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Last updated March 7, 2010

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Official Pages, Actor Pages, & Fans

Official Cast Member Pages Unofficial Cast Member Pages
  • The Official Richard Burgi Fan Club
  • GarettMaggart.net (maintained by Shar)
  • Leigh Taylor-Young's Website
  • The Official Fan Page of Pato Hoffmann
  • .

  • Nancy Taylor's "Garett at Moonridge Animal Park" site
  • Bruce A. Young fan page (maintained by Becky)
  • The Simon Shrine -- info on Bruce A. Young (and Simon)
  • Anna Galvin: An Unofficial Site (maintained by Becky)
  • Nightowl's Tribute to the TS Cast and Crew
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    Conventions Support Pages
  • 2006: A Fan Odyssey {June 9-11, 2006; El Segundo, CA}
  • 2005: A Fan Odyssey {June 10-12, 2005; Culver City, CA}
  • Cascade Convention {February 26-27, 2005; Los Angeles, CA}
  • 2004: A Fan Odyssey {June 11-13, 2004; Culver City, CA}
  • 2003: A Fan Odyssey {June 6-8, 2003; Culver City, CA}
  • 2002: A Fan Odyssey {June 7-9, 2002; Culver City, CA}
  • Sentinel Rally (report) {January 8, 1999; Pasadena, CA}
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    Fanlistings and LJ communities Mailing Lists
  • Fanlistings
  • LiveJournals
  • Senfic -- original TS fanfic list; subbing/unsubbing site
  • CascadeTimes List -- Home Page & Yahoo!Groups Page
  • SentinelAngst List -- Home PageYahoo!Groups Page (must be 17 to join; has dues)
  • Sentinel_UK -- Yahoo!Groups Page (primarily for fans in the UK)
  • TS Story Finders List -- Home PageYahoo!Groups page (for both gen and slash)
  • Tape Search -- Yahoo!Groups page (source for getting episodes on tape)
  • for other mailing list info, check Nightowl's Nest or do a search for "sentinel" at Yahoo!Groups
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    Fan Fiction Pages

    Main Archives Virtual Seasons and Episode Rewrites


  • Black Panther Productions -- Virtual Season (Sandburg as a cop)
  • Faux Paws Productions -- Virtual Season (Sandburg as a cop)
  • Novation Productions (mirror site) -- Virtual Season (Sandburg not as a cop)
  • The Sentinel: Special Edition -- reworking of all 65 episodes
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    Fanfiction Resources Fanfiction Awards
  • Light My Fire Awards (mirror site) for Online Sentinel Fanfiction {gen and slash}
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    Multiple Author and Mini-Archive Websites

    Single Author (and some non-active mini-archive) Websites - Still functioning

    Single Author (and some non-active mini-archive) Websites - bad URLs


    General Fan Pages

    Sentinel Art (drawn and graphics) Pages

    Non-English Language Pages

    The rest...

    Miscellaneous Sentinel-related Pages


    Other pages...

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