

Paramedic: (into a radio) We've got nothing. He's flatlined across the board. (to other paramedic) Doc's calling it at 12:45.

Simon joins Jim and Blair.

Simon: Any idea who he was?

Jim: No. Pockets were picked clean. Whoever killed him took his wallet.

Simon: Them? (referring to carjackers)

Jim: Claimed they just drove up and never knew the victim. Story pans out. No blood stains on the clothing. They were all packing pieces; no knives.

Simon: At least we caught some carjackers. They match the description of guys that have been boosting rides all over town. (to Blair) How you feeling?

Blair: All right.

Jim starts to hear, then see something. Eyesight focuses into the building to see a shadowy image in a closet.

Simon: What is it, Jim?

Jim: I just saw something in that first-floor apartment unit.

Jim, Blair, and Simon head inside.

~Cut to inside apartment. Jim and Simon have their guns out. Jim heads to the room he saw into and goes over to the closet and moves aside hanging beads to look inside.~

Jim: It's a closet.

Blair: That's, uh... that's good work, Detective.

Jim: No. I saw somebody -- when I looked through that window -- go in here.

Simon: Maybe they went out the service door. (tries doorknob -- it's locked) This is Banks. I need to know if any civilians have left this building.

Jim: No, Captain. I would have seen or heard somebody.

Simon: Jim... (checks closet) It's late. Your friend nearly got himself killed. Stress can play tricks on the mind.

Jim: I'm not stressed. I saw someone.

Simon :All right. What did this someone look like?

Jim: I-I really couldn't see a face, Captain. Just a vague... form of a woman. Is it cold in here or is it me?

Blair: It's warmer in here than it is outside.

Simon: Look, why don't you go home and get some rest? Half the squad's down with the flu. You could be coming down with something.

Jim: Simon, I'm not sick.

Simon: Will you just take the day off tomorrow? All I need is your report on my desk by the end of the day. (to Blair) Sorry about the car, Sandburg.

Blair: Thanks. Hey, Simon...seeing that I did, uh, help catch the carjackers, what do you say the department picks up the bill for my repairs?

Simon: You must have a fever, too. (laughs, then leaves)

Blair imitates Simon's laugh, then walks over to Jim, who is still standing by the closet.

Jim: Do you smell that?

Blair: (sniffs) What?

Jim: Sweet, something sweet, like-like honey. It''s old. Right over here. You don't feel that?

Figure appears in closet again.

Jim: Whoa. You see this?

Blair: See what?

Jim: You don't see anything? This glowing...right here.

Figure vanishes. Jim moves aside beads.

Jim: It's gone.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Day. Jim at his desk -- with a tissue.~

Simon: I thought I told you to take the morning off.

Jim: Captain, it's, uh, probably just an allergy. I'm fine, really.

Simon: Yeah, right. Whenever you decide to stop being stubborn, health services sent a case of this over. I swear by it. (thumps a bottle of SenQuil onto Jim's desk)

Jim: Captain, if you recall, the last time I took this...

Simon: Taggert! (walks away)

Jim: ...I fell off a damn train. (drops SenQuil into the trash can)

Blair: That's good. That's a good move because natural remedies are better. (tosses a small packet onto Jim's desk)

Jim: (takes packet) Ah, yes, uh, what the Hakowi Indians swear by, right?

Blair: Genjaka, actually. And you should give this stuff a shot.

Jim: (smells stuff) Whoo!

Blair: You don't snort it. Stick it underneath your tongue.

Jim puts a small piece under his tongue.

Blair: Now just let it dissolve.

Jim makes a "ick" face.

Jim: Eww. Man, I feel like a million bucks.

Blair: Just give it time. It'll work, I promise.

Jim: All right. Thanks, Chief. I appreciate it.

Blair just stands there, watching Jim.

Jim: What?

Blair: We need to talk, Jim.

Jim: Look, if it's about last night, was no big deal. Let's just let it be.

Blair: You can't just ignore this, man.

Jim: Come on, Chief, Simon was probably right. I'm coming down with something. My senses got fried...I'm sure there's a logical explanation.

Blair: And if there isn't?

Jim: Chief... I have about as much as I can handle with this sentinel stuff. I'm on shaky ground here a little bit, you follow me? What am I supposed to do? Encounter a ghost or some freak show from the afterlife every time I work on a homicide?

Blair: You can't just shut this door after it's been opened, Jim.

Jim: Where are you going with this?

Simon and Joel hear the discussion and wander over.

Blair: The experience you had the last night -- the intense cold, the sweet smell, the shimmering light -- this is all classic textbook stuff. If there actually are ghosts, you may have seen one.

Simon: Ghosts?

Blair turns as Jim shakes his head.

Blair: And you call yourself a scientist.

Joel: Blair, you don't actually believe in that stuff, do you?

Blair: I believe that there's a commonly shared phenomenon that needs to be explored with an open mind, gentlemen.

Simon and Joel crack up.

Simon: Ooo! (he and Joel walk away)

Blair: Don't pay attention to them.

Jim: You've been a big help. Thanks.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Night. Blair is standing next to the table, which is covered with equipment. Jim is coming down the stairs, dressed in a dark blue terrycloth robe. He walks to the table.~

Blair: Hey, Jim, how's the cold?

Jim: I don't mean to get you too excited about it, but I think it's actually helping. Feeling a little better, thank you.

Blair: Niktabi root. Works every time.

Jim: That's comforting. What is all this?

Blair: Well, we've got a...night vision scope here...infrared film. And that right there is an E.M.F. detector. It actually measures an increase in electromagnetic activity.

Jim: Oh, where are your x-ray specs here?

Blair: They're in there.

Jim: What do you expect to find, Chief?

Blair: Answers. If there's something going on down at that apartment, I want to document it.

Jim: I was dead tired last night -- what if I imagined this whole thing?

Blair: How do you explain that glowing light?

Jim: They set up a lot of lights at a crime scene. It could have been a reflection from any of them.

Blair: I disagree. I'm sorry.

Jim: You're entitled to.

Phone rings. Jim answers it.

Jim: Ellison.....You're kidding me.

~Cut to outside of building. Same night. Jim and Blair drive up. Joel is waiting outside for them.~

Jim: Hey, Joel.

Joel: Hey, Jim.

Jim: What's going on?

Joel: We got a report of strange noises coming from the building.

Jim: Huh.

Soft noise comes from the building.

Joel: There it goes again. Let's check it out.

They head inside.

~Cut to inside of building. The three of them are walking down a hallway. More noise can be heard. They reach the end of the hallway where a door creaks open and cigar smoke floats out.~

Blair: Okay, guys, you can me on out.

Rafe and Brown come out, laughing.

Rafe: Come on, Sandburg. How did you know it was us?

Blair: I don't know. Maybe the cigars were the first clue. (to Jim) You in on this?

Jim shakes his head.

Joel: The kid's good.

Brown: Someone needs to make him a detective.

They all walk back down hallway.

~Cut back to outside. Brown, Rafe, and Joel got to their car. Jim and Blair head back to the truck.~

Brown: You guys want us to stick around, man, or what?

Blair: I got something you can stick.

Brown: Loosen up, Sandburg. Where's your sense of humor?

Joel: Maybe it wasn't as funny as we thought, all right? But listen, this hocus-pocus stuff, you don't believe this, do you, Jim?

Jim: Joel, what I believe or don't believe is irrelevant. I'm working a homicide here. If you guys..

Joel: Okay, we're sorry, all right? We were just kidding.

Jim: Good night.

Joel: Tell Blair we were just kidding around, all right, man?

The three of them leave. Jim goes up to the truck. Blair is already inside.

Jim: You got my keys?

Jim's hearing kicks in and he looks back toward the building. His sees the figure in the closet again.

Jim: Hey, Chief...get your stuff. It's going on again.

Blair: Yeah, call Ghostbusters. I'm sick of the jokes.

Jim: No, no... Come on, Chief, I'm not kidding. (runs toward building)

Blair gets out and follows him.

~Cut to the apartment. Jim goes over to closet.~

Jim: I saw a woman. I'm pretty sure it was a woman. She was standing right here.

Blair: Come on, Jim, you don't have to humor me. I mean, I don't really care one way or another.

Jim: You feel that?

Blair: Feel what?

Jim: Man, right down to my bones. The cold. Get the camera rolling. (walks around apartment; stops in another room and stares at the opposite wall)

Blair comes up behind him with a video camera and starts filming.

Jim: Good lord...what is that? (walks across room to a mirror above a fireplace; there's a woman in the mirror) I knew I wasn't seeing things.

Blair; All right, Jim, just...just tell me exactly at you're seeing.

Jim: I'm looking at a lady in the mirror.

Blair: What's she doing?

The lady puts her hand on the glass and Jim echoes the gesture. The mirror "shatters" and he starts to see things from earlier -- visions of Blair finding the body and seeing the bum behind him with the knife.

Blair: Jim? What's going on?

Jim comes back to reality and the lady is gone. He peers harder into it, even knocking on it. She's gone.

~Cut to operations room at Major Crimes. Day. Jim and Blair at the table looking at files and pictures.~

Blair: The guy you saw in the mirror, do you think he's the killer?

Jim: It's worth checking out.

Blair: This would be a first, huh?

Jim: Yeah.

Simon come in.

Simon: a positive I.D. on your murder victim. His name's Peter Willis. He was part-owner of the apartment building where he was found. His partner's name is Daniel Trent.

Jim: All right. I'll look into it.

Simon: Good. Ooh, uh, Sandburg...heard you had a run-in with your ghosts last night.

Blair: Yeah, we did. Lucky for us those guys didn't drive it away.

Simon: Right.

Blair: Jim saw her face this time. She was trying to tell him something.

Jim: It's true, Captain. Uh... She appeared again after Taggert and the others left.

Simon: Sandburg, didn't you tell me you had a video camera?

Blair: Yeah.

Simon: Well?

Blair: Nothing came out.

Simon: I rest my case.

Jim: Captain, I didn't ask for this. I don't like it any more than you do. But someone...some that trying to make contact with me.

Simon: You know, if I heard this from any other detective, I would request for his immediate transfer along with his little buddies.

Jim: I-I don't blame you at all, Captain. But she was trying to show me a guy that look remarkably like this one. (shows him a drawing of the bum) And I'm trying to match that composite with these people.

Simon: All right, look, Jim...I have stood behind you on this sentinel thing. But as far as ghosts go, you can't ask me... (pause) Put this picture out on the street. See if the guy is even real.

Simon leaves.

Blair: I can't believe you told Simon all that. Does this mean we're going back to the apartment tonight?

Jim: After we talk to Daniel Trent.

~Cut to outside of apartment building. Jim and Blair talking to Daniel Trent.~

Trent: Willis...well, we go back about, um...20 years. We made a bunch of money and we lost a bunch of money. But hell, he was a...he was a great guy. I guess...his being stubborn what got him killed.

Jim: How do you figure that?

Trent: Every week, like clockwork he'd leave the office at 7:00 on the nose and walk through two or three buildings. I mean, the good ones, I understand. But crap like this? You've got druggies, you've got homeless. But he just had to do his own thing...even with all the threats.

Jim: Threats?

Trent: Yes. (pulls out papers and gives them to Jim) I figured the police would want these for evidence.

Blair: (reading) "Dear sir, this letter is to inform you of the grave danger presented by your planned demolition of 335 First Street. It is imperative that you do not destroy this building. There will be dire consequences if you proceed."

Trent: The rest are pretty much the same.

Jim: Any idea who sent them?

Trent: The city was paying us a lot of money to tear this down. We just figured it was someone who didn't get the contract and was trying to spook us. I, uh...figure we were wrong.

Jim's cellphone rings. He answers it.

Jim: Excuse me. (to phone) Ellison.

Joel: (at a shelter) Yeah, Jim -- Joel. I've been wearing out shoe leather showing that composite of yours around town, but we may have found your guy.

Jim: Where are you at?

Joel: A homeless shelter called the Outreach Center. The director says the guy you're looking for is a part-time resident. His name is Robert Dunlop.

Jim: Okay. Meet you there. (hangs up) Thanks for your time.

~Cut to homeless center. Director is showing them a suitcase of stuff -- clothes, books, etc. that belongs to the man Jim saw.~

Charlie: We haven't seen Robert for a few days. He left this stuff with me for safekeeping. Seemed real paranoid about it so I made sure it was locked up. Excuse me, gentlemen. (walks away)

Blair: Boy, he had a...interesting sense of style, don't you think?

Jim: That woman I saw in the mirror...she was dressed in clothes very similar to this. And these clothes have a scent on them that permeated the room when she appeared. Charlie...

Charlie: Yeah, man.

Jim: What can you tell us about this Dunlop?

Charlie: Uh...unfortunately, he's pretty typical of the clients we get here. Fifty years ago he'd have been institutionalized.

Jim: Does he have mental problems?

Charlie: Yeah, he's schizophrenic. Trouble is, he refuses to take his medicine.

Blair: Did he ever say why?

Charlie: Claims it's so he can be closer to the spirit world. We can't force him.

Jim: Did he ever give you any problems?

Charlie: Nah, mostly keeps to himself. Always writing in that book.

Blair: Looks like the same handwriting on the letters that Trent showed us.

Jim: What about family?

Charlie: Not that I know of.

Jim Any friends to speak of?

Charlie: I only heard him talk about one -- Molly. He'd go visit her almost every night. These are her things. He said he was taking care of them. It's strange, though. All her stuff is really old.

Blair pulls out a few pictures from a cigar box.

Charlie: That's her. Molly.

Jim takes the pictures to look at them.

Charlie: See, Robert was always saying that she was trapped. That he wanted to help her get home.

Jim: Charlie, could I have a minute here just to wrap this up?

Charlie: Sure. (walks away)

Jim: Check this out. I had the police sketch artist do a rendering of this. (shows Blair the sketch of the woman) This is the woman I saw the mirror.

The sketch and the pictures match.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Apartment building. Night. Blair is setting up a camera which points toward Jim. Jim is sitting near the fireplace and mirror.~

Jim: Maybe you should do a study on the psychology of ghosts.

Blair: I'll have enough trouble presenting my dissertation on sentinels. Could you imagine my department if I started throwing ectoplasm at them? How are you doing with the diaries?

Jim: Well, whatever mental problems this guy had, you can't say he wasn't organized.

Blair: Yeah. (picks up file) Is this the original police report on Molly's murder?

Jim: Yeah... 1953. You know, the case was never solved.

Blair: It says she was killed by a gunshot...right in front of this fireplace. That's weird, huh?

Jim: Yeah, so is this. Dunlop claims he knows the murderer -- saw a man with stained fingers burying a gun in the park.

Blair: Stained fingers -- what does that mean?

Jim: I have no idea what that means. Says the guy threatened to kill him if he told.

Blair He was witness? Why isn't that in the report?

Jim: He was eight years old at the time. He was totally obsessed with her. He talks in here about being true to her spirit, protecting her home.

Blair: Well, maybe he figured if this place was torn down, she'd be doomed to wander the earth.

Jim: Explains his threatening letters, but how did he end up with all her stuff?

Blair: Maybe she told him about it.

Jim: She told him? What are you saying? That, ah...Dunlop can see her, too?

Blair: Maybe, you know, ah...there's a part of my research I've never told you about because I thought you might get upset.

Jim: And what would that be?

Blair: One of the symptoms of mental heightened senses.

Jim: Well, I know I'm crazy for putting up with you.

Blair laughs.

Jim: What is all this?

Blair: Just some stuff I got from the psych lab. Ah, measures heartbeat, respiration, and, uh...body temperature. (shows Jim a really big thermometer)

Jim: Body temperature, huh? (stands and takes the thermometer and looks at it) External? Or internal?

~Cut to a bit later. Same place. Blair is turned away, working on his computer, headphones on. Jim is sitting in the chair, dozing. A shadowy figure walks through him. He wakes up with a shiver.~

Jim: Chief... (goes over to mirror where Molly is standing) Blair...

Blair doesn't notice.

Jim touches mirror and mirror "shatters" into a scene from the 50's -- same apartment. A 50's ballad is playing the radio. Molly is in the kitchen. She pours herself a glass of wine, then goes into the family room and looks out the window. She then walks to the fireplace and toasts herself in the mirror.

Molly: Mrs. Sam Bromly.

A gunshot sounds and Molly jerks as the mirror cracks, then she feels her stomach. The glass drops from her hand and breaks on the floor. She falls a moment later. Scene fades away. Blair finally turns and notices Jim standing in front of the mirror. He jerks up, tearing off his headphones.

Blair: Jim. Jim, what's going on? Jim?

Jim: I just saw Molly's murder.

Blair: Did you see who killed her?

Jim: It was all played out right in front of me just the way it was with Dunlop.

Blair: Well, your respiration is showing like, just ran a three-minute mile. (goes over to him)

Jim: She was having a glass of wine. She was toasting herself. There was a shot...the mirror shattered. She fell down -- that was it. But she mentioned a name.

Blair: You mean, she actually spoke to you?

Jim: Yeah, she was. She was facing the mirror just like this. And she raised her glass, as if in a toast, and said: "Mrs. Sam Bromly."

Blair: Her last name was Charles. Uh, Sam Bromly...maybe it's her fiancé.

Jim: That could be. What was she trying to tell me?

Blair: I don't know.

Jim: Why is her spirit still here?

~Cut to loft. Jim and Blair. Day. Jim on the couch looking at papers. Blair standing at the table looking at papers.~

Blair: You know, Jim, there's a theory that when someone's murdered and the reason for their death is unknown to them -- that their spirit remains in the place of their death in sort of limbo. And they're unable to fully pass on to the next world.

Jim: So what you're saying is...if we can show her how and why she died, that she'll be set free into this afterlife.

Blair: Yeah, I guess. It's just a theory.

Jim: Maybe we should test it.

Blair: Jim, you're talking about solving a murder that happened 45 years ago. It wasn't even in the police computer data base. You had to go to the vault to pull the file. What about evidence? What about witnesses?

Jim: Well, I know it's far-fetched. You should have seen her eyes...I don't know, Chief. You know, if there is a next life, she deserves to find that bliss.

Blair: Yep.

Jim: A lot of good this is. (throws down papers)

Jim's cellphone rings. Jim answers it.

Jim: Ellison. All right, ah...just try and calm him down. We're on our way. (hangs up) It's the homeless shelter. Dunlop's down there ranting and raving -- waving a knife. Says he wants his stuff and Molly's suitcase back.

~Cut to shelter. Robert has Charlie in front of him, holding a knife on him. A policeman stands in front of them with a gun pointed. A crowd has gathered.~

Officer: Put the knife down.

Charlie: Robert don't do this.

Dunlop: I trusted you. I thought you were my friend.

Charlie: I am your friend. Just put the knife down and we can talk this out.

Jim and Blair arrive.

Jim: (holding up his badge) Excuse me, folks -- police. Hey, back off, back off. Put the guns down. Uniforms, clear the crowd. (to Dunlop) Put the knife down. Let him go.

Dunlop: Who are you?

Jim: I'm with the police department. My name is James Ellison.

Dunlop: That's my case. Give it to me.

Jim: Just let the man go first. Give it to me! It belongs to me!

Jim: All right, go on, Chief.

Blair sets the suitcase down. Dunlop shoves Charlie aside, grabs the suitcase, and runs.

Jim: (to officer) Take care of him. (referring to Charlie)

Jim and Blair chase after Dunlop.

Jim: Excuse me. Coming through.

Dunlop goes into a room in the shelter and locks the door. Jim wiggles the knob, trying to open it.

Jim: Dunlop, we don't want to hurt you. We just want to talk to you. (breaks the door down)

Room is empty. Window is open.

Jim: He went out the window. And I think I've got a good idea where he went.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Apartment building. Jim and Blair pull up outside. Jim gets out of truck.~

Jim: No, no, no, Chief. Why don't you wait in the car. He's still probably armed and I just don't want to agitate him, all right? I'll be right out.

~Cut inside. Dunlop runs down hallway to room with mirror. Jim follows him with his senses. Dunlop hides some papers in the fireplace.~

Dunlop: Molly... where are you? Molly, I need to talk to you. It... it's important. Please.

Jim comes into the room.

Dunlop: I have a... a problem and I... I can't... (sees Jim coming up behind him and pulls out his knife) You don't understand. I'm all that she has.

Jim: I understand. She wouldn't want this. I know you want to protect her, but this isn't the way to do it. I can see her, too. Let me help you help her. Come on. Okay...

Dunlop sorta collapses. Jim holds onto him as they sit down. He takes away the knife and sets it aside.

Dunlop: But it's... It's not me. It's not me. I wasn't the one... Molly... she's back.

Jim stands and sees Molly in the mirror. Molly reaches out her hand toward the mirror. Mirror "shatters" and Jim starts to see something from before. He sees Willis, carrying a briefcase, in the apartment hallway.

Willis: What the hell are you doing here?

Trent: You son of a bitch.

Trent grabs for the briefcase and tries to take it. He has a knife. There's a struggle.

Willis: No... no! No! What are you doing?!

Dunlop appears and takes the suitcase even as the two men fight. Trent stabs Willis. Scene fades.

Blair: Jim... Jim.

Jim: Where's Dunlop?

Blair: I don't know. He must have taken off. I came in here and you were all zoned out.

Jim: He didn't kill Willis.

~Cut to Trent walking outside on a sidewalk. He is talking on a phone.~

Trent: Hello. Speak to me.

Dunlop: (in a phone booth) I was there.

Trent: Who is this? How did you get this number?

Dunlop: I saw you kill your partner and I've got the papers he was carrying. Meet me where it happened. 8:00 tonight. (hangs up)

Trent hangs up.

~Cut to Jim and Blair exiting elevator and going into Major Crimes bullpen.~

Blair: You sure it was Trent's voice you heard? He was out of town at the time of the murders. We checked the airlines.

Jim: What about rental cars? Portland's not far. He could have driven up, done the murder and driven back down.

Blair: But what's the motive?

Jim: Trent was worried about being ruined. Maybe Willis had something on him. I don't know.

Blair: Help me out here. If Trent's our guy, why does Molly give us Dunlop the first time in the mirror?

Jim: Maybe she figured if I found him, he would lead us to the truth about what happened to her.

Simon comes out of his office.

Simon: Gentlemen! I understand that you lost your suspect.

Jim: Yeah, Captain, but I think I found another one.

Blair: Yeah. Jim doesn't think it's Dunlop anymore.

Simon: Just don't tell me it's your ghost.

Joel: Excuse me, Simon. Jim asked me to pull up some information about this guy named Sam Bromly.

Blair: You actually found him?

Joel: Yeah. If your guy's 80 years old.

Jim: She could have been with an older man.

Simon: Who's "she"?

Blair: Uh, Molly.

Simon: Molly who?

Joel: You know, I used to have an aunt who, uh, believed in ghosts and she used to put garlic over the door just to ward away the vampires. Maybe you should try some garlic, Jim. (walks away)

Simon: I don't care what you two do in your own time, but I want you to button up this murder case right now before they take you away for observation! (walks away)

Jim: You had to say it.

~Cut to Sam Bromley's place. Jim and Blair going in. Bromley, in a wheelchair, is painting. A woman comes over to greet them.~

Woman: May I help you?

Hi. I'm Detective Ellison. This is my associate, Blair Sandburg. We're here to see Mr. Bromly.

Woman: Did you have an appointment?

Jim: No, but if it's all right, I'd just like to ask him a few questions.

Woman: Well, if they're about anything other than his current work, he might not be able to answer them. He's been ill.

Jim: I'm sorry to hear that. I promise I won't take too much of his time.

Woman: I'll see what I can do.

Jim: Thank you.

Woman goes back over to Bromly.

Blair: Thanks. Do you know who this guy is?

Jim: I don't know.

Blair: I can't believe I didn't recognize his name right away. Sam Bromly. He didn't get well-known until about 20 years ago or so, but in the '50s and '60s, his sculptures and mirrors were all over Cascade. Never heard of him?

Jim: I don't really get modern art. Maybe you do, but this just looks like a big white square to me.

Blair: It is a big, white square, Jim. It's a...blank canvas.

Jim: Oh...

Woman: This way, please.

Jim: Thank you. You said he was ill. What's, uh, what's wrong?

Woman: Alzheimer's. But as far as his memory goes, sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. Sam...this is Detective Ellison and Mr. Sandburg. (pause) I'm sorry, he was here a minute ago.

Jim: Mr. Bromly, do you know this lady? (shows a picture of Molly)

Bromly: My...Venus...

Blair: Uh... her name's Molly.

Woman: Could I see it, please?

Jim: Has he ever mentioned, uh...this lady, Molly?

Woman: On occasion. He always calls her his angel. Said she could light up a room with her smile. He never said anything more than that. It always seemed like her memory evoked a certain sadness in him so I never pressed it.

Jim: Thank you.

They leave.

~Cut to loft.~

Blair: I knew those modern art classes I took would eventually pay off. Take a look at this. (gives him a book)

Jim: The Art of Cascade.

Blair: Why don't you just take a look at page 52. Is that our Venus, or what? (picture shown of a sculpture of a woman)

Jim: Looks like Molly.

Blair: In the flesh. Well, almost. The real interesting thing about it is, it's in a park right across the street from Molly's building. Except, I don't remember seeing a statue there.

Phone rings. Jim answers it.

Jim: Yeah....No, it's all right.....Transfer.....Oh, slow down a second, would you, please? ....Just take it easy. Just...hello... (hangs up) It was Dunlop. He wants to meet us in half an hour to turn himself in.

~Cut to outside of apartment building. Night. Jim and Blair pull up and get out of truck.~

Blair: You know, uh, the statue would have been right over there.

Jim: Dunlop said half an hour. We've still got some time. Let's go.

They walk over to where the statue would have been. They find the pedestal. Jim shines a flashlight on a plaque.

Jim: What do we have here?

Blair: March 15...1953. What's that? Uh, two days after Molly died?

Jim: Yeah. I'd definitely say there's a connection. I mean, what an indignity to suffer, Chief, huh?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: I mean, first she has her life taken away from her and then, uh, this statue disappears. It's as if, you know, she never existed.

Jim sees Dunlop walk into building.

Jim: He's here.

They go toward building.

~Cut to inside. Dunlop is walking through hallway. Trent appears from behind him with a gun.

Trent: Don't move...

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Trent and Dunlop fight for the gun. Dunlop pulls out his knife as well. Gun goes off.~

~Cut to outside. Jim and Blair jerk. Jim pulls his gun as they move closer to the building.~

Jim: Stay behind me.

~Cut back inside. Trent holds Dunlop against a wall.~

Trent: Where are they? Where are those papers?

Jim and Blair come around the corner.

Trent: I'm going to give you exactly three seconds.

Jim: Put your weapon down, Trent.

Trent: Detective Ellison, I'm glad you're here...

Jim: Save it. We know you killed your partner. Now, move away from him.

Trent: No. (uses Dunlop as a shield and starts firing)

Jim: Get back. (he and Blair move back around the corner)

Trent runs, leaving Dunlop in the apartment.

Jim: All right, get on the horn. Get an ambulance here and some backup.

Jim goes to find Trent. Trent tries a door, but it's locked. He stands next to bead-covered closet. Beads come up and wrap themselves around his wrist.

Jim: Give it up, Trent. There's nowhere to run.

Trent brings his arm up to fire, but his aim is off. Jim fires and doesn't miss. Trent goes down. Jim goes and checks Trent.

Blair: Jim, you okay?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: The ambulance is on its way.

Jim: Yeah, well, he's not going to need one.

~Cut back to room with mirror. Dunlop is standing in front of mirror.~

Dunlop: Molly? Molly? You're safe now. He's gone. (gets hidden papers)

Jim goes over to him as Dunlop sits down on the floor, holding his arm.

Jim: Just relax. Just sit down. We got an ambulance on the way.

Dunlop: He was stealing money. It's all there in the documents.

Jim: City redevelopment money. (takes off his coat and puts it around Dunlop)

Dunlop: His partner, Willis, found out. That's why he killed him.

Jim: There was another murder here. A long time ago.

Dunlop: Long time... yeah. She was dead. The man said not to tell "Or I'll come back for you."

Jim: The man with the stained fingers?

Dunlop: I was scared. I was just a kid.

Jim: You followed this man into the park and you saw him bury a gun? Where in the park?

Dunlop: I promised...not to tell. Ever.

Pan over to mirror where Molly appears. Jim watches as mirror "shatters" and flashes of scenes of what Molly saw when she looked out the window. Images of where the statue was.

~Cut to outside. Jim is digs around the pedestal.~

Blair: Sure about this?

Jim: Pretty sure. Molly showed it to me. It may take a while, but it's here. (he listens to taps around the base)

A bit of time goes by.

Jim: Got something. (he cracks the mortar around one corner) It's a gun. Looks like a .38.

~Cut to apartment. Day. Jim, Blair, and Simon are there. Dunlop stands a bit apart. Joel wheels Bromly in. The woman from earlier stands behind him.~

Jim: Thank you for coming, Mr. Bromly.

Simon: What's this all about?

Jim: (to woman) I spoke to several psychiatrists who told me that certain Alzheimer's patients -- given specific stimuli -- would respond by recalling events in their past.

Woman: Nobody knows exactly why, but sometimes when reminded of a major event from the past the memory rises to the surface and you'll find them speaking about things that happened five years ago as if it happened just now.

Jim: I would just like to use Mr. Bromly for a second. Mr. Dunlop, please. Please. (brings Dunlop over to Bromly) I want you to take a good look at this man. Look at him real good. You tell me if this was the man you saw in the park who threatened you when you were a little boy?

Dunlop: I don't know.

Jim: I want you to look at his hands.

Dunlop: It could be him. But it was so long ago I can't tell.

Jim: (to another officer) Andrew, please.

Officer hands him the bagged gun. Jim puts the gun in Bromly's hand.

Jim: (to Dunlop) I want you to think back to that day. Think real hard. When that man threatened you -- I want you to remember exactly what he said. You tell me exactly what he said.

Dunlop: "You tell anyone about me and I'll come back here and bury you, too."

Jim: Say it again.

Dunlop: "Tell anyone about me and I'll come back here and bury you, too."

Jim: Say it the way he said it.

Dunlop: "Tell anyone about me and..."

Bromly: ...I'll come back here and bury you, too. (pause) This is Molly's place.

Jim: You remember it?

Bromly: Oh, yes.

Blair: Why did you do it?

Bromly: The art world isn't kind to beginners. I have only one patron -- my wife. If she finds out about the affair, she'll cut me off without a cent. I told Molly I'd get a divorce, but...

Jim: But you didn't have the guts to tell her you changed your mind.

Bromly: She was planning to come to the dedication of my Venus. I knew I couldn't keep her away.

Blair: So you killed her?

Bromly: And I'll never love anyone ever again.

Simon: All right, well, that's it. A full confession in front of witnesses. Joel, take him downtown.

Blair: What are you going to do that for? The man's 85 years old with Alzheimer's.

Simon: Sandburg, please.

Blair: Just look at him. He's already in jail.

Jim: It's not our call, Chief.

Simon: There is such a thing as procedure. The D.A. will make the decision. Go on, Joel.

They leave.

Dunlop: Molly...she's gone -- for good. You did it. (to officer) Let's get him back to the hospital.

They leave.

Simon: One of you boys want to tell me what that was all about?

Blair: Jim and Dunlop are the only ones that can see her.

Jim: I think he was right. Something's changed. I can't explain it. It's just... just different.

Simon: Okay...let's settle this once and for all. There are no ghosts. And there's a logical explanation for everything that's happened here so far. One: Dunlop has mental problems and that knocks him out of the game right away. Two: Jim, you had a cold. It affected your senses. You had chills, you saw some weird mist and then your friend Sandburg here gives you an Indian root -- which I had analyzed, by the way -- and it contains minute traces of a substance that mirrors the molecular properties of peyote.

Jim: Peyote?

Simon: Exactly.

Jim: That would explain some things.

Simon: I guess that covers everything. That's why I'm Captain. Night, boys. (leaves)

Jim: Night, sir.

Blair goes over to join Jim by the mirror.


Blair: Just traces, that's what he said.

Jim shivers as a shadowy figure passes through him.

Blair: What is it? Do you see her?

Jim turns to see Molly in the mirror.

Jim: You came back.

Molly: Just to thank you.

They touch hands again through the mirror, interlocking their fingers. She moves forward and kisses him on the cheek. Then she turns and walks away.

Jim turns back around and touches Blair's shoulder once as they stand there.

~ The End ~