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The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg

Written by: Bill Froehlich
Directed by: Danny Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Leigh Taylor Young (Naomi Sandburg), Ian Tracey (Jack Bartley), Ken Earl (Joel Taggart), Anna Galvin (Megan Connor), Udo Kier (Klaus Zeller), John W. Carroll (Glenn), Lindsay Bourne (Haber), Michael Kopsa (Sid Graham), George Gordon (Professor Sidney Marks), Marie Stillin (Chancellor Edwards), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Brian Arnold (Reporter #1), Samantha Ferris (Reporter #2), Deanna Williams (Reporter #3).

Summary: After seeing Sandburg's thesis, the media exposes Ellison's powers, greatly jeopardizing the safety of a union leader facing death threats. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 24, 1999.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Day. Blair sits at the table, typing into his laptop.~

Blair: (voiceover) Humanity has long dug into its past in the hope that it will shed light on its future. Perhaps what this reveals is that it is the best of ourselves that will survive and lead us through the next millennium. Watching our every step will be our tribal protectors -- the sentinels -- and their insight will further illuminate the spiritual connection of all things.

Blair types the words "The End."

~Cut to scenes of someone putting together a rifle.~

~Cut back to the loft. Blair still at table. Naomi comes up behind him, wrapping her arms around him and startling him.~

Naomi: Sweetheart.

Blair: (stands) Mom...

Naomi: Hi, honey.

Blair: Hi, mom. What are you doing here?

They hug.

Naomi: Oh, I'm visiting my favorite son.

Blair: Your favorite son?

Naomi: Mm-hmm.

Blair: I'm your only son, right?

Naomi: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

~Cut back to man putting together rifle. He loads bullets.~

~Cut back to loft. Blair takes a page from a printer.~

Blair: Ma, you should have told me that you were coming. I would have made some tongue. (puts all the pages into a box)

Naomi: I e-mailed you, sweetheart. There's two messages on your machine.

Blair: When? (closes and locks box)

Naomi: Last night.

Blair: Oh, last night. I had the phone turned off. I was finishing up my paper.

Naomi: Your thesis? Is this your thesis? Is it finished?

Blair: Yes, it's done, but it's just a first draft and it needs a lot of work.

Naomi: Honey, you've always been your own worst critic. I'm sure it's wonderful. Why don't you let me read it. I'll give you some feedback.

Blair: No, no, no, no. It's just not good enough yet. And I want you to be really proud, all right? Just let it be, okay? Now, I'm sorry I can't visit right now. I got to go meet Jim.

Naomi: Okay. Uh, is it going to be dangerous?

Blair: Uh, no, ma. You know better than that. I'm just an observer.

~Cut to a view of a building through a rifle scope; seal on building reads "Dock Workers Union." Scope shifts to see Jim and Megan get out of truck and tracks them as they walk to building.~

~Cut to loft. Naomi on phone. Scene switches between her and a man, Sid Graham, in an office.~

Naomi: Sid, listen, do you have time to do this?

Sid: For you, there's always time. Have you read it yet?

Naomi: Uh-uh. No, I haven't because I promised Blair that I wouldn't, but that doesn't mean that you can't. If you could just give him some advice, then that would make the next draft better.

Sid: Just e-mail me the file. I'll get to it tonight.

Naomi: It's on its way, Sid. (sends the file via email)

~Cut to dockworkers union building. Blair pushes his way through the crowd to join Jim and Megan.~

Blair: Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry.

Jim: Nice of you to join us.

Blair: Hey, sorry I'm late. What's going on?

Jim: Well, Simon farmed us out to run some security for a union boss named Jack Bartley, a real prince.

Megan: He needs another phone line to handle all the death threats. He's trying to unite the longshoremen, which is making him extremely unpopular with the shipping companies.

Bartley arrives with a few other men.

Bartley: Hey. Wow, get any more babes on this detail?

Jim: Mr. Bartley, we're here...

Bartley: Who's the hippie?

Blair: Blair Sandburg.

Bartley: Nice. Hey, keep him out of my television coverage, huh? Unless you want to shave your legs.

Jim: Could we do this?

Bartley: Yeah.

They head toward a platform. Jim stays at the bottom while Megan goes with Bartley and another guy up to the platform podium.

Crowd: Bartley! Bartley! Bartley! Bartley! Bartley! Bartley! Bartley! Bartley! Bartley! Bartley! Bartley!

Jim starts to scan area and sees a shooter across the way -- it's Zeller.

~Cut to Zeller watching through the scope. He sees Jim watching him. He takes his eyes away from the scope, then looks back, moving the scope toward the podium. He sees the crowd starting to move rapidly and hears them screaming. Moving the scope back to where Jim is standing, he sees that Jim now has a rifle and is aiming it at him. He ducks just as Jim fires. Jim's shot takes out the scope.

~Cut back to podium area. Megan hustles Bartley off the platform.~

Megan: Bartley, keep down. Let's go.

They get Bartley in a van.

Jim: Let's go! Move out! Move out!

Van leaves. Jim, Blair, and Megan stay there. Jim points across the way.

Jim: Let's go.

The three of them run off-screen.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Blair, Simon, Megan, Joel, and Brown.~

Simon: We're dealing with our old friend Klaus Zeller a.k.a. "The Iceman." And until he's apprehended, there will be no days off and no one sleeps.

Megan: When we got to the sniper's position, all we found was the shattered scope.

Simon: Take a look at these. (hands out papers) It's all the information we have on the death threats to Jack Bartley. See if we can use them to track whoever hired this hit man. Now, for those of you who don't know, Zeller was apprehended by Detective Ellison...

Blair clears his throat.

Simon: ...along with some help from our favorite observer, Blair Sandburg, for several murders and the attempted murder of a university student. Now he was rotting very nicely in a German prison outside of Munich until he managed to pay off a judge. Further word of caution -- Zeller is also wanted for the murders of several Interpol agents and a Scotland Yard Investigator. He has a nasty habit of targeting his pursuers, Jim.

There's a knock on the door.

Simon: Come on.

Rafe enters.

Rafe: Blair, you've got an urgent phone call. Line two.

Blair: I'm sorry. (salutes Simon) Sorry. (leaves) (to Rafe) Who is it?

Rafe: Some guy named Sid Graham.

Blair heads over to Jim's desk.

~Cut back to Simon's office.~

Simon: Three-man teams will guard Bartley -- rotate every eight hours. From now on, his schedule is cleared through this office only.

~Cut to Blair at Jim's desk. Blair picks up the phone.~

Blair: Hello. This is Blair Sandburg.

Sid: Sid Graham calling from New York. Could you use $100,000?

Blair: Uh... whatever you're selling, Sid, thanks a lot, I don't want any.

Sid: Blair, wait. I'm a friend of your mother's. A very good friend. I think I'm going to be yours.

Blair: Oh, yeah? Why is that?

Sid: Because you've written a best-seller.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Sid: I'm with Berkshire Publishers. Senior editor. I'm telling you, The Sentinel is going to be the next Celestine Prophecy. We are prepared to offer you $100,000 in advance right now.

Blair: What did she do?

Sid: She e-mailed me your thesis.

Blair: She e-mailed you?

Sid: Asked me to give you some advice on how to fix any problems with the first draft.

Blair: Look, mister-- It's Mr. Graham, right? You cannot show that to anybody. It was not meant to be read. Naomi acted without my permission.

Sid: I'd like to know more about this police detective, Ellison. We want him to be part of the publicity.

Blair: No. He's not going to be part of anything. I'm not going to be part of anything either. You cannot publish it. And if you want to keep your friendship with my mother, I suggest you destroy the copy that you have. This is the end of the conversation. That's all I have to say about it. Thank you and good-bye. (hangs up)

Jim and Megan come over.

Megan: You all right, Sandy?

Blair: Uh, yeah, it's just my mom.

Jim: How is Naomi?

Blair: She's doing just fine until I get ahold of her.

~Cut to Zeller entering a gun shop. Night.~

Zeller: Hello, Roger.

Roger: Oh, hello.

Zeller :I have a special order for you.

Roger: Ah, yes. Very good.

Zeller: Any contact?

Roger: They fear exposure if you try again and wish to terminate the agreement.

Zeller: Next time will be different.

Roger: They don't want a next time.

Zeller: I always complete a contract. (shows him a set of plans) Can you build this?

Roger: I believe so, yes. Over what range?

Zeller: 300 feet. Very silent.

Roger: Of course. I suggest a longer lens to cover.

Zeller: Yes, and it must pass all metal detectors and x-rays.

Roger: A resin-base plastic ought to do the job. However, then this would only be able to chamber one round at a time.

Zeller: I need only one.

Roger: Very good.

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering loft. Naomi is on the phone.~

Naomi: (into phone) Really, Sid? That's great news. (to Blair) Oh, honey, quick, it's Sid.

Blair walks over and takes phone and goes by her into his bedroom.

Jim: He'd better be good to you, Naomi. Who is this Sid?

Naomi: Oh, just an old boyfriend from New York. (hugs Jim) Hi, Jim. How are you? Oh, you've been working out. Give me another hug. (hugs him again)

Jim: Hmm?

Naomi: Did you know that my son is brilliant?

Jim: Well, he does work pretty hard at keeping that from me, Naomi.

Naomi: I'm making you guys some wild bahamian stew.

Blair finishes the conversation on phone and comes into kitchen.

Jim: Uh, this wouldn't be the stuff that made my nose itch for a week, would it?

Naomi: Oh, no. That was my tofu mince pie. Here, try it.

Blair: Uh, hey, ma, we got to talk, all right?

Naomi: Oh, isn't it wonderful, honey?

Blair: I'd use another word. You didn't tell Jim, did you?

Naomi: Oh, no, no, no. I'm going to let you tell Jim.

Jim: Tell me what?

Blair: Nothing. Just a misunderstanding.

Jim: A misunderstanding with your mother? I refuse to believe that.

Naomi: Did everything work out all right with Sid?

Blair: Um, well, uh... Do me a favor, Jim. I got to talk to my mom confidentially.

Jim: All right, I'll be upstairs.

Blair: Jim. Confidentially.

Jim: Oh. I see. All right.

~Cut to Blair and Naomi talking in Blair's bedroom. Jim can be seen through the window, relaxing on the couch with headphones on.~

Blair: I can't do this. I already told Sid no.

Naomi: But, darling, he's raising your advance to a quarter of a million dollars.

Blair: Mom, I don't think you understand how serious this is. My thesis is an ongoing process. I can't believe you sent it to him.

Naomi: Because you sounded so worried, like it wasn't any good and Sid would give you a boost, maybe give you some advice so your second draft would be better.

Blair: This is a perfect example of how you don't listen to me.

Naomi: I'm listening with my heart, Blair. I'm sorry. That's what mothers do. I mean, I'd never want to hurt you, Blair. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Blair: Did you read it?

Naomi: told me not to read it. I didn't read it.

Blair: Well, maybe if you had you would have realized that there is stuff in there that can get me in a lot of serious trouble.

Naomi: What kind of trouble?

Blair: I can't tell you that. It's between me and Jim.

Naomi: Well, why would it bother Jim? I think Jim would be so happy that your work was being published.

Blair: No, I can pretty much guarantee that he wouldn't. Now, you have to promise me that you won't do anything anymore on this.

Naomi: Well, but suppose that I...

Blair: No.

~Cut to Jim and Blair on a sidewalk heading to the truck. Day. Jim is on the phone. A bunch of reporters are in the background.~

Jim: All right, Simon, we're just leaving the apartment now. I'll meet you over at Bartley's. Mm-hmm. (hangs up)

Blair: Man, that guy keeps sharking on Megan the way he is, she's going to ratify his contract in a whole new way. You know what's funny about him leading the dockworkers is?

Jim: No. Why don't you hum a few bars.

Blair: He's more like a short-shoreman.

Reporters start to run up to them as they are getting into the truck.

Reporter: That taller one -- that's got to be the sentinel!

Woman: Let's get the cameras in here!

Jim: Did I just hear...

Reporters converge on both sides of the truck, sticking microphones and cameras through the windows.

Reporter: Ellison, can you tell us why you decided to reveal your abilities at this time, sir?

Jim: My abilities?

Reporter: How will the publication of Mr. Sandburg's manuscript affect your work with the police department?

Jim: Chief, tell me you didn't.

Blair: No, no. I didn't do anything. Look, there must be some mistake here. I don't know where you got your information from...

Reporter: Your publisher sent us excerpts from the manuscript.

Blair: My what? I don't have a publisher.

Reporter: Let's hear it from the sentinel himself.

Jim: I have no idea what you're talking about. Now, get that out of here, and back off before someone loses a toe.

Blair: Jim, I can explain.

Jim: Chief, do not say anything right now.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Blair walking down a dock. Same day.~

Blair: Why aren't you saying anything?

Jim: There's nothing to say, Chief. It's all been said. It's out. It's over. There's no going back. I just thought we had an agreement that I was going to read your thesis first.

Blair: We did. Look, I didn't do this.

Jim: Right. You didn't write the book and you didn't put my name all over it.

Blair: Well, of course I did, but I was planning on changing your name and probably even mine to protect you. I just hadn't figured out a way to do that without compromising the documentation.

Jim: You said this Sid is throwing a lot of money in your face, right?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: All right, just to generate publicity for the sake of generating publicity without even having a deal because he wants to, what toss it, uh, in your face, like a dangling carrot?

Blair: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Stop. What are you trying to say, I was part of this from the start? You think that's what I'm about?

Jim: Why didn't you say anything about this last night? It just looks like guilty conscience to me.

Blair: I thought it was over. My mom was doing what she thought was right. She didn't know what it was about.

Jim: How the hell did your mother get her hands on this? It was lying around like coffee-table reading?

Blair: No, look, don't you try to run some interrogation on me. You're not going to find some weak spot in me, all right? Look, I'm not a perp. I'm your friend.

Jim: Chief, you got a great opportunity here. It's a once-in-a-lifetime play. Go for the brass ring. Good luck, huh? (walks off)

~Cut to Bartley's office. Simon, Jim, Blair, and Megan in the office with Bartley.~

Simon: This is the man who's been contracted to kill you.

Bartley: So, what are you going to do about it?

Jim: Well, at this point, the best thing to do is to keep you locked up until we find him.

Bartley: The ratification vote is two days away. I got to hammer this thing out with each of the locals or it's not going to fly.

Blair's cellphone rings and he answers it, walking away to talk.

Bartley: I got workers' families who are depending on this benefit package. The shippers want to keep the cash box locked up but I'm not going to let my brothers down. I need options.

Megan: Well, Captain, we could draw Zeller out somehow.

Bartley: She's right. A babe with brains. So, you're going to need some bait, right? I'm up for it. Nobody intimidates me.

Simon: It's not our policy to endanger the people we're trying to protect.

Bartley: I'm not going to let these guys run me. I make them dance.

Jim: Captain, it is risky, but we have some control over the area.

Bartley: You guys throw the party. I'll be there. (leaves)

Megan: The man's a yobbo, but he might just unite these dockworkers.

Jim: A what?

Simon: That's what Gunderson Shipping is worried about. If Bartley's policies get set, they lose big time. Now, Gunderson's been under an investigation by the FBI for extortion and strike-breaking. I wouldn't put it past them to try to whack this guy. So, let's throw Bartley his party, see if Zeller shows. This time, let's try not to lose him through the net.

Blair: (after hanging up phone) Uh, I think there's something you should know. I tried to put a stop to it but, uh, the noon news is going to run a story about Jim and me.

Jim: That's... (leaves)

Simon: What is this all about, Sandburg?

~Cut to TV feed.~

Reporter: In the jungles of Peru, his senses were heightened from prolonged isolation and the fight for survival. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight against crime -- seeing before others see, sensing what others can't. According to a Rainier University anthropologist, it would seem cascade has its own super cop whose powers make him a guardian for us all.

~Cut to gunshop where Zeller is examining the new gun. TV story is playing behind counter.~

Roger: Do you believe that story?

Zeller: Oh, yes, I do.

Roger: Masterpiece of work.

Zeller: Bullets?

Roger: I took the liberty of using a new titanium alloy and, of course, with the teflon coating. You'll be pleased. The penetration is quite remarkable.

Zeller: Hmm.

~Cut to Blair in the Chancellor's office. Chancellor and anthropology department head are there.~

Blair: I know that this, uh, situation about my thesis has got to be really embarrassing for the university...

Chancellor: That's why we asked you here, but we couldn't be more proud of your accomplishments. (Blair is surprised.) We only wish you had given us a chance to read it first. (to intercom) Please send them in.

Sid, Naomi, and a reporting crew enter.

Naomi: Sid, you can't go through with this.

Sid: We're on a roll, Naomi.

Naomi: Sid, I don't want you to until...

Blair: Mom, wh-what's going ?

Naomi: Uh, uh... Blair, this is Sid Graham. He flew all the way from New York. I wanted him to meet with you alone first but he...

Sid: Blair, I'm determined to publish your book. I can now offer one million dollars from Berkshire Publishing and I've already had inquiries from several studios for the movie rights.

Blair: A movie, that's, uh, that's incredible.

Sid: There's more, but I agreed to let the TV crew handle that.

Reporter: We've been informed that due to the efforts of your mother Naomi, the Nobel Prize committee is considering your research for its science award.

Blair: Nobel, that's, uh, that's unbelievable. Excuse me. Mom?

Reporter: Uh...

Blair draws Naomi aside.

Blair: Mom, this is "doing nothing"?

Naomi: I-I did this before you told me not to do anything and, then, all I did was...I talked to Lars when he called.

Blair: Lars? Who's Lars?

Naomi: Lars. Lars. He's the masseur for one of the members of the committee. I asked him only to slip...

Blair: Mom, stop, please. Please, I can't hear anymore. Stop.

Reporter: Would you say you're overwhelmed?

Blair: Uh... is this live?

Reporter: No, we're recording for the 11:00 tonight.

Blair: I have nothing to say.

Reporter: But...

Naomi: Blair, Blair, I...Oh, I'm sorry.

Blair leaves, Naomi chases him out.

Reporter: Uh, apparently all this unexpected attention and acclaim has left this graduate student speechless.

~Cut to Jim entering Major Crimes bullpen. Brown runs over to him.~

Brown: Hey, Jim, my wife's having lunch with the ladies across town. I wonder if you could put your ear out and tell me what they're saying about me.

Jim: Yeah, she says your car's too small for her garage.

Rafe stops him as Jim heads to his desk.

Rafe: Hey-hey, Jim, Jim, uh, when are you going to start wearing, uh, tights and a cape?

Jim: Uh... I don't know. You got some I can borrow, Peter Pan?

Joel comes over as Jim sits down at his desk.

Joel: Come on, Jim, why don't you have a sense of humor about this whole thing?

Jim: Joel... let's just let it go. Give it a rest.

Joel: Why keep it from us? Tell us what's going on.

Jim: I-I-I got some work to do, okay? Could you excuse me?

Joel: Sorry. Okay, buddy.

Blair comes in.

Brown: Hey, Sandburg, who's playing you on the sentinel TV show? I know, Adam Sandler.

Joel: Listen, I hear Denzel is playing me.

Blair: There isn't going to be a TV show, all right?

Rafe: Just a Nobel prize.

Everyone in the bullpen starts bowing down. At his desk, Jim just folds his hands together and looks away.

Group: We're not worthy. We're not worthy. We're not worthy. We're not worthy.

Blair leaves. Simon comes out of his office.

Simon: All right, everyone, listen up. The official line is this is not true. There is absolutely no proof. Why am I seeing people standing and not working?

Everyone goes back to work. Simon joins Jim at his desk.

Jim: Is that the official line, Captain?

Simon: Are you kidding me? I have no idea what the official line is. I've been ducking calls from the brass all morning.

Jim: I know how you feel.

Simon: All right, so how are we going to play this? Do we deny it?

Jim: How can we, sir? There's documented evidence. It's all written down.

Simon: I knew this day was going to come. If command thinks I've been lying to them about my top detective, they're gonna have us both in Nebraska, pounding a beat.

Jim: No, no, Captain. You stuck your neck out far too many times for me, and I really appreciate it. Now, I don't want you involved in this. This is on me. This is my problem.

Simon: So, what are you going to do?

Jim: I'm going to do the only thing I know how to do, Captain. I'm going to do my job. I'm going to start by putting Zeller in a cage.

~Cut to Bartley's headquarters where reporters are setting up outside. Zeller, in disguise wanders into the area.~

~Cut to inside building. Simon and Jim are getting ready. Jim is putting in an earpiece.~

Simon: (into radiolink) All positions report.

Bartley: You need that thing?

Jim: I can't pull radio waves out of thin air, Mr. Bartley.

Bartley: Can you really do all that stuff -- the hearing, seeing, smelling thing? Must be a trip.

Jim: Why ask me? Ask Sandburg -- he's the expert.

~Cut to outside. Megan and Blair are walking.~

Blair: This will never end. He thinks I've deceived him and, now, this crazy Sid Graham's got the offer up to three million dollars. I mean, that's everything I've dreamed of, but it's also my worst nightmare.

Megan: It's an extraordinary accomplishment...but I hate to see what it's doing to you and Jim. Look, Sandy, if you know you're doing what's right, then you can move on with a clear conscience. So can Jim.

Blair: Yeah.

They go inside.

~Cut to Bartley's office.~

Jim: There's more press than there was before. The hyenas are probably ready for somebody to try and kill him so they could get a Pulitzer prize-winning photo.

Simon: Nobody's spotted Zeller yet.

Jim: Bartley's speech starts in five minutes, Captain.

Simon: Well, you better get down there.

Jim: On my way. Mr. Bartley, it's time for you to get into position. Pardon me.

Jim leaves, going by Megan and Blair as they enter.

Simon: What are you doing? Go with him, Sandburg.

Blair: He doesn't want me with him.

Simon: I need you with him. (quieter) Help him focus. Now, go.

Bartley: Babe stays here though, right?

Megan: I might shoot him myself.

Blair leaves.

Simon: All right, now, what I want you to do is I want you to sit in this chair. Don't you worry about anything.

Bartley sits down in a chair, the back of which is up against large windows. Simon passes behind him, pausing for a moment.

Simon: We have cops outside that'll be protecting you at all times. There's not going to be a problem. All right. All set here?

~Cut to outside. Jim and Blair are in the crowd.~

Blair: All right, now, you know he's not going to make it easy on you, so, uh, you should probably start by trying to isolate sounds.

Jim: I know what to do, Chief, all right? I know the drill. You don't have to quote me chapter and verse. Why don't you save that for your interviews?

Jim starts to scan the crowd, listening and looking. He wanders away from Blair, walking through the crowd.

Man at podium: Mr. Bartley will be out momentarily. He's finishing a phone call to the attorney general.

Jim takes out his radio earpiece.

Reporter: Going live in five, four, three, two..

Jim starts to hear the sound of a bullet being loaded into a gun. He walks further into the crowd, not seeing Zeller almost nearly in front of him, lifting the gun (disguised as a camera) up toward the building. The reporters notice Jim and start to converge on him, lights flashing.

Female reporter: Hey! Hey, it's the sentinel!

Male reporter: Hey, Detective Ellison!

Blair runs over to him, shoving reporters back.

Blair: Come on, come on, leave him alone!

Unnoticed, Zeller takes a shot, hitting the desk chair in the window. Bartley falls to the floor. Above, Simon ducks, then goes over to the chair, looking down, then out to the crowd.

Man at podium: Jack's been shot! Get a paramedic in here!

Jim stands on the platform and looks around.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Bartley's office. There's a dummy on the floor -- it had been in the chair instead of Bartley. Bartley, Simon, and Megan are in the office.~

Bartley: That would have been quite the headache. So now what?

Simon: Now you're in protective custody in a safe house. Officially, you're dead. At least until we wrap this up.

Bartley: Well, we better take care of it fast. Otherwise, in 24 hours I'm going to be dead man talking.

Coroner guys put a body bag on the floor next to Bartley who is sitting on the floor.

Megan: We need you to get into this now.

Bartley: That's a body bag.

Simon: First-class service. Just in case anyone else is still watching.

Bartley: Is this really necessary? Really?

Megan: Oh, yes.

Bartley gets in; coroners zip the bag up and pick it up.

Megan: Put him in the meat wagon.

Bartley: It's not funny.

Coroners leave with Bartley. Jim and Blair come in.

Jim: The bullet went through the dummy, this wall and lodged into a filing cabinet across the room. It's got a teflon coating. Not even a vest would stop it.

Simon: Better get that to ballistics A.S.A.P.

~Cut to outside of Gunderson Shipping. Day. Officers are taking out boxes of files and setting them on the curve for transport. Jim and Blair stand way apart. Megan stands between them.~

Megan: These Gunderson files are going to take days to go through. (looks from one to the other) Although things might move more quickly if you two would speak to each other.

Jim: There's nothing to say, Conner.

Megan: Sandy didn't do this on purpose.

Jim: Oh, no? Hey, Chief, let me ask you something. How did you intend to protect my identity and still keep your research valid?

Blair: I don't know.

Jim: Ah! You don't know. That's a good answer, Chief. You couldn't have. You knew that and went ahead and wrote it down anyway.

Blair: If I was going to help you understand your abilities, I had to track your development in a scientific manner and you know that, man.

Jim starts to see something in building across the street. A robbery.

Blair: What is it?

Jim: Conner, we got a 211 in progress.

Jim and Megan run across the street. They nab the robber as he exits.

Jim: Cascade Police. Freeze.

Robber: Don't shoot!

Megan: Then don't move. (pins him against wall and starts to frisk and cuff him) You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you... You have the right to an attorney.

Robber: (recognizes Jim) Hey. You're that sentinel guy. (reaches inside his coat)

Megan: Gun.

Robber: Whoa! Whoa! Easy. It's just a pen. It's a pen. I just wanted you to sign my tattoo. I want the guys back in the joint to know who took me down -- the sentinel. All right. The sentinel.

~Cut to loft. Jim is pacing in front of the balcony windows. Naomi comes over with a mug of tea. Camera pulls back to show Blair standing several feet away.~

Naomi: Didn't surprise me to learn, Jim, that you had this... gift. I always sensed a special energy about you.

Jim: (takes tea) Very kind, Naomi. Thank you.

Naomi: I'm just...terribly sorry at how all this has...turned out, especially when I see what's happened to you two.

Jim: Naomi, I know you were just trying to help Blair.

Naomi: You two, listen to me. You cannot let this tear apart your friendship.

Jim: Thank you. (gives her back the mug) Things happen, Naomi, you know? People change. You just got to go with it. This whole sentinel thing has just gotten too out of hand. I can't take this attention. That's not me. I just want to go back to the way things were.

Blair: You can't just turn it off.

Jim: (still looking at Naomi) Sure, I can. There's got to be some way for me to let them go dormant. Some meditation you can give me or I can find somewhere to tune out and turn all this off. I'm just done with it.

Blair: That's not who you are.

Jim: (finally goes over to Blair) Well, you tell me who I am, then 'cause I have no idea. At one point, I had a reputation of being a pretty decent cop. Now, people look at me and they-they perceive me as some goofball comic book character. (goes to door) People are calling my father and my brother asking them what it's like to live with the freak. Now, how would you like that, huh? If I ever want to go back to being a good cop and live a simple life, it ain't going to happen this way. Your research is done, Chief. Why don't you just let it go? Thanks for the tea. (leaves)

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Simon is on the phone. Jim is in the office.~

Simon: Oh, sir, no. There was never any intention of keeping this from you. I was merely... That's right. A full report on your desk tomorrow morning. I'd just like to say that... Right. (hangs up) That was our boss. Thinks I kept the sentinel thing a secret.

Jim: Well, Captain, in actuality, you did.

Simon: You're not helping.

Jim: Yes, sir.

Simon: What are we going to do, Jim? By tomorrow morning, I have to have a full report on his desk and I don't know what I'm going to report. You know what this means? Every single case that you worked on is going to be brought up for review. That means the board of inquiry. I.A.'s going to get involved.

Jim: Captain, before we hear back from the review board or the brass tells us to go pack our bags, I'd like to go back to things the way they were before Sandburg, when I worked alone.

Simon: You talk to Blair about this?

Jim: It's not his call, Captain. This is my decision. His ride is over. I want to go back to being a cop, just a regular cop. And with this sentinel thing hanging over us, it's always right there and I...I'm tired of it. I just want out.

Simon: Well, maybe that's for the best. (stands up and goes around desk to stand with Jim by the table) I got this picture back from the rally. Take a look. You were that close until your paparazzi got in the way.

Jim leans over table to look at picture.

~Cut to Zeller aiming a gun with a scope on it into Simon's office. He pulls the trigger and the bullet flies.~

~Cut back to Major Crimes. Bullet goes over Jim's back, through Simon's torso, through the window, through Megan's shoulder and lands in the door frame, missing Blair by inches as he enters the bullpen. Megan falls to the ground. Simon falls as well. Blair runs over to Megan. Jim leans over Simon.~

Jim: Captain! Medic! Medic! Just keep breathing. Come on. Relax.

Joel: (enters Simon's office) Oh, my god.

Jim: Everybody, stay calm. Just relax.

Blair: (holding a hand over Megan's shoulder) Get a doctor, quick!

Megan: Sandy...

Jim: (to Simon) Squeeze my hand, come on.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hospital. Megan and Simon both in ICU. Jim and Blair watch from windows. Joel comes up to them.~

Joel: Hey, guys. How are they?

Jim: Doctor says they're in serious condition.

Blair: Yeah, they got to go into surgery soon.

Joel: I thought you should know that the bullet is a titanium alloy with a teflon coating, like the one that hit the dummy.

Jim: I figured.

Joel: Listen, I'm going to give blood and I got the next shift with Bartley. Never should have happened like this. (leaves)

Blair: No one was expecting this.

Jim: I should have been. I'm so off my game, Chief, with all this media crap. That bullet was meant for me.

Blair: Don't...don't block out your senses. This is when you need them most and I can help you.

Jim: Take a look at that man. That happened because of me. I don't think it's a good idea to be around me right now. The only chance I got of getting Zeller is if I'm on my own. (leaves)

~Cut to gunshop.~

Roger: The police have subpoenaed all the files at Gunderson Shipping. They must be getting close.

Zeller: Are they after you?

Roger: Oh, no, but I do have more bad news. A source of mine at the D.A.'s office -- Jack Bartley is still alive. Your bullet hit a dummy. The whole thing was a setup. They've got him in a safe house.

Zeller: He won't come out until after the ratification vote or I'm caught.

Roger: Gunderson doesn't know yet. They think you succeeded.

Zeller: And I will.

~Cut to loft. Day. Blair is sitting in front of the balcony, looking at his thesis. Naomi comes over.~

Naomi: Will you ever forgive me for making such a mess of things?

Blair: That's okay, Mom. We're all going to be fine.

Naomi: Do you still love me even with all this?

Blair: (puts down his thesis and stands) Oh, mom. Come on. Don't be silly. (they hug)

Naomi: I'm sorry.

Blair: Of course I do. Always. I mean, we were all doing what we thought was right. Right? Nothing happens in this universe randomly. It's all for a reason. That's part of what I was writing about. I always wondered if my work would ever amount to anything. If it's taught me one thing, it's taught me that Jim is right. I got it all. I got it all right here. The brass ring. And now I know what to do. So why don't you go call Sid?

Naomi: Okay, sweetie.

Blair: Yeah?

Naomi: Yeah.

~Cut to outside gunshop. Day. Jim pulls in behind Joel's car. Joel gets out and joins Jim in the truck.~

Joel: Hey, Jim.

Jim: Joel. What's going on?

Joel: Roger Haber. He owns that hobby shop. Got a tip that Zeller's meeting him here around 3:00.

Jim: It's nearly 3:00 now. Where'd you get the tip?

Joel: Anonymous. But word is that Haber's got a sideline business building made-to-order weapons.

Jim: Hmm. Maybe that tip was meant to draw us out just like we did with Zeller.

Zeller walks down the sidewalk and enters gunshop.

Jim: Hmm, there's our boy now.

Joel: So what do you think? Do we take him down or call our backup?

Jim: If he wants to play, let's let the games begin.

Jim and Joel get out of truck and start toward gunshop. Gunshop explodes.

~Cut to Joel and Jim walking in bullpen.~

Jim: Arson boys said the explosion was deliberately rigged. Set off by some gunpowder stored in the back.

Joel: The body's burned beyond recognition. Could be a day or two before we get a positive I.D. You don't walk away from an explosion like that. It's got to be Zeller. You know Roger Haber's missing, too?

Jim: You think Haber took Zeller out of the way to cut his links to Gunderson? Took the dough from the hit and he's on permanent vacation somewhere.

Rafe pokes his head into the bullpen.

Rafe: Hey, guys. Sandburg's on TV. He's giving some kind of press conference.

~Cut to university in a room full of reporters. Naomi is there. Blair walks up to a podium. Scene switches between this and Jim watching at the PD.~

Reporter: Now we're going live.

Blair: Hi. Thank you all for coming. I just have a short speech prepared here. Um... In our media-informed culture, a scientist receives validation by having his or her work published and after years of research there is great personal satisfaction when that goal is reached. However, my desire to impress both my peers and the world at large drove me to an immoral and unethical act. My thesis "The Sentinel" is a fraud. (Jim's mouth drops open slightly.) While my paper does quote ancient source material, the documentation proving that James Ellison...actually possesses hyper-senses is fraudulent. Looking back, I can say that it's a good piece of fiction. I apologize for this deception. My only hope is that I can be forgiven for the pain I've caused those that are close to me. Thank you. (leaves podium and room)

Chancellor: You've embarrassed this university for the last time. I want your office cleared out by Friday.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim and Joel come out from watching press conference to see Brown coming in with Bartley and other man.~

Jim: What's this all about?

Brown: He refuses to stay in the safe house.

Bartley: Well, I heard you blew up my assassin.

Jim: That's not confirmed yet.

Bartley: It's enough confirmation for me. I'm not gonna sit on this story. I was dead. Now I'm alive and the people got to know before the vote.

Man: We called a press conference and a rally for 8:00.

Joel: No, no, I'm sorry. We can't let you do that.

Man: We don't need your permission. We've already got it from the commissioner and the mayor.

Bartley: I out-Hoffa'd Hoffa. Who wouldn't vote for that?

~Cut to Zeller listening to a radio in a car.~

Reporter: Executives at Gunderson Shipping have been indicted for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill longshoreman union leader Jack Bartley. We have just learned that Bartley's murder was an elaborate police deception which has apparently led to the death of the would-be assassin Klaus Zeller. Bartley will address a union rally at 8:00 today outside his office.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hospital. Simon is being pushed back into his room. Blair stands in the hallway talking to a doctor. Jim comes in.~

Blair: Hey. The doc said the surgery went well and the bullet missed major organs on both of them, but, uh, he said they can leave in about a week or two.

Jim: Thank God.

Blair: So, I heard you guys probably got Zeller.

Jim: I don't know. Somebody probably got him. We still got Bartley to contend with. I don't know which one's worse. (pause) I saw your press conference.

Blair: Oh, yeah, you saw it? It's just a book.

Jim: It was your life.

Blair: Yeah, it was. You know, you were right. I mean, uh, I don't know what I was expecting to do with it, and, uh...I mean, where do I get off following you around for three years pretending I was a cop, right?

Jim: This self-deprecation don't suit you, you know. (pause) You might have been just an observer, but you were the best cop I've ever met and the best partner I could have ever asked for. You've been a great friend and you've pulled me through some pretty weird stuff.

Blair: Thanks.

Jim: Are you ready to get busy?

~Cut to Major Crimes. Bartley is in Simon's office talking on the phone. Jim, Blair, and Joel are outside the office.~

Bartley: Al, give me that latest memo from the east bay local. Come on.

Joel: You want to tell me when I can get the captain's office back?

Jim: He said he just wanted to use the phone.

Blair: I'd say, just about the time his rally starts.

Bartley: No, spotlights, you moron. I want klieg lights and some fireworks. How about some of that old red, white and blue? Yeah? Yeah? So we do it without a permit. Over the bay! Who cares?!

Blair: Now, is it just the acoustics in that room or does everybody behind that desk automatically get loud?

~Cut to Zeller putting handcuffs on the doors. Then he walks down the hallway, covering his face as he goes by Jim's desk on the other side of the glass. Jim and Blair arrive at Jim's desk just as the phone rings. Jim answers it.~

Jim: Ellison. ... You sure about that? ... All right, thanks. (hangs up) That was the coroner's office. They got a positive I.D. on the body at the hobby shop. His name was Roger Haber. He was the owner.

Blair: I tell you what -- I volunteer not to be the one to tell Bartley his rally's off.

Jim: That'll be me. (walks off)

Blair: Go get 'em.

~Cut to Jim entering Simon's office.~

Jim: Mr. Bartley, we have confirmation that Klaus Zeller...

Jim sees a reflection of Zeller entering bullpen with two machine handguns.

Jim: Get down! Get down! (tackles Bartley to the ground)

Zeller shoots up everything. Everybody ducks. A few officers go down.

Joel: Everybody get out. Come on, come on, lay down!

Jim: All right, take cover back there! Stay low! Come on! Stay low!

Jim goes to the window of Simon's office and looks out.

Joel: (standing partially and looking around) Jim? Jim? Anybody seen...? Blair, you seen Jim?

Zeller is in hallway, reloading.

Joel: Anybody seen him? Where is he? Anybody hurt? Jim? Jim? Jim?

Blair sees Zeller enter the bullpen and runs over to Joel, tackling him.

Blair: Joel.

Zeller shoots some more. Inside office, Jim dodges bullets and exits other door.

Zeller: I want Bartley! I want Bartley! I want Bartley... I want Bartley! I want Bartley!

Jim maneuvers around and gets several shots off at Zeller when Zeller pauses in shooting. Zeller goes down. Jim tunes in with his hearing -- and picks up a heartbeat and reloading. Jim ducks as Zeller stands and starts shooting again. Jim runs down hallway, dodging bullets. Zeller, out of bullets, runs out and into hallway.

Rafe: (wounded) Oh, man!

Zeller goes up to roof. Jim chases him up there. More exchange of gunfire. Jim hides behind a wire grill on the roof. Zeller goes to the edge of the roof and picks up a rope to tie around himself.

Jim: You missed Bartley again.

Zeller: You're lying!

Jim: Might be time for you to consider another career.

Zeller shoots at the grill, this time winging Jim in the leg. Then Zeller starts to climb over the edge of the roof. Blair appears on the roof and runs over to Jim.

Blair: Jim. Jim, you all right?

Jim: Eh... I'm all right. Zeller went over the edge.

Blair: Yeah, no kidding.

Jim: No, I mean he went over... Hey, give me a hand.

Blair helps Jim out to the edge of the roof. They grab the rope and look over to Zeller partway down.

Blair: What are we going to do -- pull him up or knock him off?

Zeller pulls out his gun and aims to shoot.

Blair: Look out!

Jim and Blair duck backwards as Zeller shoots. Somehow Zeller manages to release the rope (shooting it?) and he falls backwards, screaming all the way. He lands on the top of a car far, far below.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Day. Blair is in Simon's office looking around. Joel comes in.~

Joel: Hey, Blair, what you up to, man?

Blair: I'm taking a last look around.

Joel: Last look? You going somewhere?

Blair: Well, yeah. I cleaned out my desk over at Rainier. I thought I'd do the same thing here. I'm a fraud, man. I don't think Simon's going to want me hanging around.

The rest of the gang enters the bullpen. Rafe is pushing Simon in a wheelchair. Brown, Jim (with a cane), Naomi, and Megan follow.

Simon: Sandburg, that is not your office.

Blair: Hey, Simon, they let you out?

Blair and Joel come out to join them.

Jim: Nah, they threw him out.

Simon: They didn't throw me out. They said I was too cantankerous.

Jim: You? No. (pinches Simon's cheek)

Blair: Mom, what are you doing here?

Naomi: I'd never miss this occasion, darling.

Blair: Know what's great -- everybody's safe and out and happy.

Simon: That's not exactly why we asked your mom here. I understand you gave up your job at the university and I saw you over there in my office. So we decided you needed to do something to keep you under control.

Jim: You're, uh, you're finished in this department, Chief...

Blair: Yeah well, I-I sort of...well, I figured that.

Jim: an observer. (tosses him something)

Blair: (catches and opens billfold to reveal a badge) This is, uh... what is this? This is a detective badge. What's going on? I don't deserve this.

Simon: (takes billfold) No, you don't, at least not until you go to the Police Academy and complete firearms training. And if you do, Detective Ellison is looking for a permanent official partner.

Jim goes over to stand next to Blair.

Blair: Uh... yeah? So, uh...does this mean a paycheck?

Jim: Can you say "back rent"? Come on, what do you say?

Megan: Say something, Sandy.

Blair: I'm still not cutting my hair.

Jim: Ho-ho-ho...

Blair: I'm not going to do it.

Jim: That's what you think. (hauls Blair over to him with his cane, headlocks him, and gives him a noogie) They're going to love you at the Academy. Captain, I'm going to make a little Blairskin rug for you here...

Blair: You're not going to scalp me! Forget it!

Simon: We got to go down to the woods...

Laughter as credits fade in.

~ The End ~